Thursday, December 29, 2011

Good News!

So a few weeks ago I signed a contract for a book with Siren Publishing. Folks I was sitting in mild traffic when I opened that email and let’s just say I was screaming and happy dancing for all to see. I’m like that whenever I get that acceptance email but I was coming from a doctor’s appointment so I needed some good news.

The story is called Miles’s Awakening and the series is titled Warriors of the Light. It’s a paranormal themed story with a twist on how we’ve come to have shifters and vampires in our world. It’s all because of witches. I thought it would be entertaining to have the cause for all these creatures were to have witches be the bad guys. Not all witches but some are bad or abuse there magical gifts.

In Miles’s Awakening the character of Miles meets a vampire named Ben who has been sent to protect him. Ben soon explains all the messed up shit in the world and that they are soul mates. Poor Miles passes out from the shock. Who wouldn’t, right?

I question whether or not to have the soul mate or mate aspect in the story. Ultimately I went with it because deep down I think most people wished that there was that one special person made just for them. Love does crazy things to people but it does make the world go round or so I’m told. LOL! Just kidding! It does, sort of.  *wink, wink*

I’m also trying to get some reading in while writing and I’m diving into Anitra Lynn McLeod’s Gridiron Gods series. Not bad so far. I actually read book number two first and it kind of fucked me up. Some things left me going huh? I don’t get it.  So now I’m reading the first in the series so I have a better grasp on what is going on.

Well I’m off to write and read. Hope everyone has an awesome rest of the week and weekend!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Virtual Book Tour

I started a virtual book tour and I just got to say that doing that over the Christmas holiday was a complete fail on my part. Between kids, family, illness and Christmas I haven't been doing a good job promoting this thing. This is an extremely busy time of the year for me which I'm sure is the same for most people but its better late than never. 

CBLS Promotions has put together I virtual book tour for me for Fate's Second Chance. I'm giving a copy away at each stop for one lucky winner. All you have to do is leave a comment and a name is drawn at random. 

Feel free to visit any or all the stops. Some of the blog host have reviews or I've done a guest post. And let me just say the guest blog post were hard to do. I've been battling this head cold and my thoughts are all over the place. 

Below is a list of tour dates. Stop by if you can!

Tour Schedule:
12/21: An Open Book (Giveaway)
12/22: Sash Secret's (Promo)
12/23: House Millar (Review/Interview)
12/24: Words of Wisdom from the Scarf Princess (Giveaway/Guest Post)
12/26: Fictional Candy (Giveaway)
12/27: Reviews by Molly (Giveaway)
12/29: From the TBR Pile (Review/Guest Post)
12/30: Dawn's Reading Nook (Review/Guest Post)
12/31: Practical Frugality (Giveaway/Guest Post)
1/1: Release Notes (Review)
1/3: Mommies Point of View (Giveaway/Review)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Silver Flash Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday! Its Silver Flash time again. It’s a few days before Christmas and I wanted to do a Christmas themed story and I couldn’t do that with my Out of his League story, beings as its summer time in that story. So I took the characters from the very first story I ever wrote and had them celebrate the holiday. It’s a short story I wrote last January called the Luck of the Irish. The story was published at the Long and Short Reviews Whipped Cream free read website.  Feel free to click on the cover on the left and it will take you to the page the story is located on. No pressure only if you want. By no means do your need to read that story to follow along with this one.

This prompt will be our last before Christmas, and this week's Prompt Diva, Pender Mackie, has given us:
He/she didn't like secrets.
"Smells like pine needles in here."
Here are the alternate prompts:
Union suit, balance, Hari Krishna   or
red balls  or
Tis the season to be (fill in the blank)

As always I will leave the links to the other Silver Flashers this week at the bottom. Lots of good reading!

A Lucky Christmas

Patrick had gotten over to Ben’s house three hours before he was due to come home. His friend Ryan said he was over doing it, but the need to make their first Christmas together outweighed practicality.

It was Christmas Eve and he had one hell of time trying to find a tree the day before Christmas. All that were left were either to small, tons of gaps between the branches, or had been painted a god awful color. A man actual tried to sell him a red tree. Said it went great with his red hair. He had rolled his eye at the comment.

Like I haven’t heard that one before.

Finally he found the perfect tree. The right height and full, well at least full on one side. He planned on shoving the thing in the corner to make up for its one minor defect.

He decorated the tree with Ben’s favorite color in mind. Red balls adorn the tree and white twinkling lights wrapped from the base to the top where a glowing star sat.

He found an ornament that mark their first Christmas together. Patrick smiled as he fingered the silver plated ornament. He hoped it was one of many to come.

When they met back in March, Patrick thought it was just going to end up being a one night stand. Never in a million years did he picture himself dating one of the sexiest firefighters he had ever seen. But even without Ben’s good looks he was a great guy; sensitive and above all else caring. His heart was so big Patrick wasn’t sure how it fit into his chest. He’d give the shirt off his back to help someone and donate his last dollar to any cause he believed him. The man was a giver not a taker and that right there made him more attractive than any man Patrick had ever met.

With the tree finished, Patrick went to change. Time was running out and Ben would be home soon. Patrick’s plan was to be positioned under the tree when Ben walked through the door. In an attempt to seduce his boyfriend and cover up the fact that he went and got a tree without him.

As he walked out of the bedroom he grabbed a blanket to lie under the tree so he wasn’t lying on the rough carpet.

Patrick positioned himself on his side facing the door and waited. He still had an hour before Ben got home. He started to fidget with the hem of the red silk boxer shorts he wore. He hoped the bright red didn’t make him look even whiter than he already was. The cures of being fair skinned.

