Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Blog Hop

Hello to everyone! I'm running a little behind getting this posted. Christmas time is a busy time around my house and it seems it just flies by before I even get the chance to enjoy it. Between baking cookies, my kids Christmas programs, shopping for gifts, wrapping the gifts, and on top of that writing, I'm busy, busy, busy. But I'm sure everyone can relate.

Okay, on to the blog hop fun! The hop runs from today December 14, 2012 until Monday December 17, 2012. I'll draw the winners on Tuesday morning. I'm going to pick three winners. First winner gets a $10 Amazon gift card plus anyone of my books! Second and third winners gets a choice of anyone of my books. I do have paper backs copies of Fate's Second Chance and Fate's Fortunate Mistake, 2 print copies available of each so first come first served. I'm sorry to say but I can only ship within the US, but if anyone is wanting a copy of that as their book of choice just let me know.

To participate just leave a comment with valid email address. And be sure to check out the other blog participants. Lots of goodies up for grabs.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Holidays!!!


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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Inspiration At Its Finest

Inspiration: The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative.

Inspiration comes in all different forms. For me, it comes at random. Usually its something I hear or see that sparks a cord in my brain and BOOM! I've got an idea. And when all is said and done I'm left with writing three different series. Crazy? Tell me about it.

I have nothing but respect for authors who can get a book out every month and can carry on several different series at once. In my experience its a lot of hard work. So many characters to keep track of and plot lines to keep straight that its tiring at times. I'm not complaining because I love to write its just I need more hours in the day so I can keep up.

But on to my point of inspiration. I'm a very visual person and sometimes when I see a good looking guy I'm like 'wow, he's cute' and the next thing I know I've talked myself into giving that man a story. Hey, if it gets the words flowing than that is all that matters. 

I have a story that is a part of an anthology titled Wicked Watchers: The Pursuit of Pleasure. My story is called A Hard Workout. Its a man and female story. I don't typically write these but sometimes its a nice to mix things up a bit. 

I go to the gym at least four to five times a week so I see plenty of good looking guys to feed my imagination. While working out one night this guy was running on a treadmill right in front of me. His tight little butt was hugged nicely by his knit shorts. His ass looked so firm I actually wanted to bite it. I'd never tell my husband that, but, yeah so freaking true. Not only did he look good from behind but from the front too! Double bonus. 

I really wish I could have gotten a picture from the front but I didn't want to be considered a stalker.

Hope this was enjoyable to read. I just finished edits for Garrett's Choice and had some time to kill before starting a new project and thought his would be a fun post. I guess one could say if you get writers block go to the gym! LOL!!!!

Below is an excerpt from A Hard Workout.


As I ran on the treadmill, I could see him reflected in the wall mirrors, doing squats on the other side of the gym. A barbell rested on his shoulders, weights on the end. With every downward lunge, he grunted so loud I could hear him, even over my iPod’s loud music.
Every time he squatted, his shorts pulled tight, highlighting his perfectly rounded ass. As he stood back up, the shorts would get caught in his crease, showcasing just how firm his ass truly was.
Sweat poured from my face as I upped the speed on the treadmill. My body ached from getting off a twelve hour shift at the hospital where I worked as a nurse. But watching sex on two legs lift weights across the room was causing other body parts to ache.
I closed my eyes and pushed harder, trying to outrun my lust. The harder I ran, the more my breasts bounced up and down, causing my hardened nipples to rub against my sports bra. The featherlight caress had my pussy clinching for attention as well.
I looked in the mirror one last time and damn near lost my balance and fell off the treadmill. The man I’d been ogling for the better part of the last hour was staring back at me through the mirror. A small smile curved his upper lip. I quickly turned my head to face forward and ignored the little crackle of sparks that flared to life from that short amount of eye contact we’d just shared.
I didn’t know him, but I’d seen him plenty of times, late at night at the twenty-four  hour fitness center I was a member of. We never spoke, but occasionally we’d share a small smile as we passed one another. He seemed polite, but honestly I didn’t expect him to ask me out. When I came to the gym, I was at my worst. Dog-tired from just getting off work, wearing my gym attire consisting of shorts and a T-shirt; plus every time he saw me, I was sweating my ass off. Not a useful combination when trying to catch a man’s attention.
His name was Kyler. I’d seen his name on the sign-in sheet by the front door. Not that I was stalking him, but I had to at least know the name of the man who plagued my very thoughts, awake or asleep.
Kyler had dark, brown hair, cut short to his scalp. His skin was a nice golden tan and muscles ran the length of his body. He liked to work out and it showed. He was taller than me, but not super tall for a guy. I would guess he was five foot ten.
 But the most stunning thing about him was his bright, blue eyes. They always seemed to be glowing, as if a spotlight was lit behind his eyeballs, making his irises appear to shine. A person could get lost in those peepers—I should know. Every time he turned those baby blues my way, I got tongue-tied and just stared at him like an absolute fool.
The treadmill beeped; the speed started to slow, indicating the cool down had begun. My forty-five minute run had come to an end. My legs were wobbly from being on my feet all day and the hard run I’d just put myself through, but it was the only way to take the edge off my growing libido toward Kyler.


Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Blog Hop!!!

It's blog hopping time again! I cant believe its already the end of October and Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. Time flies when you're having fun, or so they say.

I'll make this an easy hop stop. Just leave a comment with a valid email address so I can contact you if you happen to be the winner. I promise not to do anything crazy with the email address you provide but if you do have hesitation about leaving it just shoot me an email. If you like to follow my blog, twitter, or Facebook feel free but its not mandatory. I really enjoy these hops and giving stuff away so no pressure.

