Wednesday Briefs/Short Stories

Wednesday Briefs- Out of His League

Out of His League Part 1

“Hey, Lance?”

Lance could vaguely hear Aaron calling his name. He was to enthralled watching Kip peek around his shoulder to check the base runners before he threw the ball. Lance sighed. It was a thing of beauty to watch Kip Edgerton pitch a ball. The man put his body and soul into every throw. From the step back to the lung forward and release of the ball from his grip. It was truly art in motion any baseball player worth his salt would appreciate.

“Earth to Lance.” Aaron snapped his fingers in Lance’s face. He turned to his friend. “You keep looking at him like that, everyone is going to no you got a thing for the guy.”

Lance forced out a laugh. “I don’t have a thing for Kip.” Total lie. “Can’t I just appreciate the man’s talent?” Lance waved a hand toward Kip gearing up on the mound for another throw. “Just look how the ball flies across the plate.”

“Whatever man. You’re smitten.”

Lance slammed the baseball in his hand down into his glove hard. “Yeah, I know.”

“But you do have a point. The boy’s got some muscle behind that ball. I wonder why he didn’t sign with a division one team?”

Lance looked toward Kip and thought that was an excellent question. Kip had speed, accuracy, and perfect timing to pick off any base runner. No ways around it, the guy was beyond talented.

Clausen State University, home of the Gray Wolves, wasn’t a terribly small school but for a guy who was destined for the big leagues it just seemed out of the ordinary. Any top notch, more widely known, college baseball team would have loved to have such an amazing player on their roster. Plus it would have garnered Kip more scouting opportunities.

Lance wasn’t complaining having Kip attend Clausen State. Kip was a god amongst men with his steal blue eyes, black tousled hair, and a body built for all kinds of sin. He snuck glances here and there in the locker room and new for a fact that the man had muscles on top of muscles. He looked as if he had been chiseled out of stone. A body cut like Kip’s came from complete dedication and Lance was forever grateful for that dedication.

Kip had become his nightly jerk off session fantasy. Most nights he came so hard he saw stars behind his eyelids as he clenched them tight. Just picturing Kip in his tight baseball pants that clung nicely to his even tighter ass made Lance hard within seconds. He would picture Kip smiling that crooked smile of his and asking him what he wanted. And by wanted, Lance new it wasn’t what he desired for dinner.

“Ugh.” Lance sighed in frustration. "I'm not superman, you know." He reached down to adjust his cup. It was rather difficult to walk with a hard on when there was a thick barrier of plastic hindering its growth. “He’s just so fucking perfect and I can’t control my dick when I’m around him.”

“Well I guess you and the man of steel have something in common.” Aaron chuckled. “But seriously dude, I’m your best friend and I don’t want to see you get hurt. Hell we don’t even know if the guy is gay.”

“I no. My luck he’s probably as straight as they come.” His heart ached every time he thought about some lucky college coed warming Kip’s bed. With one more backwards glance he headed to the locker room.

He separated form Aaron once they entered the large room. He sat on the bench in front of his locker and started to unbutton his jersey. He was hot and sweaty, and thanks to Kip Edgerton, horny. To top it off he was surrounded by twenty-four naked or partially naked guys.

Lance took his time getting undressed. Walking into the showers with a raging hard on would probably piss some of his teammates off. He leaned back on the bench and through the steamy haze he could see that the showers had emptied out. He removed his pants then his jock and cup. He threw them in his locker as he headed for the showers.

The middle stall was empty on either side so he took that one. He let the hot water cascade over his body letting it work out the kinks in his shoulders. Grabbing the soap, Lance lathered up his hands and started to wash his body. As his hand trailed down his chest he lightly stroked his semi erect cock. He used his other hand to gently massage his ball. He moaned at the sensations spiraling through him. Lance to a step back to lean against the cold tiled wall to keep from falling over.

He imagined it was Kip pushing him against the wall and using his warm muscular body to hold him in place. Kip would then grip Lance’s shaft tightly in his fist using his calloused fingers to push him over the edge. The soap adding to the sensual up and down motion Kip would use. His legs began to tremble as little sparks of electricity ran though his body, igniting every nerve ending. Lance could almost feel the tickle of Kip’s chest hair against his body.