He pulled the Santa hat off his head and rolled over on to his stomach. All the adrenaline in his body started to drain away and he found himself yawning so wide his jaw popped.

“Just a few minutes,” Patrick said on a yawn. “I’m going to rest my eyes just for a few minutes.”


Ben walked through his front door and was met by flashing lights. He took a step back to make sure he was in the right apartment. Number three forty-seven. It was his apartment.

“Patrick,” Ben said to himself. He shook his head as he pushed through the door.

They hadn’t had time to go get a tree and of course his boyfriend would have been too excited to wait for him. The sprite of a man had more energy that at times Ben couldn’t keep up. So it was no surprise that he now stood looking at a tree with brightly colored red balls and way to many white lights covering the huge tree.

How the hell did he get it up the stairs?

As he walked further into the room he caught sight of Patrick curled into a ball at the bottom of the tree. He smiled to himself because getting Patrick truly was the best gift ever. Ben never would have thought a chance meeting in a bar would bring him the love of his life.

Ben knelt down next to his lover and gently ran a finger down his check. Patrick sighed and nuzzled into the touch like a satisfied cat. God he loved him.

He quietly removed his gloves and coat. Ben laid down on his side facing Patrick. With his head propped up on his hand and he stared at Patrick. Every so often the lights would flash lightening up his sweet face.

Ben rested his hand on Patrick’s hip. Patrick moaned and opened his eyes. The sight of the bright grassy green eyes melted Ben’s heart every time he saw them.

“Oh shit!” Patrick said as he sat up. “I wanted to surprise you and I fell asleep.” He rubbed his hand down his face. “I can never do anything right.”

Ben chuckled. “Sweetie, I would have to disagree with you.” Ben pointed up the tree. “I’m very surprised. How many guys have a partner that would sneak into their apartment and decorate for Christmas?” He winked at Patrick.

A smile broke out across Patrick’s face. “I guess you’re right.”

“I am.” Ben pulled Patrick down to lay across his chest. “Now that you’re awake I’m ready to open my present.”

 “I forgot your present at my apartment.” Patrick smacked a hand across his face.

“No you didn’t.” Ben pulled at the waist of Patrick’s silky boxers. “You’re the only present I want.”

He knew he said the right thing when Patrick grinned down at him. He fell forward and covered Ben’s mouth with his own. Ben took control of the kiss. He wanted to show Patrick that he truly was the greatest gift of all and Ben hoped his gift proved the point. A key to his apart with a note asking the little red head to move in.

I hope everyone enjoyed my PG flash this week. Thanks for stopping by and I wish you all a safe and happy holiday!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

And the Winner IS.......

Okay there was 61 total comments and I just didn't feel right picking just one. My daughter said it was only fair to pick at least 3 winners. So I followed her advice and the winners in order from first to third are......

1.  littlequeenie29- $25 Amazon Gift Card plus a copy of Fate's Second Chance

2. Stacey- $10 Amazon Gift Card plus a copy of Fate's Second Chance

3. goodblinknpark- $5 Amazon Gift Card plus a copy of Fate's Second Chance

All names were picked at random by my daughter and let me just say she felt really important doing this. I appreciate everyone who participated and I wish I could give something out to everyone but my hubby would kill me. LOL!!! Once again thanks for stopping by.

I hope everyone has a great holiday season!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Stuff Your Stockings Blog Hop!

Happy holidays to everyone! Today’s blog is geared toward two of my favorite Christmas movies of all time, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story. I can watch these movies anytime of the year and I still laugh my butt off as if it were my first time seeing the holiday classics, well classics in my opinion.

I’ll start off with A Christmas Story. The premises of the movie is this little boy Ralphie wants a BB gun for Christmas. Throughout the whole movie people keep telling him he’ll shoot his eye out, which pretty much happens at the end. He breaks his glasses and tells his mother it was an icicle. Lying, and on Christmas day no less, is a major no-no. But nevertheless he doesn’t get caught and he falls asleep that night holding his Red Ryder BB gun. This year I feel a special connection to this movie and the whole you’ll shoot your eye out bit because my fool husband bought our two oldest sons BB guns for Christmas. I’m sure some of my fellow mothers and fathers out there feel my pain and concern.

The second movie is by far my favorite. It’s a movie I loved watching with my father when he was alive and now I enjoy watching it every Christmas with my husband, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. The cast of odd ball characters and the funny little lines from the movie have me in stitches the whole time. I quote the movie throughout the whole month of December. Without fail when my hubby hangs the Christmas lights around the house I’ll always say, “There not twinkling Clark”, if you’ve seen the movie you’ll know why that is funny. My husband laughs every time. And by far cousin Eddie is the funniest character. His cluelessness is classic. Then toward the end when they find a squirrel in the tree and they all run around the house trying to get away from it, has me laughing so hard tears spring to my eyes.

Okay I’m done babbling and will get to the contest for the Stuff Your Stocking. I’m giving out a $25 gift card to Amazon as well as a copy of my debut release Fate’s Second Chance.  Since National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is my favorite holiday movie my contest question comes from it.

What is the name of Cousin Eddie’s dog in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation??

Contest runs from the 16th-18th. If more than one person guesses right I will draw a name at random. Contest winner will be announced on Monday the 19th. Good Luck!!!

Be sure to stop by the other author’s participating in the blog hop. There are some great prizes up for grabs. I hope you enjoy my little contest as well as my blog. I can be found on Twitter and Facebook. Don’t be afraid to stop by any time!