My giveaway for one lucky winner is a $10 Amazon gift card plus any one of my books. The hop runs from Friday October 26- Monday 29. I'll draw a winner on Tuesday October 30, 2012. I always try to do that in the morning but lets be honest here, I usually get around to it by mid afternoon. That's the life of a mother of four kids who thinks the sun rises and sets on the their little butts. It kind of does since I think they're awesome but nevertheless throws my schedule out of whack.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out the rest of the authors participating. Lots of prizes up for grabs!!!


Sunday, October 7, 2012


Its been a while since I've blogged but I've been quite busy. This is the time of year my kids are the busiest and I'm constantly playing catch up it seems. But I'm going to try and do better. I'll keep my fingers crossed. :-)

My latest release with Siren is Out of the Ashes. Its actually the first story I ever wrote. After a lot of editing Out of the Ashes really came together to be a story I absolutely love and am proud of. Its available at BookStrand.

Out of the Ashes (MM)

I'll be participating in the Halloween Blog Hop. It runs from October 26th-29th. I'll be giving away a $10 Amazon Gift Card and any one of my books to one winner. If there are a lot of commenters I'll probably give out a few more copies of any one of my books.

On the writing front, I just finished writing book four of the Warriors of the Light series. I've changed the title to Garrett's Choice and to be honest I'm not a 100% set on that title. It's Lachlan and Garrett's story. The series is moving right along and I've added a few more characters into the fold.

I've had some inquires on who's book is next and its hard to say. I'm only one person and can only write one book at a time. I jump from project to project at times but still I'm only one person. In saying that, Carter and Abner's story will over lap with Lawson and his mate's story and will most likely be followed by Trevor and Quinn's. Certain things need to happen to carry on the story line and I know most people are waiting for Trevor's story but the time frame in the books is close together. Where it might take me months to write, submit, and edit a story its only a few days or weeks in the story. I hope that makes since. I try to say within the story how long its been the last story because I know I like to know those facts when I'm reading a story that's part of a series.

If anyone has any questions about the series feel free to email me or comment below. My thoughts sometimes come out scrambled but I do promise there is a method to my madness.

Hope everyone has a great week and happy reading!!!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Release Day For Logan's Rattler!!!

Logan's Rattler, book 3 in the Warriors of the Light series, is available today at Bookstrand! You can still get it at a 15% discount until September 5. 

Buy Link: BookStrand



All Logan Erickson ever wanted in life was stability and a place to call home. He thought he found that until he finds himself with the psychic ability to listen in on other people’s innermost thoughts. After hearing the dark desires of his current boyfriend, Logan takes off traipsing through the woods, abandoning all hope of ever finding true love, when he stumbles upon a man that will change his very existence.

Finn Palmer has every reason to dislike witches after being turned into a rattlesnake shifter without any knowledge of the paranormal world until meeting the Warriors of the Light. Finn, like most, has waited patiently to find his mate, and now that he’s found Logan he has no intentions of ever letting him go even if Logan is part witch.

An unforeseen enemy is after Logan’s body to host another’s soul. Will Finn be able to prevent this evil plot, or will Logan be lost to him forever?


Finn looked at his mate, uncertain of what he should say. Logan agreed to the mating. He wanted it. Hell, he begged for it. But now his mate looked like he was scared of him. Him, his mate. This wasn’t good.

“Logan, calm down,” Finn said in soft, unthreatening tone.

“How do you know my name?” Logan scooted to the other side of the bed.

“It’s written on your ID.”

“You went through my wallet?” Finn watched his mate climb from the bed. “Good grief, what have I gotten myself into.” Logan fidgeted with his clothes, and Finn took the opportunity to tug up his pants.

He pulled his shirt over his head as he listened to his mate talk to himself. It would appear Logan thought what had just happened was all a dream and was pissed because he felt like a slut or some such nonsense. They were mates, and Finn had to find a way to explain that without freaking the man out more than he already was.

“Logan, please sit down. I’ll explain everything.” He followed behind Logan as he picked up his socks and shoes from the floor.

“I let you fuck me without a condom. Hell, I even let you bite me.” He turned abruptly to Finn. “Do you have any diseases I need to know about?” Logan barked out a laugh. “Like you would actually tell me the truth,” his mate mumbled to himself.

“You don’t have to fear catching anything from me. I’m disease-free. I swear it.” If Logan only knew Finn couldn’t catch human ailments.

“Yeah, right, whatever.” Logan shuffled around Finn’s room, searching for the rest of his belongings.

Anger flared its nasty head at his mate’s refusal to believe him. He would die for Logan, but right now he wanted to throttle the very sexy brat. “I would never lie to you. You’re my mate. I would never hurt you. I love you.” Before he could stop himself, he blurted out the words. Seeing the shocked and disbelieving look on his mate’s face, he instantly regretted the omission.

“Excuse me? Are you fucking insane?” Logan shouted. “You love me?” His mate shook his head, sending a clump of hair over his left eye. “You don’t even know me.”

“Logan, if you just let me explain it’ll all make sense. I promise.” Finn took a step toward his mate. He had to tilt his head upward to meet Logan’s eyes.

As Logan stood still before him, Finn took the time to take in his mate’s beauty. Logan stood a few inches taller than his own five foot ten inches. His body was composed of lean, firm muscle like that found on a swimmer’s body. Not bulky but proportionate to his frame and height. His short black hair stood out in contrast to his pale skin. Not even a blemish marred the creamy white skin. The most exotic thing about Logan was his eyes. The blue irises had a milky tinge to them, almost appearing white.