Lance bit his lower lip to stifle his moan. His orgasm exploded from his body shooting ropes of pearly white cum over the wet floor. His eyes drifted shut. God he wished Kip was here and touching him, loving him, fulfilling his every desire.

He took a deep breath, then released it. Lance was coming back to his senses when he heard someone clear their throat.  He slowly opened his eyes to see the star pitcher leaning against the stall door. The famous crooked smile was aimed right at Lance. He started to panic and quickly dropped his hands to cover his dick.

“A little late for that don’t you think?”


Out of His League Part 2

“Don’t stop on my account,” Kip said as he stepped into the shower stall forcing Lance to take a step back.

“Wh-what are you doing in here?” Lance asked as his eyes darted from side to side.

Kip’s brow lifted and his mouth twisted into a smile. His shoulder ached from throwing pitch after pitch but he wasn’t about to let this opportunity pass him by. To finally have Lance Kinsley within reach was a special treat he wouldn’t deny himself.

Lance’s wholesome boy next door good looks and his naive innocent nature strung Kip to imaginable heights. His golden hair when hit just right by the sunlight appeared to have a halo surrounding it. An angel sent from heaven to drive him completely insane with desire.

“I think it’s rather obvious what I’m doing in here.” Kip looked Lance’s body over from head to toe. He licked his lips as drops of water ran down Lance’s chest. “But the more interesting question is what are you doing in here?”

“I was showering until I was interrupted by you.”

Lance straightened his back standing to his full height. When he did his hands fell away from around his package. Kip damn nearly swallowed his tongue as he got another glimpse of Lance’s gorgeous cock. Bubbles clung to the thatch of hair surrounding the semi erect shaft highlighting the reddened length and flared head.

Kip couldn’t take it. The sight of Lance standing naked in front of him proved to be too much. He stepped forward and bumped chest with Lance. A small squeak left Lance’s mouth and Kip’s smile deepened. He pulled Lance’s hips tight against his own grinding their cocks alongside one another.

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” Lance said as his fingers dug into Kips biceps as he held on.

Kip could respect Lance’s hesitation since they were in a locker room where anyone could walk in and catch them at any moment. But he had already waited too long to find out if the blond cutie with the bright blue eyes tasted as sweet as he looked.

“Yes we should,” Kip growled. He dropped his head forward and inhaled the spicy soap that covered Lance’s body. Kip nipped the soft skin causing Lance to moan.

Without a second thought Kip covered Lance’s mouth with his own. Lance didn’t even try to pretend he didn’t want it and opened wide for Kip’s long hard deep kiss. A slight tremble ran throughout Lance’s body causing Kip to hold him tighter. 

“Please.” Lance gasped.

Kip grinned as he kissed along Lance’s jaw line. He loved how quickly Lance responded to his touch. The man just came minutes before but his shaft filled with blood until the soft skin pulled tight over his thick erection.

He walked Lance backwards until he hit the hard tile wall. Kip shifted his stance so he could grip his and Lance’s dicks in a firm hold to stroke along their lengths. The water eased his movements and he gently started to rock his hips into Lance’s.

The sounds Lance made lit his soul on fire. It was like a crackle of electricity across his skin shocking him with every noise the other man made. Kip worked both their shafts up and down, twisting his wrist on the up stroke smearing the moisture oozing from the slits at the top. He moaned at the rough handling of his own pole. The need to come had his toes curling. Never had a hand job felt so intoxicating. Especially one given by himself.

“I’m going to come.”

Kips breath hitched as he felt the first jet of cum shoot from Lance’s cock. His balls tightened to his body and he painted Lance’s abs with his cream. Lance dropped a hand to Kip’s waist pulling him closer as he rode out his orgasm. Kip loved seeing the normally calm man come undone in his arms. His sweet and pure angel looked thoroughly debauched from their love making.

Love? That came out of nowhere, Kip thought to himself.

As the warm water cascaded over their bodies their combined breathing evened out. Kip leaned back far enough to cup the side of Lance’s face. He stared into Lance’s eyes and saw no regret. His lips curled into an evil grin as he took Lance’s lips once again. The man surrendered without a fight. Lance Kinsley wanted him just as bad. No way could he fake that reaction.

