Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Inspiration At Its Finest

Inspiration: The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative.

Inspiration comes in all different forms. For me, it comes at random. Usually its something I hear or see that sparks a cord in my brain and BOOM! I've got an idea. And when all is said and done I'm left with writing three different series. Crazy? Tell me about it.

I have nothing but respect for authors who can get a book out every month and can carry on several different series at once. In my experience its a lot of hard work. So many characters to keep track of and plot lines to keep straight that its tiring at times. I'm not complaining because I love to write its just I need more hours in the day so I can keep up.

But on to my point of inspiration. I'm a very visual person and sometimes when I see a good looking guy I'm like 'wow, he's cute' and the next thing I know I've talked myself into giving that man a story. Hey, if it gets the words flowing than that is all that matters. 

I have a story that is a part of an anthology titled Wicked Watchers: The Pursuit of Pleasure. My story is called A Hard Workout. Its a man and female story. I don't typically write these but sometimes its a nice to mix things up a bit. 

I go to the gym at least four to five times a week so I see plenty of good looking guys to feed my imagination. While working out one night this guy was running on a treadmill right in front of me. His tight little butt was hugged nicely by his knit shorts. His ass looked so firm I actually wanted to bite it. I'd never tell my husband that, but, yeah so freaking true. Not only did he look good from behind but from the front too! Double bonus. 

I really wish I could have gotten a picture from the front but I didn't want to be considered a stalker.

Hope this was enjoyable to read. I just finished edits for Garrett's Choice and had some time to kill before starting a new project and thought his would be a fun post. I guess one could say if you get writers block go to the gym! LOL!!!!

Below is an excerpt from A Hard Workout.


As I ran on the treadmill, I could see him reflected in the wall mirrors, doing squats on the other side of the gym. A barbell rested on his shoulders, weights on the end. With every downward lunge, he grunted so loud I could hear him, even over my iPod’s loud music.
Every time he squatted, his shorts pulled tight, highlighting his perfectly rounded ass. As he stood back up, the shorts would get caught in his crease, showcasing just how firm his ass truly was.
Sweat poured from my face as I upped the speed on the treadmill. My body ached from getting off a twelve hour shift at the hospital where I worked as a nurse. But watching sex on two legs lift weights across the room was causing other body parts to ache.
I closed my eyes and pushed harder, trying to outrun my lust. The harder I ran, the more my breasts bounced up and down, causing my hardened nipples to rub against my sports bra. The featherlight caress had my pussy clinching for attention as well.
I looked in the mirror one last time and damn near lost my balance and fell off the treadmill. The man I’d been ogling for the better part of the last hour was staring back at me through the mirror. A small smile curved his upper lip. I quickly turned my head to face forward and ignored the little crackle of sparks that flared to life from that short amount of eye contact we’d just shared.
I didn’t know him, but I’d seen him plenty of times, late at night at the twenty-four  hour fitness center I was a member of. We never spoke, but occasionally we’d share a small smile as we passed one another. He seemed polite, but honestly I didn’t expect him to ask me out. When I came to the gym, I was at my worst. Dog-tired from just getting off work, wearing my gym attire consisting of shorts and a T-shirt; plus every time he saw me, I was sweating my ass off. Not a useful combination when trying to catch a man’s attention.
His name was Kyler. I’d seen his name on the sign-in sheet by the front door. Not that I was stalking him, but I had to at least know the name of the man who plagued my very thoughts, awake or asleep.
Kyler had dark, brown hair, cut short to his scalp. His skin was a nice golden tan and muscles ran the length of his body. He liked to work out and it showed. He was taller than me, but not super tall for a guy. I would guess he was five foot ten.
 But the most stunning thing about him was his bright, blue eyes. They always seemed to be glowing, as if a spotlight was lit behind his eyeballs, making his irises appear to shine. A person could get lost in those peepers—I should know. Every time he turned those baby blues my way, I got tongue-tied and just stared at him like an absolute fool.
The treadmill beeped; the speed started to slow, indicating the cool down had begun. My forty-five minute run had come to an end. My legs were wobbly from being on my feet all day and the hard run I’d just put myself through, but it was the only way to take the edge off my growing libido toward Kyler.


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