“I’m sorry, but I need to get out of here.” Logan raced out the bedroom door.

“Shit!” Finn grumbled to himself as he gave chase.

The guy was fast. By the time Finn reached the top of the stairs, Logan was already halfway down.

As Logan ran out the front door, Finn caught up to his mate. A car was pulling into the drive, but he didn’t have time to stop and check it out. His priorities lay with his mate.

“Logan, please talk to me.” He stayed close on Logan’s heels. “At least let me give you a ride home.”

That stopped his mate in his tracks. He slowly turned to face Finn. “You’d take me home?” Logan appeared to be skeptical of his offer.

“Of course I would.” The doubt in Logan’s eyes made his chest ache. How could his mate be so untrusting of him?

“Okay, I’ll let you take me home but no sex. Not even a kiss good-bye. You hear me?” Logan pointed a finger at him. Finn nodded his understanding.

He turned around and could hear Logan following behind him. Finn hated that his mate was treating him so poorly. He only did what Logan had asked for, but he should have seen that his mate wasn’t in the right mindset to make such a decision, and Finn had wanted the bonding so bad. He let his own desires cloud his judgment, and now he was paying for it.

When they reached Finn’s truck, he walked around the front of the vehicle and opened the door for Logan. As he climbed into the car, he didn’t seem to be upset, as if all the fight had left his body. That was a good thing. But Logan had a faraway, lost look in his eyes that bothered Finn.

Once he got into the driver’s seat and turned over the engine, Logan turned to him. “I guess I don’t have to tell you where I live since you’ve seen my license.”

He just nodded. It seemed useless to anger his mate any more than necessary. A life-changing event in their lives just took place not more than ten minutes ago. Finn had to give the skittish human some time to adjust.

As they drove down the long stretch of darkened highway, he stayed silent, waiting for his mate to become comfortable in his presence. They had completed the blood, sex, magic mating bond, and no matter how much Logan fought it, he would be drawn to Finn. It was only a matter of time before Logan realized that.

“Can I ask you something?” Logan broke the silence.


“How did I end up at your house?” Logan’s brow scrunched up in confusion.


The silky hot mouth left his shaft. He felt the bed dip as the man reached into the drawer of the nightstand. He heard some shuffling around, then his dream man whispered out a curse.

“Baby, I don’t have any stuff.”

Logan grabbed the man by the hair and yanked him up to his face. “Then use your spit,” he said, growling out his frustration.

The man’s lips curved up, and Logan was blinded by his white teeth. “Yes, sir.”

Logan spread his legs farther apart then pulled up his knees to rest his feet on the bed. There was plenty of room for the man as he edged his way down Logan’s body, dropping kisses here and there as he went. Logan felt like screaming “hallelujah” when the guy finally reached his cock. The man licked a path from tip to base then continued on down. Logan jumped as a wet tongue circled his entrance. He started to pant. His heart raced out of control as the tongue began to pierce at his hole. Good god he needed more.

As if the man was reading his mind, he pulled back and spit at Logan’s hole. When he started to push a finger in, Logan kicked the hand away. The man shot worried eyes up at him.

“None of that. I want you to stick that massive cock of yours inside me, now.” It was all a dream anyway. It wasn’t like he would have anything to feel bad about in the morning or any pain to deal with. He might as well go all out and be as kinky and rough as he wanted. “Fuck me like you mean it,” he teased the man.

Doing as he was told, the man spat on his hole again then sat up. He held Logan’s eyes as he spit in his hand and rubbed it up and down his length. Logan ran his tongue across his lips. He was eager to taste the fine specimen in front of him. Very slowly, the man moved forward. The head of his cock breached the muscle barrier. Logan tensed as the burn morphed into erotic desire like nothing he ever felt before, and he needed more.

Once his dream lover was buried to the hilt, he paused above Logan. Logan tilted his head to the side. He could have sworn he heard a rattling sound. Shaking it off as just a weird part of his dream, he focused back on the hot man on top of him. The man held still as if waiting for a sign. Logan chuckled to himself. He wrapped his legs around the man’s waist and nudged his heels into the man’s lower thighs. He didn’t have to do it twice. The man started to move. After every second inward snap, he’d circle his hips, rubbing the rigid shaft over his prostate, driving Logan insane with need. He started to lift his hips up to meet his lovers. The sound of skin smacking against sweaty skin filled the room.

“This is everything I’ve ever imagined it would be.” The man moaned. “It’s like your body was made just for mine. It recognizes me.”

Logan listened to his dream lover babble but really couldn’t care less what he said just as long as he kept moving. The faster he snapped his hips, the higher Logan went on the cusp of the most fantastic orgasm of his life. Just a little more.

“Please, give it to me. I never want to wake up from this. God, I need you,” Logan couldn’t control his pleading cries. If he didn’t come soon, he felt like he would spontaneously combust.

The man shifted to his knees and stared down at him. “You want it?” Logan nodded. “Then tell me to claim you. To make you mine forever. Tell me what I need to hear. Say you want this bonding.”

Logan held the man’s gaze, unsure exactly what he was asking for. This was a dream after all. He’d give the man just about anything as long as Logan got to come at the end. “Yes. You can have whatever you want, just don’t stop.”