I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season! 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Silver Flash: Out of His League #2

It’s Wednesday again and that means another Silver Flash is upon us. I continued my story from last week Out of His League. Don’t forget to check out the other Flasher. I’ll have their links posted at the end. There’s nothing better than an entertaining free read so hop over and check out their stories.

Reese Dante joins us once again as our Guest Prompt Diva, with this:  That came out of nowhere.

For alternative prompts, Julie has chosen:

springtime for Hitler or

use these three words: camp, Venice, ostrich or

incorporate a crossdresser into your story in some way

Happy Reading!!!

Out of His League Part 2

“Don’t stop on my account,” Kip said as he stepped into the shower stall forcing Lance to take a step back.

“Wh-what are you doing in here?” Lance asked as his eyes darted from side to side.

Kip’s brow lifted and his mouth twisted into a smile. His shoulder ached from throwing pitch after pitch but he wasn’t about to let this opportunity pass him by. To finally have Lance Kinsley within reach was a special treat he wouldn’t deny himself.

Lance’s wholesome boy next door good looks and his naive innocent nature strung Kip to imaginable heights. His golden hair when hit just right by the sunlight appeared to have a halo surrounding it. An angel sent from heaven to drive him completely insane with desire.

“I think it’s rather obvious what I’m doing in here.” Kip looked Lance’s body over from head to toe. He licked his lips as drops of water ran down Lance’s chest. “But the more interesting question is what are you doing in here?”

“I was showering until I was interrupted by you.”

Lance straightened his back standing to his full height. When he did his hands fell away from around his package. Kip damn nearly swallowed his tongue as he got another glimpse of Lance’s gorgeous cock. Bubbles clung to the thatch of hair surrounding the semi erect shaft highlighting the reddened length and flared head.

Kip couldn’t take it. The sight of Lance standing naked in front of him proved to be too much. He stepped forward and bumped chest with Lance. A small squeak left Lance’s mouth and Kip’s smile deepened. He pulled Lance’s hips tight against his own grinding their cocks alongside one another.

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” Lance said as his fingers dug into Kips biceps as he held on.

Kip could respect Lance’s hesitation since they were in a locker room where anyone could walk in and catch them at any moment. But he had already waited too long to find out if the blond cutie with the bright blue eyes tasted as sweet as he looked.

“Yes we should,” Kip growled. He dropped his head forward and inhaled the spicy soap that covered Lance’s body. Kip nipped the soft skin causing Lance to moan.

Without a second thought Kip covered Lance’s mouth with his own. Lance didn’t even try to pretend he didn’t want it and opened wide for Kip’s long hard deep kiss. A slight tremble ran throughout Lance’s body causing Kip to hold him tighter.  

“Please.” Lance gasped.

Kip grinned as he kissed along Lance’s jaw line. He loved how quickly Lance responded to his touch. The man just came minutes before but his shaft filled with blood until the soft skin pulled tight over his thick erection.

He walked Lance backwards until he hit the hard tile wall. Kip shifted his stance so he could grip his and Lance’s dicks in a firm hold to stroke along their lengths. The water eased his movements and he gently started to rock his hips into Lance’s.

The sounds Lance made lit his soul on fire. It was like a crackle of electricity across his skin shocking him with every noise the other man made. Kip worked both their shafts up and down, twisting his wrist on the up stroke smearing the moisture oozing from the slits at the top. He moaned at the rough handling of his own pole. The need to come had his toes curling. Never had a hand job felt so intoxicating. Especially one given by himself.

“I’m going to come.”

Kips breath hitched as he felt the first jet of cum shoot from Lance’s cock. His balls tightened to his body and he painted Lance’s abs with his cream. Lance dropped a hand to Kip’s waist pulling him closer as he rode out his orgasm. Kip loved seeing the normally calm man come undone in his arms. His sweet and pure angel looked thoroughly debauched from their love making.

Love? That came out of nowhere, Kip thought to himself.

As the warm water cascaded over their bodies their combined breathing evened out. Kip leaned back far enough to cup the side of Lance’s face. He stared into Lance’s eyes and saw no regret. His lips curled into an evil grin as he took Lance’s lips once again. The man surrendered without a fight. Lance Kinsley wanted him just as bad. No way could he fake that reaction.

Kip rested his forehead against Lance’s. He wanted more and by the feel of Lance racing pulse so did he.

“Come back to my apartment with me?” Kip whispered.

Lance’s eyes sprung open and he stared at Kip. It felt like a lifetime, not mere seconds before he spoke again. “Okay.”

Kip smiled as he watched Lance’s cheeks blush a bright red. He couldn’t resist helping Lance finish washing up then helped towel him dry. They dressed in silence.

“Here’s my address. Meet me there in twenty minutes. Okay?” Kip held out a piece of paper with his address written on it.

“Okay, see you in twenty.” Lance smiled as he took the paper. He hesitantly  moved forward and brushed his lips across Kip’s. Kip drew him close and deepened the kiss. With one last nip to Lance’s full bottom lip he pulled back. 

“See you in a few.”

Lance smiled over his shoulder before exiting the room. Kip didn’t know if he could wait twenty minutes until he saw his angel again.

“I see you’ve moved on.”

The sound of that familiar voice caused the hairs on his neck to stand on end. Great. Just what he didn’t need right now. Kip turned to stare at his ex, whom also happened to be the assistant coach of the Gray Wolves.


LM Brown      (m/m)
West Thornhill   (m/m)
Heather Lin      (m/f)
Pia Veleno       (m/m)
Freddy MacKay    (m/m)
Elyzabeth VaLey    (m/f)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Silver Flash: Out of His League #1

Happy Wednesday! Hope everyone is enjoy their week so far. 