Kip rested his forehead against Lance’s. He wanted more and by the feel of Lance racing pulse so did he.

“Come back to my apartment with me?” Kip whispered.

Lance’s eyes sprung open and he stared at Kip. It felt like a lifetime, not mere seconds before he spoke again. “Okay.”

Kip smiled as he watched Lance’s cheeks blush a bright red. He couldn’t resist helping Lance finish washing up then helped towel him dry. They dressed in silence.

“Here’s my address. Meet me there in twenty minutes. Okay?” Kip held out a piece of paper with his address written on it.

“Okay, see you in twenty.” Lance smiled as he took the paper. He hesitantly  moved forward and brushed his lips across Kip’s. Kip drew him close and deepened the kiss. With one last nip to Lance’s full bottom lip he pulled back.

“See you in a few.”

Lance smiled over his shoulder before exiting the room. Kip didn’t know if he could wait twenty minutes until he saw his angel again.

“I see you’ve moved on.”

The sound of that familiar voice caused the hairs on his neck to stand on end. Great. Just what he didn’t need right now. Kip turned to stare at his ex, whom also happened to be the assistant coach of the Gray Wolves.


Out of His League Part 3

Kip couldn’t hide his disgust at seeing his once upon a time lover. He had no doubt that Peter had stood there and watched him and Lance, invading their special moment.

“Peter it’s not moving on, it’s called living my life.” Kip shrugged. “I’m a young single guy I’m allowed to hook up with whomever I choose.”

“Oh come on Kipper, don’t be like that. I know you miss me,” Peter said as he took a step closer to Kip.

“No I don’t, you asshole,” Kip snapped as he knocked Peter’s hands away. He hated that nickname. To hear Peter use it brought back to many bad memories.

He turned around, grabbed his back pack and headed for the double doors. Just the sight of seeing his lying cheating ex turned his stomach. To think he turned down a scholarship to a college with a division one baseball team to be with Coach Asshole.

“So you think that boy can make you feel the way I did?” Peter chuckled. “Baby, you’re going to miss my touch,” Peter said as he moved closer. “I know you miss the sex we shared. He’ll never make you come the way I did, never.”

Kip narrowed his eyes at Peter. The man thought way to much of his fucking abilities. He did enjoy the sex they shared. It was sex after all but after learning Peter was engaged to a woman, the sex stopped being fun. To be someone’s dirty little secret kind of sucked any fun out of it.

“You’re right; he won’t make me feel the things you did.” Kip smiled. “He’ll make me feel loads better because he won’t be ashamed of me and lie to me.” Kip was taking a gamble on that since he didn’t know if Lance was out or not but anything was better than being used.

Peter lunged forward and grabbed his arm as Kip started out of the locker room. Kip stumbled back. He wasn’t expecting Peter to touch him. As he fell backwards, Peter pulled his back against his chest. He wrapped his big arms around Kip’s chest hugging him tight against him.

“I didn’t mean to lie to you,” Peter whispered low into his ear. “Baby it’s just difficult. Just give me some time. I know we can work this out and get through this.”

Peter started to kiss the outer shell of his ear. Kip bristled at the touch. A few months ago he would have caved under the onslaught of attention from his older lover. He would have begged Peter to fuck him, to make him come. But now the only thing he felt was loathing.

“Get off me.” Kip pulled out of Peter’s embrace. “You no Peter, why don’t you go home to your fiancé. Maybe she’ll believe your lies.”

“Your young, you can’t possible understand what I’m going through,” Peter growled at him.

Kip rolled his eyes as he started to turn away. He didn’t need to hear any more excuses. Their relationship was over and he owed nothing to Peter.

“Baby, stop. I’m sorry okay.” Peter went to grab onto his arm again. At Kip’s raised eyebrow he raised his hands up in surrender. “I just wish my life were different.”

"If you don't like it, change it," Kip said. Without a backward glance he left the room. As he walked down the long hallway he thought about all he gave up to be with Peter and it was all for nothing.

He met Peter almost two years ago when he came to offer Kip an athletic scholarship to Clausen State. Kip had plenty of offers from other schools but it was Peter who made the offer he couldn’t refuse. He hated himself for letting his youthful attraction dictate where he attended college. The only thing good that came out of coming to Clausen was meeting the adorably shy shortstop.