Before Logan knew what was going on, his legs were hiked up over the man’s shoulders as he pounded into his ass without mercy. The man moved so swiftly Logan didn’t realize what was happening. A piercing sharp pain stung his upper thigh where his lover had his mouth glued to Logan’s leg. The initial sting transformed into a fuzzy warmth that filled his body.

Logan watched as the man licked his lips as he pulled away from Logan’s thigh. Logan could fell wetness drip down his leg. The man had long fangs sticking out of his mouth. He couldn’t explain it, but Logan wasn’t frightened. If anything he wanted to lick the long teeth and let them puncture his skin again and again.

The man lifted his own wrist to his lips and bit down. When he pulled his arm from his mouth, he also pulled his throbbing sex from Logan’s body. The man smiled down at him as he ran a finger through the blood running down Logan’s leg then across the gash in his own arm. He took the combined fluid and swiped it across the engorged cock standing at full salute.

It all seemed a little odd to Logan, but he didn’t protest. Truth be told, even with all the weird occurrences going on in this dream, he couldn’t help but be turned on by the sight. The man ravaged his body with such force he couldn’t turn away or stop him.

The man pulled Logan down the bed and slid his cock back home.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

What I'm Reading This Week and Update

In between writing I read. A lot! I love to write but reading is a close second. For me reading is a good escape from getting caught up in my own head. I typically reward myself with a book or two after I submit a story or finish with edits on a story. Like a tell my kiddos, "mama needs a break". LOL!!

The books I've just finished reading are K.A. Mitchell's But My Boyfriend Is and Daisy Harris's Pride and Politics. Both were excellent reads and I'd recommend them to anyone. Both are part of series but you don't necessary need to read the books prior to follow along with the story lines but I would. Such intriguing stories with characters that just grip you in a choke hold. Both authors write characters that are flawed but lovable. And I for one was rooting for them to get their happy ever after. If anyone is looking for books to add to their to be read pile, these are a hit. Anything by these two are a sure fire win!!!

k a mitchell's but my boyfriend is

Buy Links:  Samhain ~ Amazon

Pride and Politics (MM)

Buy Link: BookStand

Now that I've had my dose of me time, I'm back to writing. Currently I'm working on two stories. Book four of the Warriors of the Light series it's Lachlan's story. Him and his mate Garrett have some issues they need to work out. I need to get a few more characters stories told before I can get to Trevor and Quinn's. Then I'm working on a new series but I don't want to give away to many details until its done. I will say this, it involves a woman and two men. The combinations in a pairing like that are endless.

Well I better get back to it. If anyone wants to leave book recommendations for me in the comments feel free.

Oh, and before I forget Logan's Rattler, book three in the Warriors of the Light series, gets released on Wednesday August 29. Right now its offered at a 15% discount until September 5 through BookStrand.

Buy Link: BookStrand 


All Logan Erickson ever wanted in life was stability and a place to call home. He thought he found that until he finds himself with the psychic ability to listen in on other people’s innermost thoughts. After hearing the dark desires of his current boyfriend, Logan takes off traipsing through the woods, abandoning all hope of ever finding true love, when he stumbles upon a man that will change his very existence.

Finn Palmer has every reason to dislike witches after being turned into a rattlesnake shifter without any knowledge of the paranormal world until meeting the Warriors of the Light. Finn, like most, has waited patiently to find his mate, and now that he’s found Logan he has no intentions of ever letting him go even if Logan is part witch.

An unforeseen enemy is after Logan’s body to host another’s soul. Will Finn be able to prevent this evil plot, or will Logan be lost to him forever?                                   

Hope everyone has a excellent week and happy reading!!!


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Book Cover for Logan's Rattler

There's nothing better than checking your email and seeing that you have cover art in there. I received the book cover or Logan's Rattler today. It's book three in the Warriors of the light series. This book centers around Finn, a rattlesnake shifter, and Logan a human that isn't as human as he thought.

Here is an unedited blurb for this book. Enjoy!

All Logan ever wanted in life was stability and a place to call home. He thought he found that until he finds himself with the psychic ability to listen in on other people’s inner most thoughts. After hearing the dark desires of his current boyfriend, Logan takes off traipsing through the woods abandoning all hope of every finding true love, when he stumbles upon a man that will change his very existence.

Finn has every reason to dislike witches after being turned into a rattlesnake shifter without any knowledge of the paranormal world until meeting the Warriors of the Light. Finn, like most, has waited patiently to find his mate and now that he’s found Logan he has no intentions of ever letting him go even if Logan is part witch.

An unforeseen enemy is after Logan’s body to host another’s soul. Will Finn be able to prevent this evil plot or will Logan be lost to him forever?

I'm going through edits on this little gem right now. Still looking to release in September at Siren-Bookstrand. I'll post more info as it comes in. 

Thanks for stopping by and happy reading!


Friday, July 20, 2012

Out of the Ashes

Got great news this week, Siren accepted Out of the Ashes. It's actually the first story I ever wrote back in January of 2011. The story was rejected by one publisher and I was disheartened but after going back and rereading it I had to agree with that assessment, it needed some work. Even with saying that I knew there was a great story there I just needed to peel back some layers and give it time to develop.

Now with five other books and four short stories part of anthologies under my belt, Out of the Ashes voice finally came to me. It's a contemporary M/M erotic romance, revolving around a firefighter and a writer. I put together two of my favorite things, writing and my love for firefighters. And let’s be fair, who doesn’t love firefighters???
So after countless tweaking and rethinking this story I finally finished it. It's such a relief. There’s nothing worse than having a story you know has potential but know time to devote to it. But I can finally say it’s done. With a new title, same changes to the characters occupations, but the same love story.