Well this is my first ever Silver Flash and I'm titled the Virgin Flasher this week. I love it! I haven't been a virgin in like forever or at least it seems. Don't want to age myself to much. LOL!!!

This week our Prompt Diva is Lindsay Klug, who gave us:  "No, I said turn left, not right." or: "I'm not super(man/woman), you know."

My alternate prompts are:

use these three words: velour, circumcision, and balance  or

"Dammit, I'm a (fill in the blank), not a (fill in the blank)! or

eyes closed as if in prayer

I went with a baseball theme for my first Flash. I combined to two things I love, men and baseball. Hope you enjoy! Don't forget to check out the other Silver Flashers this week. I'll leave their links below.

Happy Reading!

Out of His League Part 1

“Hey, Lance?”

Lance could vaguely hear Aaron calling his name. He was to enthralled watching Kip peek around his shoulder to check the base runners before he threw the ball. Lance sighed. It was a thing of beauty to watch Kip Edgerton pitch a ball. The man put his body and soul into every throw. From the step back to the lunge forward and release of the ball from his grip. It was truly art in motion any baseball player worth his salt would appreciate.

“Earth to Lance.” Aaron snapped his fingers in Lance’s face. He turned to his friend. “You keep looking at him like that, everyone is going to no you got a thing for the guy.”

Lance forced out a laugh. “I don’t have a thing for Kip.” Total lie. “Can’t I just appreciate the man’s talent?” Lance waved a hand toward Kip gearing up on the mound for another throw. “Just look how the ball flies across the plate.”

“Whatever man. You’re smitten.”

Lance slammed the baseball in his hand down into his glove hard. “Yeah, I know.”

“But you do have a point. The boy’s got some muscle behind that ball. I wonder why he didn’t sign with a division one team?”

Lance looked toward Kip and thought that was an excellent question. Kip had speed, accuracy, and perfect timing to pick off any base runner. No ways around it, the guy was beyond talented.

Clausen State University, home of the Gray Wolves, wasn’t a terribly small school but for a guy who was destined for the big leagues it just seemed out of the ordinary. Any top notch, more widely known, college baseball team would have loved to have such an amazing player on their roster. Plus it would have garnered Kip more scouting opportunities.

Lance wasn’t complaining having Kip attend Clausen State. Kip was a god amongst men with his steal blue eyes, black tousled hair, and a body built for all kinds of sin. He snuck glances here and there in the locker room and new for a fact that the man had muscles on top of muscles. He looked as if he had been chiseled out of stone. A body cut like Kip’s came from complete dedication and Lance was forever grateful for that dedication.

Kip had become his nightly jerk off session fantasy. Most nights he came so hard he saw stars behind his eyelids as he clenched them tight. Just picturing Kip in his tight baseball pants that clung nicely to his even tighter ass made Lance hard within seconds. He would picture Kip smiling that crooked smile of his and asking him what he wanted. And by wanted, Lance new it wasn’t what he desired for dinner.

“Ugh.” Lance sighed in frustration. "I'm not superman, you know." He reached down to adjust his cup. It was rather difficult to walk with a hard on when there was a thick barrier of plastic hindering its growth. “He’s just so fucking perfect and I can’t control my dick when I’m around him.”

“Well I guess you and the man of steel have something in common.” Aaron chuckled. “But seriously dude, I’m your best friend and I don’t want to see you get hurt. Hell we don’t even know if the guy is gay.”

“I no. My luck he’s probably as straight as they come.” His heart ached every time he thought about some lucky college coed warming Kip’s bed. With one more backwards glance he headed to the locker room.

He separated form Aaron once they entered the large room. He sat on the bench in front of his locker and started to unbutton his jersey. He was hot and sweaty, and thanks to Kip Edgerton, horny. To top it off he was surrounded by twenty-four naked or partially naked guys.

Lance took his time getting undressed. Walking into the showers with a raging hard on would probably piss some of his teammates off. He leaned back on the bench and through the steamy haze he could see that the showers had emptied out. He removed his pants then his jock and cup. He threw them in his locker as he headed for the showers.

The middle stall was empty on either side so he took that one. He let the hot water cascade over his body letting it work out the kinks in his shoulders. Grabbing the soap, Lance lathered up his hands and started to wash his body. As his hand trailed down his chest he lightly stroked his semi erect cock. He used his other hand to gently massage his ball. He moaned at the sensations spiraling through him. Lance to a step back to lean against the cold tiled wall to keep from falling over.

He imagined it was Kip pushing him against the wall and using his warm muscular body to hold him in place. Kip would then grip Lance’s shaft tightly in his fist using his calloused fingers to push him over the edge. The soap adding to the sensual up and down motion Kip would use. His legs began to tremble as little sparks of electricity ran though his body, igniting every nerve ending. Lance could almost feel the tickle of Kip’s chest hair against his body.

Lance bit his lower lip to stifle his moan. His orgasm exploded from his body shooting ropes of pearly white cum over the wet floor. His eyes drifted shut. God he wished Kip was here and touching him, loving him, fulfilling his every desire.

He took a deep breath, then released it. Lance was coming back to his senses when he heard someone clear their throat.  He slowly opened his eyes to see the star pitcher leaning against the stall door. The famous crooked smile was aimed right at Lance. He started to panic and quickly dropped his hands to cover his dick.

“A little late for that don’t you think?”


Lindsay Klug  (m/f)
West Thornhill (m/m)
Lily Sawyer  (m/m)
Sui Lynn  (m/m)
Heather Lin  (m/f)
Julie Lynn Hayes  (m/m)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Making Some Changes

I'm trying my best to update my blog and get the most out of it. So if anyone clicks on something and nothing appears, I'm working on it.