Kip reached the parking lot and got into his car. The sun was beating down hard and the temperature was so high a person could fry an egg on the sidewalk.

He turned over the engine and flipped on the AC. The warm air became cool within seconds. Kip closed his eyes and relaxed back against his seat. A smiled tugged at his lips as he thought back to the first time he saw Lance.

When Kip arrived on campus he had met the whole team but there was only one guy who stood out amongst the rest, Lance Kinsley. He was older than Kip by one year but painfully shy. That attracted Kip to him instantly but he was still with Peter so he brushed those feelings aside. Because unlike Peter, Kip wasn’t a cheater or a liar.

Kip hated knowing he wasted so much precious time with Peter when he now knew that Lance had feelings for him. Well, that was all in the past now. He was free to be with who he wanted and he wanted Lance.

He smacked his hand on the dashboard like a judge making a ruling. Whatever it takes he would make Lance his for more than just a one-time tumble in bed. There was something between them, he felt it deep inside. He just prayed Lance felt the same.

Gripping the gear shift tight in his hand, Kip put the car into drive. He had a date with his blond haired angel and he didn’t want to be late.


Out of His League Part 4

Lance arrived at Kip’s apartment with five minutes to spare. He walked up the stairs and sat with his back against Kip’s door and waited.

It was July in Missouri and the heat was unbearable. Perspiration drip down his back to land in the waist band of his cargo shorts. Before long his ass sweat would leave one hell of a wet mark on Kip’s doorstep if the man didn’t arrive soon.

Leaning his head back to rest on the door, Lance thought back to the shower he had taken with Kip earlier. He still couldn’t believe he let the star pitcher jack him off in the locker room showers where anyone could have walked in on them. But even with the possibility of being discovered, he wouldn’t have changed a thing. To be able to curl his fingers around Kips thick, solid length and stroked him until he came was a dream come true.

The wind blew and he closed his eyes and let he breeze fan his hair out of his face. Goose bumps broke out across his arms as the wind cooled the sweat matted hair on his forehead. Lance reached down and readjusted his dick to lay more comfortable in his shorts. The more he thought about a naked Kip the harder he got.

His cell phone vibrated dragging him out of his thoughts. He fished the phone out of his pants and hit the connect button.


“Hey, Lance, where you at?” Aaron asked but didn’t wait for a response. “Me and some of the guys are going to McNeil’s Pizza, you want to come with?”

If he didn’t say yes Aaron would twenty question him to death until he cracked and he wasn’t for sure if Kip wanted anyone to know about him being gay or that they were together, kind of.

“I’m going to pass.” Lance racked his brain for a believable excuse. “I got a killer headache and I’m heading to the pharmacy right now for some aspirin.”

“That’s cool but if you start to feel better come on down.”

Lance agreed and disconnected the line. He didn’t want to lie to his best friend but he had to take whatever was going on between him and Kip slow. If he rushed things to fast Kip might call it quits before anything got started. 

Distracted by his dismal thoughts of losing Kip before he ever had him, he didn’t notice that the man stood at the top of the stairs staring at him. Lance cleared his throat and climbed to his feet.

“Shit, I didn’t even hear you coming.” Lance dusted off the back of his shorts and pulled the wet material away from his skin.

“Who was that?” Kip nudged his chin in the direction of Lance’s pocket that held his phone.

“Oh nobody, just some friends going out for pizza wanting to know if I wanted to come.”

“Did you want to?” Kip asked with a raised eyebrow disappointment clear in his tone.

“God no!” Lance shouted.

Kip started to laugh as he walked toward his front door. As he passed Lance, Kip brushed his lips against his. A small gasped seeped past his lips. Every time Kip touched him it was as if an electrical current ran through his body jolting his nervous system threatening to make him a puddle of goo at Kip’s feet.

Lance stood behind Kip as he unlocked the front door. Once opened Kip ushered him inside and Lance’s eyes darted around the small apartment. Typical single guy living for a college student. It was clean but there was clothes strung around the room as if the first thing Kip did when he got home was strip all his clothes off letting them lay where they fell.

