Thursday, December 29, 2011

Good News!

So a few weeks ago I signed a contract for a book with Siren Publishing. Folks I was sitting in mild traffic when I opened that email and let’s just say I was screaming and happy dancing for all to see. I’m like that whenever I get that acceptance email but I was coming from a doctor’s appointment so I needed some good news.

The story is called Miles’s Awakening and the series is titled Warriors of the Light. It’s a paranormal themed story with a twist on how we’ve come to have shifters and vampires in our world. It’s all because of witches. I thought it would be entertaining to have the cause for all these creatures were to have witches be the bad guys. Not all witches but some are bad or abuse there magical gifts.

In Miles’s Awakening the character of Miles meets a vampire named Ben who has been sent to protect him. Ben soon explains all the messed up shit in the world and that they are soul mates. Poor Miles passes out from the shock. Who wouldn’t, right?

I question whether or not to have the soul mate or mate aspect in the story. Ultimately I went with it because deep down I think most people wished that there was that one special person made just for them. Love does crazy things to people but it does make the world go round or so I’m told. LOL! Just kidding! It does, sort of.  *wink, wink*

I’m also trying to get some reading in while writing and I’m diving into Anitra Lynn McLeod’s Gridiron Gods series. Not bad so far. I actually read book number two first and it kind of fucked me up. Some things left me going huh? I don’t get it.  So now I’m reading the first in the series so I have a better grasp on what is going on.

Well I’m off to write and read. Hope everyone has an awesome rest of the week and weekend!

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