Who new blog spot could be so confusing? Or is this just me??

I have a dinner party/awards dinner for my hubby's work tonight. So I don't have a lot of time to mess with this now. And it will drive me crazy all night. I hate starting something and not finishing it.

Until then here's a yummy picture. I love the Internet!! He looks so deep in thought. I just want to pat him on the head and ask what's going on inside that pretty little head of his. Sad but yes I have heard this line before. LOL!

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Love of the X-Men

I could kick myself for waiting so long to see this movie but between family, work, and writing I just hadn’t had the chance. But today I watched X-Men First Class and I freaking loved it! James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender were excellent. Then there was Kevin Bacon as the bad guy. Totally shocked me. And I wouldn’t be lying if I didn’t say the small cameo by Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman, didn’t surprise me.
Now this could just be me and my love for M/M romances but I was hoping that Charles and Erik would end up together. Crazy right? That would never happen in a high budgeted film. But still they would have made an awesome couple. I mean realistically Hollywood and the general world at large need to get over the dislike of m/m or f/f relationships on the silver screen. I would have to image the gays of the world are sick of seeing nothing but straight people themed movies.
Even without a torrid love affair between Charles and Erik the movie still rocked. I never read the comic books so I often wondered how it all began. I enjoyed it immensely and would recommend it to all. I’m a sci-fi geek so this was right up my alley.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Titles and Character Names

People often laugh at me when I say I'm not very creative. Which is funny since I write. What I’m not creative about is character names and book titles. I found it frustrating. Before I write a story I sit down and come up with character names and descriptions. The part that takes the longest is coming up with the characters names. I usually Google baby names and read through lists of names until one jumps out at me. But the name has to fit the character I thought up in my head, so this can really be time consuming. To me the name has to be believable to the character and the story. It all has to jive together.
Now when it comes to a title that makes me sweat. It has to be catchy yet pertain to the story. One of the first things readers notice is the flipping title so it needs to be able to stick with them. A good cover is also helpful. Writing a story is like building the perfect house. You have to lay a sturdy foundation; plot, characters, conflict, and resolve. Then build up from those main supporting beams. All of these factors are why it takes me awhile to write a story. In my mind the story has to be something I enjoy and find believable because if I don’t believe in it how do I expect the readers too? As the writer you have to take the readers on a journey through the world you created and at the end you hope they enjoyed the ride. If not they give you a shitty review.
The current story I just submitted, still waiting to hear back on, I had to change a main characters name. I had to do this because I another more well-known author just had a book come out with the exact same title I had for my book. Made me laugh at first but then I was like, OH SHIT! I had to think of name that fit this character that I had been calling by another name for months. Had I been thinking clearly I would have changed the title as well. So if this publishing house takes it I most definitely will have to change the title.
All writers have their own method on how they come up with character names, title, and story ideas.  You have to do what works best for you. And for me I have to feel like I know my characters, so I bring them to life, only in my own mind, but nevertheless to life. I always worry when I tell my husband the characters keep talking in my head and won’t shut up, that he thinks I might be going crazy. He usually just nods at me and smiles. I love that he gets me.
Well I’m off to watch my favorite show Once Upon a Time. I just love this show and it doesn’t hurt that it has a gorgeous cast. One of my favs is the sheriff. He’s just so handsome and has a sexy accent. What’s not to love? The man sure can take a photograph too!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Giveaway Winners: SBBG5

The link below takes you to the page with the winners on it. This was an awesome giveaway. A lot of stuff was up for grabs. That's my kind of contest. Even if you don't like my work there was different authors offering up some great books.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

I'm trying really hard to make Sunday my blog day. At least I'm trying to. Between family, work, and writing shit gets pushed aside or I just plane forget, which happens quite often. I'm only human.

Well my show wasn't on tonight, Once a Upon a Time. That sucked. So I watched Fridays Supernatural. So good and an awesome cliff hanger ending. I hate that crap but gets the viewers coming back every week. It never ceases to amaze me how they can come up with story line after story line for that show. Impressive.

I've come to terms that promoting my book is kind of hard and just not fun for me. On this journey I discovered there are a ton of groups you can join and through these groups you promote your work, post excerpts, and just chat with other writers and readers. Now in theory this sounds like fun and easy work, but it ain't. This is just my opinion but they seem kind of clicky. Granted I'm a new writer and a lot of these people have been writing for years but I just don’t know when to jump into the chat. And when I do sometimes no one answers back. Makes it hard for us newbies to get involved and meet new people. But it is the nature of the beast promoting is. I'm doing my best to get my name out there, but like me, people have their favorite authors that they follow and it’s hard to gain your own audience. Just got to keep trying.

Fate's Second Chance has had one review and it was great. Got 5 Hearts from MM Good Book Reviews. It definitely put a smile on my face. Link to review below.

In other news, this bitch got a new laptop! Sony finally agreed my Vaio was unfixable and agreed to give us a full refund. I'm now the proud owner of a new hp laptop.

 Well writing calls. Happy reading!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

My New Favorite Show

I don’t watch a lot of television but the shows I do watch I absolutely just love and a loyal watcher of those shows every week. Currently my favorite show is abc's Once Upon a Time. I love the whole idea of fairy tale characters being held captive in a small town unbeknownst to them. The little boy Henry is the only one aware of everything that has happened and he seeks out his birth mother to help him save his town. Too sweet. I find it funny that Henry's adoptive mom is the evil witch. The actress who plays the evil queen is owning that part. She's very attractive but her actions and personality make you hate her. Bravo to her I really believe her part.
This is one show I hope that doesn’t get canceled. However I wonder how they will be able to carry this show into further seasons. I hope us viewers get the chance to see!