He jumped in surprise when he felt Kip step up behind him and wrap his arms around his waist. Kip rested his head on Lance’s shoulder rubbing his stubble check against the side of Lance’s face.

“Easy there big guy.” Kip kissed the tender skin behind his ear in an attempt to calm him down but all it did was cause his dick to swell. “If I'd known you were coming, I'd have picked up.”

Lance turned his head to the side to look at Kip. His lips curled up at the corners and Lance started to laugh.

“Well if you knew then you must be a mind reader.” Lance’s eye dropped to Kip’s mouth and his tongue snaked out to wet his lips. “Because never in a million years would I have thought you were interested in me.”

Kip omitted a sigh and his moist breath fanned across Lance’s face. He breathed in deep wanting to commit Kip’s scent to memory just in case their time together tonight was just a onetime thing.

“Why wouldn’t I want you? Your fucking gorgeous and kind,” Kip whispered the last part as he turned Lance in his arms and walked him backwards to the couch.

When the back of Lance’s knees hit the edge he plopped down on his ass and Kip followed him down and straddled his lap. He cried out as Kip grinded his erection against the hard cock in his shorts. He tensed up from the action. He was torn, he wanted to throw Kip to the ground and fuck him like a wild animal, but he also wanted to take things slow. Lance wanted to get to know Kip on a more personal level before they threw sex into the equation.

Kip noticed his hesitation and leaned back and sat on Lance’s thighs. He steady Lance for a moment before he spoke. “Hey, why don’t you and I go out with your friends? Might be fun just to hang out with one another before, you know, we go any further.”

Lance couldn’t believe his ears. Kip had read his mind. Maybe the man of his dreams was looking for more than just one night too.


Out of His League Part 5

Kip could see the hesitation and uncertainty in Lance’s eyes and didn’t want to push him too far too soon. Offering to go hang out with his friends seemed like the best alternative. Maybe if Lance was in familiar surroundings, he would relax a tab bit more.

“I’ll drive,” Kip offered.

Lance looked at him than back to his own car. “I can follow you, so if its late you don’t have to drive me back here. ”

Kip sidled up close to Lance. “It’s kind of why I want to drive, so that you have to come back here.”

Lance’s eyes rounded and his mouth dropped open. The man look so sweet an innocent. Oh the fun he would have dirtying up the halo that hung around Lance’s head.

“Get in gorgeous,” Kip said as he opened the door for Lance.

The drive to the restaurant was filled with small talk. Mostly Kip asking Lance questions. Lance wasn’t very forthcoming with any personal information. Kip could tell he made Lance nervous but he couldn’t figure out why? After what took place between them in the locker room shower he didn’t feel like he was stepping over the line by saying they had become more than just fellow teammates.

When they reached the pizza place, Kip parked his car and hesitated for just a moment. He wanted to ask Lance why he was being to stand offish but didn’t want to create a scene especially if he was reading the whole situation wrong.

Getting out of the car he walked closely behind Lance. He so desperately wanted to slide his hand into his but held back. Kip wasn’t quite sure if Lance’s friends were exactly  open to public displays of affections between two men.

As they neared the table in the back he noticed Aaron, the centerfield for the Gray Wolves. The other guys sitting with him Kip didn’t recognize.

“Hey Aaron, how’s it going, man?” Kip reached across the table to shack the man’s hand.  Aaron gave him a quizzical look but shook his hand.

“Kip, I wasn’t expecting you.” Aaron grinned over to where Lance had taken a seat at the booth. “Are you two on a date?”

Kip opened his mouth to respond but Lance, a quick pull trigger, shouted no. He glared over at Lance who had dropped his head and fidgeted with a napkin in his lap.

Turning back to Aaron, he gave a huge smile as he nudged Lance in the arm to scoot over. “Yes, actually we are. Our first.”

Lance’s head jerked his direction as Aaron chuckled.

“Well I’m glad to hear that. Hopefully the first of many.” Aaron teased. “Kip this is my boyfriend, Clay.” Aaron proceeded to introduce him to all the guys sitting around the table. He wasn’t aware Aaron was gay but it was good to know he and Lance weren’t the only ones on the team.

As it turns out the other men attended Clausen State. These group of friends were the guys who new Lance the best. They had a good time ribbing him on who he never brought Kip around before now. Kip laughed along with the guys but by the bright crimson that covered Lance’s cheeks, the man was embarrassed.