The whole general concept for this story is one of my favorites. Joe Bowman is a man who left his home town after graduation to get away from the assholes who teased him in high school. After a bad break up he comes back home to discover the one man he's always felt a strong attraction to has moved back to Kearney Missouri as well. Jackson McGhee is still in the closet, afraid to let others now his secret. He's not ashamed of being gay just fears the backlash that could arise because of it. Of course I had to add a little good natured drama to go along with the heartbreaking story line. Jackson just so happens to be the best friend of the man who teased Joe mercilessly during high school. But time changes people and a whole lot of changes happen for these characters and things get revealed. I cant wait to give out more details!!!

Out of the Ashes will be part of a series called A Forever Home. It's funny I have a good portion of the second in this series already written. I love these characters and I'm happy Siren has given them a home. Out of the Ashes is set to release in October. As edits come in I'll post blurbs and excerpts.

Hope everyone has an excellent weekend and happy reading!


Okay, Dennis Leary is one of my all time favorite comedians/actors. Rescue Me was one of  those shows I just had to watch. He might not be a real firefighter but he played a good one on TV. Love, love, love him, so of course I had to add a pic of him.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Special Guest Edward Kendrick

Edward Kendrick is my guest today and I must say a fascinating person. A very enjoyable blog posting and plus Weekends sounds amazing. A must add to my to be read pile. Without further ado, Edward Kendrick.

Thank you very much for having me here today AJ.

A bit about my, well history if you will.

I was born and bred Cleveland, heading off to college when I was eighteen where I earned my BA in technical theater.  I returned to Cleveland where I did a stint as an intern with a professional theater. While I was there I discovered I loved costuming. So when my year was up I headed to NYC and did the usual restaurant jobs as well as finding some work off-Broadway. I stayed for three years but finally saw the futility of trying to become rich and famous as a costumer in the Big Apple. I joined VISTA, ending up in Chicago for another three years. Then it was on to Denver where I put down roots and worked as a costume designer until just recently.

I began writing about ten years ago after joining an on-line fanfic group. Two friends and I then started a group for writers where they can post any story they wish no matter the genre or ‘heat rating’. I’ve now branched out into writing on my own, primarily M/M stories, both erotic and just ‘romantic’, for publication. G.A. Hauser gave me my first break, publishing a short story of mine in ‘Julian’.  Then, as luck would have it, Silver Publishing accepted my first submission of a full-length story and I’ve been with them ever since.

My most recent book, ‘Weekends’, is due out on July 21st

Marcus Hampton is a staid forty-year-old bookkeeper and a confirmed bachelor. When Demitri Costas, a young photographer, asks if he can take some pictures of Marcus, the older man is surprised but reluctantly agrees.

Demitri becomes infatuated with Marcus, despite the fact he believes the man is straight and married.

Slowly they become friends until each realizes the other is gay, at which point Marcus begins to pull away, certain he is too old for Demitri.

It will take everything within Demitri's power to convince Marcus he's wrong. If he can, and he is determined he will, one way or another, they just might find a future together.

You can find out more about ‘Weekends’, including an excerpt, at:





I’m also holding two contests as part of my ‘Weekends’ blog hop, which is part and parcel of my being July’s Featured Author at Silver Publishing. One is on my blog -

The other one shows up on the blogs of those wonderful people who are hosting my blog hop tour. Today, obviously, that person is AJ.

My newest release ‘Weekends’, is a story which takes place over several holiday weekends. What is your favorite holiday, and why? On each one of the blogs, one commenter will be chosen at random to win an ARC of ‘Weekends’. Please be certain to leave an email address so you can be contacted if you win.

The list of hop addresses where you can find me and also enter the contests:
Monday, July 9th – Lily Sawyer –
Wed. July 11th – Cheri Noel -
Thurs, July 12th – Cheyenne Meadows -
Friday, July 13th – AJ Jarrett -
Sunday July 15th – RJ Scott -
Tues. July 17th – Angel Martinez -
Wed. July 18th – Freddy MacKay -
Thurs. July 19th – Amara’s Place (Cheri Noel) -

Again, thank you for allowing me to visit AJ. – E.

For those who are interested, check out July Featured Author post about me at:

Sunday, July 1, 2012

4th of July Blog Hop

Its blog hop time again. This is my kids favorite holiday next to Christmas. They love to set off fireworks and watch the big display that takes place here in our town. There are so many towns around and near us that have a no burn band, which means they can not set off fireworks. But not our town. It looks like a war zone from about 4pm to past midnight. Smoke and trash is covering the streets but I must say there's nothing like barbecuing with friends and family and just enjoying time together. I've noticed as I get older that time is just flying by and I feel some days I've missed so much. I look at my kids and think it was only yesterday that they were babies and now they're kids going on teenagers. Also it means I'm getting older. Oh the horror!

Okay, on with the hop. I'm giving away one PDF copy of any one of my books plus a $10 gift card to Amazon to one lucky winner. If you like you can follow my blog, twitter, or friend me on Facebook, but you don't have to. Just leave a comment with a valid email so I can contact you if you are picked the winner. The hop runs from Sunday July 1st until Wednesday July 4th. I wont pick a winner until  Thursday afternoon. So please get your comments in by no later then 8am on Thursday morning. 

If you click on the festive pick above, advertising the blog, it'll take you to a site that will display all the authors and such participating in the hop. Lots of great prizes up for grabs. Be sure to show everyone some love!!

Hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday week and happy reading!


Friday, June 22, 2012

Manga and Romance Blog Hop

Hi to everyone! Hope the weekend treats you well. 

Now on to business. I'm participating in a blog hop titled Manga and Romance. Manga is a form of Japanese comics that involves gay relationships. And Romance is the genre I write within, M/M fiction. I'm not familiar with Manga but after today that will most definitely change.  This blog was designed to bring the two together and introduce something new to readers. I for one am always looking for new material to read.

Like I stated above, I write in the M/M genre. This is also the genre I typically read but I read everything and anything I can get my hands on, but when it comes to putting words to paper its the love between two men that sparks my creative writing flow. 

I do get asked on occasion what qualifies me to write about a male-male relationship when I'm a woman. Simple, love is love and a little research never hurts. (wink*wink)
But seriously the dynamics between man-man, woman-woman, man-woman all have the same foundation, at least for me and how I view relationships. Love is the center of it all. Sex is just an added bonus. And as a I writer it doesn't matter what genre you write in its all about the creative way of describing your thoughts clearly to the reader. To be able to paint the perfect picture so the reader feels apart of the scene. 

On a personal note on why I love this genre so much is that its something different than I've ever read before. Growing up I read a lot and my mind was always thirsting for more and still is. When I came across a story involving two male characters it touched me in a way that had me seeking out more books of this nature. I love the pairing of two men. Its a love that is different yet the same from a traditional socially accepted relationship. I'm married and I love men and in my mind there is nothing sexier than when two men come together and fall in love. 

Thank you so much for stopping by. This is a blog hop and my giveaway will be one of my books, winners choice. I'll pick two winners in this hop. All you have to do is leave a comment and a valid email address so you can be contacted it you are the winner. Also if you want feel free to click the follow button to the right. I'm caught in the middle of two works in progress and preparing for edits on a release in September, but I'm doing my darnedest to keep my blog updated. 

Also there is a grand prize giveaway. When you leave a comment and valid email address on participating blogs you are entered! Haley B. James is in charge of that giveaway.
Here is the link to the page with more information: 

Blog runs from Friday June 22 until Sunday June 24. I'll pick my winners on Monday morning.

Thanks for stopping by and good luck. Click on the above picture and it'll take you to the main blog hop page and to a list of all the participants. Stop by their blogs for a chance to when some awesome prizes!!!

AJ Jarrett

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Warriors of the Light Book 3: Logan's Rattler

After rewriting the ending, Siren accepted book three in the Warriors of the Light series. Scheduled to release in September. I'm beyond happy. Getting that acceptance email never gets old.

Logan's Rattler will revolve around a young man name Logan, obviously, that literally runs into his mate Finn. Finn just so happens to be a rattlesnake shifter and couldn't control his instincts to bite the poor guy. If you read Mile's Awakening I made a reference to Finn and the man he was carrying through the woods after the the warriors rescued Miles. Well this is that guy and their story.

I've gotten some emails in regards to when Quinn and Trevor will get their book. All I can say is they will, but some other stories need to be told before they get theirs. Frustrating I know but after you read Logan's Rattler you might see where I'm going with the duo. I will say this, I did make references about Quinn and Trevor in this book that I hope satisfies the readers for now.

I'm in the process of working on book four of the Warriors of the Light and I'm also working on an untitled story as well. This is a busy time for me with my kiddos being out of school, so I haven't gotten as much writing done as I'd like but I'm sneaking in time here and there to hit the laptop.

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week and happy reading!!!


Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Review of The Delaneys at Home

I've been absent from my blog for far too long. Writing and my kids summer vacation is taking up all my free time. But I must say I'm sporting a nice golden tan and I'm working on my next two books. So all in all busy but having fun too!

Before I started to write books I wrote reviews for the Long and Short Review Website. Don't ask me what my flower name was because I'll never tell! I never gave a bad review because, I, unlike some people, always saw the good in every book. Granted I didn't fall in love with every book I read but I'm a believer in just because I didn't like it, doesn’t mean the next person won't love it. Everyone is different and have different taste. Bashing a book someone worked hard on isn't my style. As a book reviewer you need to look at the book objectively and be fair and honest with what you have to say. For the most part I think I did that.

With as much as I read I thought it only fitting to review some of these works of reading art. I love to read probably more than I love chocolate and that is saying a lot right there. Something I've learned as a writer is how important book reviews are. People like to get opinions on the product before they buy it, so reviews and ratings go a long way. I'm guilty of reading a book then forgetting to go back and review it. We all get busy but if we can set aside a bit of time for these authors they will more than appreciate it.

med DelaneysAtHome
The Delaneys At Home
by Anne Brooke
5 Stars

The latest book I've read is The Delaneys at Home. It’s the fifth book in the Delaneys series and I for one absolutely love this series.  They're short stories that are fast passed reads that leave me wanting more. The characters are well thought out and have both likeable and not so likable character traits to them.

In this installment Liam has moved in with Johnny and Mark Delaney. The twins may look alike but have completely different personalities. The one thing they more than agree on is their love for Liam, the lover they share between them. Liam is that quirky easy to like character who you want to see good things happen too. Johnny is the more laid back twin and gives his affection without hesitation. He shows mercy when his brother might not. Now Mark he's that character I'm always debating if I like him or not and the same thing went for this book as well. He’s a very direct man who allows no room for error. He demands respect. But as I follow this series I realized it’s what helped make up the dynamic between the threesome. Mark is the leader where Liam and Johnny are the followers. Their unconventional relationship works for them and sets my senses reeling with every flip of the page, or in my case, every click of the mouse.