On my writing front, I just sent out a submission to a different publisher. Every time I send one out my stomach sits in knots until I hear something back. Extremely frustrating. My only concern with this latest submission is that it is a paranormal story. Vampires, shifters of all kinds, and witches. The main difference in my story is that it’s due to witches why there are vampires and shifters in the world. Hell have no fury like a scorned witch. It’s different but is it enough to catch people’s attention? I find it entertaining but that's just me, of course I’m a little partial since I wrote it. It’s a story that can be carried on into a series with several different aspects of the paranormal world told. I hope it gets accepted and I get the chance to bring that alternative world to life. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

White Chicken Chili

Well the weather here in the good old Midwest is cold and wet. I just pray its not a snow filled winter like the last one. I mean honestly my kids were home more than not. When I was in school we didn't get out for shit.

Tonight was my daughters music program at school. It was patriotic themed. Very cute but a little to long for my taste. I no that sounds mean and heartless but when you have a sick kid at home and two restless little boys sitting like two ticking time bombs at your feet ready to go off in any minute, can cause a bit of a panic.

My choice for the title is because that is what I made for dinner. I found this recipe online about a year ago, cant remember the website I got it from, I googled it for heaven's sakes. My point is that its a simple quick dinner to prepare and make.

All you need is: Chicken ( I buy a rotisserie chicken and just remove the meat to put in the chili)
                        3- 16oz Cans of Northern Beans
                        3- 14.5oz Cans of Chicken Broth
                        1- 4.5 oz Can of Chopped Green chili
                        1- 12oz Can of Shoe-peg Corn
                        1 Tb. of Cumin
                        1 Tb. of Oregano
                        1/2 Tsp. of Cayenne Pepper

Combine and let cook on low heat for about 4-5 hours. (This is what I do anyways.)
I serve with Sour Dough bread because that's what my family likes.

On the writing front I just finished a manuscript for a paranormal romance. I no, everyone is writing a paranormal story, but I love paranormal stories. Real life gets a bit boring sometimes and I personally like to step out of the norm when I read. I'm reading through and tweaking it to make sure its perfect for submission. Only question now is who to submit it to. I no who I want to submit it to but I'm going to stay mum about that until I'm 100% for sure.                  

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Love for Candy

Trick or treating with the kids this year was fun. The weather held so that means we weren’t rained on. Always a plus. We actually stayed in our own neighborhood this year and trick or treated to our fellow neighbors. I must say as I looked through my kids candy they really cleaned up. The location of where you trick or treat definitely shows in the candy the kids bring home.

We live in a newer housing addition with a tab bit larger homes. My hubby always hated taking the kids around our hood because of all the walking and hills. Well I love to run and walk so this year we hung around the Hills of River Meadows where we live, I no classy name for a neighborhood. I feel so debonair just saying it. LOL!!!

By talking about where we live, I hope I don’t come off as a snob, because I’m not, but I am a candy snob. I like to think other people are just as picky about their candy as I am. I'm a fan of M&M's, Snickers, Milky Way (regular or dark), and the list goes on. However, I must say my all time favorite candy bar is Bar None and wouldn’t you know it they don’t make those any more. So depressing. To think my kids will never know that particular chocolaty goodness.

The pic is of my youngest son and me. He was so proud of his dinosaur costume.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fate's Second Chance is Released This Week!!

My first book, Fate’s Second Chance, gets released this week through Silver Publishing. I must say this all seems so surreal. To think I set my mind to something and stuck with it to the very end, or in this case the beginning, to get my book published. It’s a freaking miracle and it happened faster than I had anticipated.

I'm not one of those people who knew all their life they wanted to write. I knew I loved to read but that was it. My love for reading helped me escape from the craziness of my life. Never once did I ever imagine this; book being released on Thursday and two more that have been accepted for future release. I must say I’ve gone above and beyond my expectations. I guess the moral is you’re never too old to dream BIG!!!

On to other things in my crazy life, Halloween is tomorrow and I have four kids who are so excited it makes me sick. I keep thinking of all the candy I will eventually throw away. Such a waste but for a few hours my kids will feel bigger than life prancing out in their costumes. For a parent so worth it.

My hubby helped the kids carve pumpkins since I had to work today and I’ve been under the weather lately. I just got to say they are the ugliest pumpkins I have ever seen. He actually let our ten and seven year olds carve, with a knife, their own pumpkins. The one my oldest son did is messed up looking but oddly enough it kind of fits his personality. LOL!

Below is the link to Silver Publishing for Fate’s Second Chance. Out November 3!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Very First Cover!!!

I got to see my very first book cover yesterday. And I must say it's amazing! I absolutely love it.

Fate's Second Chance is due to release November 3rd through Silver Publishing.

Its a story about accidental body switching, guardian angels, and love. It has its sad and happy moments. After the edits I'm really pleased with the way it turned out and cant wait for it to be released. I'm hoping that any extreme religious people don't get offended by it. They may find my take on religion offensive but I have an open mind and when it comes to my beliefs I'm open to the possibilities that anything is possible, plus I think God loves us all no matter what. So take it or leave it.

I never would have thought an idea I got while driving to my mother in laws house would become a published book. As corny as this may sound, I guess dreams really do come true. And its funny because I didn't no becoming a writer was my dream until I put pen to paper or in this generation finger tips to keyboard. LOL!

I hope people read it and enjoy themselves while doing it.