Once the waitress left with their order, the guys got up to go play games in the arcade in the back of the restaurant. When they were out of view he turned to see Lance staring at him.
“Why did you say this was a date?” Lance asked.

Kip sighed dramatically. “Because for me this is. What’s going on? Are you embarrassed to be seen with me?” Kip didn’t think that was the case but he couldn’t get a read on what Lance was feeling. The man ran hot and cold.

“God no.” Lance shifted in his seat to stare at him. “I just don’t want to assume anything.” He shrugged. “I don’t want to get my hopes up is all.”

 “Just for your information I don’t make a habit of jerking off my teammates.” He flashed a grin at Lance. “I like you Lance. Can’t you see that?”

Kip reacted before Lance could respond. He picked up a bread stick and dipped it in the marinara sauce. Maybe he could seduced a reaction out of Lance, pulling him out of his shell like he did in the showers earlier. Bringing the piece of bread to his lips, he licked at the tip. Then he circled his tongue around the blunt end, moaning as he did. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Lance watching.

Closing his eyes he pushed the fluffing stick of bread pass his lips, moving the length in and out ever so slowly. He sucked the sauce off the breadstick then pulled it from his mouth. Lance’s gaze on him felt like a hand around his dick causing his shaft to become painfully swollen.

As he turn to face Lance, the man grabbed him by the chin and captured his mouth in hard kiss, pushing his tongue pass his lips without hesitation. Kip groaned into the kiss. He never expected to see this forceful side of Lance, but he liked it.

Kip brought his hand up to entwine his fingers through Lance’s soft blond hair. He scrapped his fingernail against his scalp erupting a loud moan from Lance.  The  vibrations went straight to Kips dick making it twitch in the tight confines of his shorts. He had to have Lance inside him now.

The sound of a throat clearing had them jumping apart. Standing before them was Aaron and his boyfriend Clay. Both wore ear to ear grins. “Maybe you two should take your pizza to go.” Aaron suggested.

“I think you’re right.” Lance reply never taking his eyes off Kip.

Raw need roared within Kip’s body. He couldn’t hide his happiness as he stood from the table. Finally Lance was on board with their budding relationship.


Out of His League Part 6

Kip pulled his car into his parking space and turned off the engine. Sweat started too trickled down the side of Lance’s face. The drive back to Kip’s place just didn’t seem long enough. Now he was faced with what would happen next. He knew what he wanted to happened but feared that Kip might have changed his mind.

“So, here we are.” Kip tapped his fingers against the steering wheel.

“Yep.” That was all Lance could think to say. He was nervous and afraid to make the first move. He nodded his head in time with Kip’s tapping fingers.

Kip turned in his seat. “I can see that you’re nervous.” He placed a hand on Lance’s thigh. “I propose we go up to my apartment and eat this pizza. It smells amazing.” Kip dipped his head then looked up at him through his thick eyelashes. “Will you please come upstairs with me, Lance? I hate eating alone,” he said with a pout to his lips.

Lance couldn’t help but laugh. Kip looked so innocent, almost childlike, asking him to come up to his apartment. How could he refuse?

“If I had a nickel for every time I heard that one.” Lance chuckled “Yes, I would love to come eat dinner with you.”

As they got out of the car, Kip grabbed the pizza box from the back seat. Lance followed behind him up the stairs admiring the way Kip’s ass moved under his shorts. The tight globes had a slight jiggle as he moved. Kip had a bounce to his step when he walked. Lance smiled to himself because he too had a little pep to his own. Even if he and Kip didn’t get physical it was still an awesome feeling to spend time with the man.

When they reached Kip’s apartment, he tried to balance the box and unlock the door at the same time. Lance stepped forward and grabbed the pizza from Kip’s hand.

“Here, let me hold that.”

Kip smiled at him then leaned forward to brush his lips across his. “Thanks.”

A slight grin spread across his lips. Kip was so affectionate with him and it warmed him from the inside out. He had to be glowing with happiness. He never dated a guy that had no qualms about kissing and holding hands for all to see. Kip was out and proud and Lance couldn’t have been luckier. He just hoped his shyness didn’t mess the whole thing up.