Liam has kept a secret from the twins and the Delaneys feel like it’s their responsibility to make Liam see the error of his ways. His punishment was definitely interesting and quite inventive. Every book pushes Liam’s boundaries but in a good way.

The chemistry between these three men leaps off the pages. The love scenes are deliciously written with no detail left out. But more than that is the love and respect they feel toward one another that keeps me coming back for more. With short stories it’s an achievement to write an engrossing storyline that will capture your attention and Mrs. Brooke has covered all her bases with her latest addition.

If you’re a reader looking for a different kind of love story with a pinch of angst, than the Delaneys series is one for you. I recommend reading all the books in the series. The timeline between each book is only a matter of days. I think maybe in one there is a leap in months but all pretty current. It’s a group of books that captured my attention and leaves me on pins and needles until the next one is released.

 Buy Link: Amber Allure

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday Briefs: And The Race Is On

It feels like forever since I've participated in the Wednesday Brief but I had some inspiration  this past weekend and got my writing hat on, so to speak.

Here's this weeks prompts:

use a safe word in your story 
The alternate prompts are:  cherry, innocence, scarf or

"I thought you were .... but you really aren't, you're.... "

or use any Beatle title in your story or

use: independence, master, control

or make a 50 Shades of Grey reference

As always I'll leave the links to my fellow briefers. Nothing better than a free read to brighten up your day. 

Have and excellent week and happy reading!!!

And The Race Is On Part 1

“So, Andrew, are you packed and ready to go?”

Andy turned to look at his boss, Leon Walsh aka editor and chief of Sports Craze magazine, standing in the doorway to his office. Leon was the only person who used his given name.  Andy thought it annoying that the man just couldn’t call him by the name he liked. Andrew seemed so official, like when his mother would yell at him when he was in trouble. Andy was more laid back, a likeable person’s name.

“Yes, sir,” Andy said as he finished typing an email, then closed his laptop and stood up. “This time tomorrow I’ll be sitting in the stands in Charlotte watching some NASCAR.”

Andy was a journalist for a sports magazine. He travelled to several different locations writing about what current sporting event was all the rage. And that was the reason he was heading to Charlotte, North Carolina for a sporting profession he just couldn’t grasp the purpose of. Men driving cars at high rates of speed around a circle track over and over again. It reminded Andy of a hamster on a wheel. In constant motion but never going anywhere.

“Good, good, good. This race car driving has really gained popularity so I trust you’ll bring me back a great story,” Leon said with a smile.

“You bet.” Andy gritted out as he stood from his chair. “Well I better be off so I don’t miss my flight.”

“Yeah, right you better get a move on it. Traffic this time of day can be a bear.” Leon followed him out. “Have a safe flight Andrew.”

Andy nodded his thanks and headed toward the elevator. When the door dinged and opened wide he stepped inside the decorative metal box. He pushed P for the parking garage and leaned back against the cool reflective wall at his back.

Being a sports journalist wasn’t his dream job but it was a start and if he had to admit he wasn’t half bad at it. Especially for a man who couldn’t catch let alone throw a ball to save his life.

His dream was to write meaningful news articles for Time magazine or Newsweek. To write about stories that would change people’s lives, maybe even make a difference. But getting his foot in those doors took experience and time. So that left Andy writing about organized sporting events. He wasn’t bitter about that. It was a start after all.

The elevator doors pulled apart and opened into the parking garage. He walked over to his little black  Jetta and popped the lock. Carefully he stowed his bag in the backseat and climb into the driver’s side and turned on the car.

The drive to the airport was pretty uneventful. No accidents or road construction causing him to run late. He took the exit for the San Francisco Airport and followed the signs to the long term parking. Andy grabbed his laptop case and his one carryon. He learned to pack efficiently from past experiences. The trip was only to last about a week but he never knew when he would be called to another location to cover a different story.

After checking in and getting situated at the gate for his flight, with an hour and half left until take off, Andy pulled out his laptop and took another look at the material he had gathered. NASCAR was a popular sport that had really picked up steam in the last few years. People had their favorite drivers they rooted for and followed the circuit around in RVs. Some serious die hard fan’s even tattooed their bodies with their favorite driver’s race car numbers. Now that was some serious commitment.

Andy pulled up the email that had all the info on the racing team he was being sent to interview. A new driver by the name of Luc Royston was having a really good year. His points standings were high for a newbie, or so the information the guys team manger sent him.

The research Andy had done so far pulled up nothing negative pertaining to Luc. The guy seemed squeaky clean almost too much so. It wasn’t that Andy was looking for the bad in him but most people had either skeletons in their closets they wanted to hide or a flurry of good stuff going on like charity work or some shit people liked to brag about. But this guy had nothing, zilch. All it did confirm was that Luc was having an amazing year behind the wheel.

Scrolling down the email there was picture of Luc from the last race he had won. Andy’s heart did a flutter at the photo.  Luc’s high cheek bones were flushed from excitement of the win and his squared masculine jaw line was less harsh from the huge smile Luc wore across his face. He looked to be of average height with brown hair and bright blue eyes. Luc’s hair was messy from the helmet he had to wear while racing. Andy wished he could reach his hand through the computer screen and straighten the mused locks.

Luc wore his racing suit in the picture so Andy couldn’t get a good visual on the man’s body but assumed it was like the rest of the package, perfect. He understood the Beatles meaning for the song Drive My Car, because he would let Luc drive anything he wanted.