Big thanks to TR, couldn't have done it without you. Thank you for your understanding for all the late nights I'm up writing and when I randomly stop what I'm doing to jot down a note. Luv ya!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Useless Bitching We As People Do That Gets Us Nowhere

I just recently started writing and I have three books schedule to be released through Silver Publishing. I’m new to all the ins and outs of writing, I like learning from other authors out there, and it never seems to amaze me how some people just complain about things they just cannot change. I totally get that. Ask my husband he’d tell you I’m the biggest offender of bitching when there isn’t a damn thing I can do to change the outcome. Were people its just what we do.
Okay, I’ve gotten off track here. I read an interesting blog by an author who went on about how some fans annoy them. I’m not saying anything bad about this author since I’m a huge fan of their work but come on ranting in an email or blog might just seem a bit over the top. Ultimately, you as the author have to put up with the stupid questions, hate mail, and just the all-out absurdity of people in general. It sucks but in the end, you as the author are the one laughing all the way to the bank. Someone hates your work, so what? They bought it and obviously enjoyed it enough to compliment you or send you hate mail, but either way what you wrote stayed with them. And more often than not, that same crazy fan will buy more of your work. Crazy? I know but it’s just the way people are. I've read some interesting reviews where the reviewer hated the book yet kept reading that authors work. That reader couldn't of hated it that much.
I can be quoted enough around my house and amongst my friends as to say, I hate people. Not all people but a good portion. I have to say there are some real crazies out there and I choose not to be sucked into their drama. I can understand a person’s frustration about being hounded by people asking the most ridiculous questions. I've got four kids that ask stupid shit all the time I can relate. But then you’re the one who gets the email and that being said can say fuck it I’m not acknowledging that with a response. Because there is just some over the top people who just don’t have a clue about anything and think others are here on earth to just serve their every need. LOL! Hence why I can’t stand most people.
Authors are not in the public eye as much as actors but the same rule applies, just because you have a fan base doesn’t me you have to give all yourself to the fans. It’s unreasonable to expect a person to please everyone. We would like to but at the end of the day, we all have our own lives and families to take care of. You want to acknowledge and respond to your fans but sometimes you just have to let things go and just not let the insane things they say or want get to you. If you do, you’ll be angry all the time. This is a reason I stopped talking to the majority of my family. You can’t please everyone; you just have to please yourself. I think that’s a line in a song. I’m shrugging because I can’t remember!
The books I’ve written might not be a major or hell even a minor success but if one person buys my work and enjoys it I will have felt like I’ve succeeded in something I didn’t think possible. I’ve heard a ton of stories about authors waiting years to be published or never being published at all and that scares me. I just starting writing this past January and three of the five manuscripts I’ve submitted have been accepted. From what I gather, I’m fortunate in that. And I hope I can remember if someone emails me complaining about what I wrote about that I can keep a cool head and see it for what it’s worth. Feeding into others lunacy is no good for anyone. To keep your peace of mind you have to focus on your work. Because let’s face it for every person out there that hates you, there is one that loves you.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Blogging Dilemma

I've come to the conclusion I'm the worst blogger ever. If I'm not forgetting to blog something, I'm not out gaining followers. But it all works out in the end without a ton of followers I have no one to disappoint so there you go.

Anyway off to what I've been pondering lately. I just read a  really good book, Who Better Than Canyon by DC Juris. Very entertaining read not riddled with sex scenes. Now I for one do love the sex scenes and many if possible, but it impresses me when an author can right a gripping love story without all that filler. This story had a few kisses between the leads but that was it. My point is the book was really good and I enjoyed it immensely.

Now the site I reviewed the book for had it in the erotic section. So naturally I asked if it should be put in the romance sections since their wasn't one single sex scene. I was told no because all GLBT books are put in the erotic section. Not a big deal and I totally respect how they place their books to be reviewed. It boils down to that some readers are still offended by gay couplings. I don't get it because a love story is a love story be it two women, two men, or a man and a woman.

Its funny that in this day and age people still have to walk on egg shells as to not offend anyone. Sex is sex and everyone is having one form of it, or at least I hope so. I looked up the definition of erotica and basically means to arouse sexual desire. Now I have read some books no matter what genre or pairing that are just a love story that didn't arouse any sexual thoughts in my mind.

All this is just my opinion and doesn't reflect anything on the web site I review for. I absolutely love the site and through them I get to read books by authors I wouldn't have been introduce to otherwise. I love to read and now I can write down what I thought of a certain book. Its fun but a struggle at times. Sometimes my creativity isn't always up to par and that just really sucks. To be a writer you need to keep those creative juices flowing sometimes easier said than done.

On my writing news I just submitted the second installment for the Twist of Fate series, Fate's Fortunate Mistake. Just waiting to hear back on that. I also submitted a Christmas story called The Christmas Elf. Its a short story only about eight thousand words. And I just have to say writing a short story is a lot harder to write than a thirty-five thousand piece of work, at least for me.

I'm constantly reading, writing, and spending time with my family. So in others words busy, busy, busy. But me being me I wouldn't have it any other way.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

New York Passes Same Sex Marriage!!!

After spending the night out with some friends I come home and check the news feed to find out same sex marriage passes in New York. I think that is just fucking fabulous. In my opinion no one should have to fight for the simple right to marry who they want. Just because I'm straight don't make me any more special than anyone else and the simple act of getting married should be allowed for all no matter the circumstances.

I no not every one shares my views and that is fine. Living in America gives us the right to have any opinion we so choose. When it comes to love, people in general shouldn't be so judgemental. Its like certain people aren't happy unless their fighting or putting others down and that just isn't right or fair. Love is free to give and free to have and if people no matter their situation want to get married more power to them.

I will have been married for ten years come the twenty-fourth of July and I cant imagine if someone said I couldn't marry him. He's my best friend and supports me no matter what. In the end were all just people wanting to live the best life we can and we all deserve the right to live it as we choose. 

Way to go New York I'm proud of you!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

People and Their F**king Opinion

I'm suffering from a major headache, so when I don't feel well I tend to bitch, a lot. My left eye is killing me and its a little swollen. No clue why but it freaking hurts. The pain is radiating from the left side of my face to the other side. Frustrating as hell. The weather is nice but so freaking bright I don't want to sit outside. There is no sunglasses strong enough to block out the sun today. I really think my head might explode.

Anyway here's my bitch for the day. I was dropping child number 3 off at preschool today and I parked my car and walked to the door with number 3 & 4 children in tow. Of course my youngest doesn't want to hold my hand so I just hang on to his shirt. We pass some old lady who feels the need to tell me I should hold his hand because there are big trucks driving through the parking lot and he might get run over. Seriously!! I just wanted to say, "Do I look like a fucking idiot lady?" But feeling nice today I just mumbled all the way to the class room. I'm pretty certain some of the parents heard my opinion which consisted of plenty of F's words.

I mean seriously I wouldn't let my kids run across the road into the middle of  traffic. Just because I'm not hovering over them every second doesn't mean I'm not close behind them. I have four kids I've come to learn they wont break when they fall and they wont get sick from dropping their chip on the floor than picking it up to eat it. 5 second rule is fine by me. I am pretty hard on my kids because I would die if anything ever happen to them, but I also no I have to let them be kids. It cracks me up when they do something and think I wont find out. I always have an eye on them and of course they are always willing to tell on one another.  Funny kids.

Back to my complaint. I totally get wanting to give people advise when I see them doing shit that I don't agree with but I don't. I only need to worry about myself and how  I raise my kids so their not complete fuck ups in the world.

Any who back to writing. Trying to finish the follow up to Fate's Second Chance. But I have to say with this headache I don't no how much I will get done. And I'm still waiting to hear back on my first submission Going Home. Waiting is a pain.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

And It Begins!!!

I got word yesterday that a publishing company is wanting to publish my book, or shall I say ebook. Of course anything can happen and they not publish it, but I did sign a contract for it. I'm really excited but dude it just added to my work load. All the cover art and blurbs sheets you need to fill out is a lot. This is something I've been wanting but it was so surreal when I got the email saying they liked it and want to publish it. Que me squealing like a little girl. I damn near fell running up the stairs to tell my hubby.

So now I'm working on pre-edits before I send it back to the editors. Which is always fun, being sarcastic there. I don't no about anyone else but after writing your story then having to reread it several times, kinda makes you go crossed eyed. But I do have to say this story is, to me very funny. I explained it to my sister as a romantic comedy. So hopefully others will like it.

Still waiting to hear back on my first submission. That one I already sent off the full manuscript, so who knows. I was completely thrown for a loop when this second story was accepted. Needless to say I'm thrilled.

So now its time to get back to it so I can get that manuscript sent back to the editor.  That still sounds so weird to say. But I like it!

P.S. - I so need to steal hubby's laptop. His is way cooler than mine.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Moving Right Along

I had another short story posted to the Long and the Short of It website today, An Eggcellent Offer. I thought the name was quite witty on my part. I wrote this short when I took a break from a larger project I was working on. I no crazy right? Take a break from writing to write something else? But I did.  I think its a cute little story and so does my sister. She already found a misspelled word. Gotta love family!

I just submitted my full manuscript for Going Home to an editor.  She emailed about three weeks ago and made some suggestion to make to the story and then send her the full edited manuscript. So now the dreadful process of waiting. I hate to wait. I get in my head to much thinking its not good enough or they wont like it. That shit will drive a person bat ass crazy. But I hope I have some good news soon.

Writing a story is like having kid, a lot of work. Except with writing I'm not required to chauffeur it around to soccer and baseball practice. Don't get me wrong I love my little monsters but the mouths on them, dear lord. I cuss a lot so what do I expect.

Well back to it I guess. I have work to do on another story I just finished and a review to get turned in. Its never ending around here, but I love it!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Little More Stressful Than I Thought

One would think that writing a story would be the hard part of the writing equation, but its not.  For me, writing the story was the easy part, it was the query letter and synopsis that frustrated the hell out of me. 

When you submit a story to a publisher, they require a query letter and a synopsis.  A query letter is the cover letter for your submission.  Your person info, story descriptions, and plus a simple break down of your story.  The query letter isn't as bad as the synopsis but still stressful.  A query letter is only suppose to be one page long, so in this case short and sweet is what they are looking for.

The synopsis, oh how I hate you.  A synopsis is a break down of all your hard work into roughly three to four pages.  Sometimes even less if required by publisher.  Imagine you just wrote a twenty-five thousand word story and now you have to break it all down to the bare bones.  It can be a little frustrating.  I read that when you write a synopsis act as if your explaining it to a six year old.  The trick is to write a short and to the point synopsis and still make it entertaining to an editor.  Editors are busy people and don't have a lot of time to spend on long drawn out synopsises.

Me being me, I thought about it to much.  I couldn't decide what to leave out of the synopsis.  Its your work and you want them to see it all.  So with my first submission I wrote that darn synopsis over and over a lot.  Finally I was happy with it.  Stressful!!

I'm still learning as I go and still have a lot to learn, but I'm committed to my writing.  Therefore I don't have it in me to give up.