One of the perks of Andy’s job was being around hot, sweaty, and sexy as sin men the majority of the time. He was a gay man invited into the locker rooms of some of the most well sought after, prime specimens, men in the world.  

Yep, sometimes life was good.

To Be Continued

MA Church    m/m
Sara York     m/m
Nephylim     m/m
Tali      m/m

Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Thoughts on Fate's Second Chance

I have to admit I’m a much better talker than writer when it comes to expressing my thoughts on certain issues so hopefully this makes sense to everyone who reads this.

I've read some recent reviews that have stated what they didn’t like about Fate's Second Chance was that it was hard for them to separate Marie from Marc. I can see where that could happen, after all I did write the story. But my intentions were not to separate the two because Marie was always Marc and Marc will always be Marie. A little confusing? Let me explain.

I’m one of those people who hate when people say she acts like a man or he comes off just a little too feminine. Who is the judge of this? Who has the right to say that about another individual?

What I’m getting at is that most of us are conditioned at an early age to think men should act a certain way and same for women. But why? As people are minds are forever growing and changing and putting labels on people is just constricting. I believe people act the way they want and there isn’t a set mold we should have to try and fit into. So I didn’t make Marc over masculine but he was still a man. I wonder if I never wrote Marc as being a woman to begin with if readers would have looked at the story differently. If I had Marc characterized as just being a sensitive guy who’s emotions got the best of him at times would that have made a difference?  Would it have changed the way the reader viewed Marc?  

I wanted Marc to be seen as a man, who just so happens use to be a woman, going through the ups and downs of falling in love. Men and women experience the same down falls on the road to their happy ever after but is it that much different from one another? I don’t think it is. We’re all a bunch of people living in this huge world just trying to get through the days and hopefully find that one special person who makes all the hard work worth it at the end of the day.

Fate's Second Chance was my first published work and I would be the first to agree that there were things I wish I could have changed or added. I'm sure every writer has that should of, could of, would of crap run through their mind. But if you change to much stuff during edits your editor would probably want to strangle you. LOL!

I welcome all comments be it good or bad. Some constructive criticism never hurt anyone. My goal as a writer is to write material that others find entertaining and hopefully I'm accomplishing that particular goal. Without readers where would us writers be?

I hope everyone enjoys the start to their week and happy reading!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hop Against Homophobia

Hello to everyone and welcome to the Hop Against Homophobia. This the first time I’ve written a blog posting like this and I really didn’t know what I should discuss. Over 250 authors are participating in this hop and you’ll probably read a variety of postings. I just hope my can compare.

ho·mo·pho·bia noun \ˌhō-mə-ˈfō-bē-ə\
Definition of HOMOPHOBIA:
Irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals

I felt it was important to put the definition as defined by the Merriam Webster dictionary at the beginning of my post. Some people aren’t aware of the extent of the definition and a small reminder never hurt. I’m sure at one point or another we ourselves or someone we know has displayed homophobic behavior and it was probably unwittingly done. But today is a new day and a fresh start. We as a whole can spread the word and put an end to this irrational fear, aversion, discrimination against homosexuality. The GLBT community cant to it alone. We’re all a part of the human race and should be treated as such.

I’m a strong believer in everything starts at home. How we we’re raised and how we raise are children are a big factor on the adults our children will turn out to be. I’m the proud mother four very energetic children who I’ve been raising to not look at others differences. Be it the color of their skin, if they wear glasses, have a speech problem, brown hair versus blond hair, learning disability, and even who a person chooses to love. My response to my children when they question another individual for being different is always the same. If we were all the same the world would be an extremely boring place.

Here’s a little story about my ten year old daughter Tatum. My little girl is very perceptive and as she gets older her father and I encourage her to ask questions if she doesn’t understand something and it led to this discussion at our local movie theater. I took my two oldest to see the Bully documentary and when it was over as we walked back to our car Tatum asked why the girl in the documentary was being bullied. I had to stop and explain to her that the young lady featured in the film was a lesbian. She told me she understood that but couldn't comprehended why the young lady was being picked on for that reason alone. Tatum told me the girl was just being herself and why should that bother anyone else. Part of me was proud that it didn't faze Tatum to even think for a second that someone should be treated differently for something like that. But with that came the heartbreak that I had to tell her that these are the hard truths of the world we live in. Discrimination is everywhere and we can’t protect our children from it all the time but we can teach them how to overcome it and to stand up to the bigots of the world who try to shove those hateful beliefs in our faces.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a woman and no, I’m not gay. So I can’t possibly understand the daily struggles the GLBT community goes through. And as a writer in the M/M genre I’ve been asked how can I possibly know what I’m talking about? Simple answer to that is love is love. Be between a man and a woman, man and a man, or woman and a woman. Being gay doesn’t make a person any different than a straight person. We’re all people in this big world just trying to live our lives and find love along the way without judgment from others.

I don’t have a solution for this problem but I wished I did. Compassion and understanding is what this world needs more of and I truly do believe each and every person can make a difference. There are organizations out there to give support and help to those in need. I do believe it all does get better and as a parent I wholeheartedly stand by that belief. Never give up hope!

This is a blog hop so I will be having a giveaway. All you have to do is leave a comment with a valid email address so I can contact you. I’ll be selecting three winners and they can have their pick of any of my books. The hop runs from May 17th-20th. Now run off and read my fellow authors postings. Understanding and knowledge is what will make us stronger as a community!

Trevor Lifeline: 866 488 7386