Kip pushed opened the door and waved a hand in front of him letting Lance go first. As he stepped over the threshold, he jumped when a hand smacked him hard on the right butt cheek. He turned to look at a laughing Kip.


“Sorry.” Kip continued to laugh. “I just wanted to shock you into loosening up.” Kip shrugged. “And I’ve been dying to give that fine ass a good squeeze.”

Heat seared his cheeks as he turned away from Kip. “Where do you want to eat this pie at?”

“Let’s sit on the couch and eat.” Kip grabbed the remote and flipped on the TV. “I want to watch the ESPN highlights from tonight’s games.” Kip headed toward the kitchen. “Water okay with you?” he shouted over his shoulder.

“Sounds good.” Lance took a seat on the couch. He placed the box on the coffee table and waited for Kip to come back. He didn’t want to be rude and start eating without him.

“Here you go.” Kip handed him a bottle of water then stepped over his lap. Which put his groin right at Lance’s eye level.

An unintentional move on Kip’s part but still caused his throat to go dry. Even when Kip wasn’t trying to he still wound him up. His dick twitched in his shorts and he dropped his hand to adjust the growing erection.

As they at dinner they talked over the game that was on the TV that had gone into overtime. It was in the twelfth inning. The home team’s left fielder came up to bat and hit a line drive right out of the park, scoring his team the winning run.

Lance looked over to Kip when he turned off the TV. He watched him stand up and he met Kip’s eyes as he stared down at him.

“I’m going to go hop in the shower.” He removed his shirt and let it dropped to the floor. Lanced gulped down the drool pooling in his mouth at the breathtaking sight. “If you want, you’re more than welcomed to join me.”

Lance watched as Kip walked down the hallway. He heard the water come on. From where he sat he could see Kip in the reflection of the bathroom mirror. Kip bent over then stood back up. Lance sat up straighter to see what Kip was doing. His mouth fell open when he saw the top curve of Kip’s ass in the mirror.

“Dear God,” Lance mumbled to himself.

He flopped back on the couch. This was it. He could go home and call it a night or he could work up his courage and go join Kip in the shower.

Pushing to his feet, Lance made his decision. He kicked off his shoes, then pulled off his shirt, and last he pushed down his shorts. He walked into the brightly lit bathroom. The shower curtain was clear so he could see every part of Kip’s naked body perfectly. He had a golden tan everywhere except on his ass. It was  bright white having been shielded from the strong rays of the sun.

Hesitantly Lance pulled back the curtain. Kip turned to smile at him.

“Took you long enough.”


Out of His League Part 7

“I was worried you wouldn’t come join me.” Kip’s smiled deepened. His gaze dropped to eat up every inch of Lance’s naked body and his dick began to harden.

Lance chuckled as he pushed Kip out of the way to step under the water. Kip couldn’t tear his eyes from Lance’s body. He seen him before in the locker room shower but knowing now was it, that they were going to seal the deal and have sex made this a whole new ball game.

He wanted to kiss those sweet lips then ride Lance’s body until he was screaming his name to the heavens. Lance was one of those guys Kip could see himself falling in love with. A real kind of love not what he thought he shared with Peter. Lance was kind and caring. All the things he ever wanted in a man.

“Kip, baby?” Lance circled his arms around Kip’s waist and held him close. “Why are you so quiet? That’s usually my thing.” He shrugged as a grin spread across his lips.

Kip tried to swallow around the lump in his throat. To finally see Lance be confident and make the first move was more than he could have expected. Standing up on his toes he brushed his lips against Lance’s. Soft and gentle at first then realizing he needed more to cool the burning fire in his gut, he fisted his fingers in Lance’s silky blond hair and pulled him down, capturing his lips in a bruising kiss.

He could feel a moment’s hesitation in Lance before he unleashed the sexual being residing in his body. Lance turned around pushing Kip up against the cool tile wall. He gasped for breath. Lance took the opportunity to take what Kip was so willing to give. Their tongues dueled in a wet sloppy kiss. Both so eager for what was to come.

The feel of Lance’s hard cock rubbing against his own caused a muffled cry to seep past his lips. Lance slowly pulled back nipping at Kip’s bottom lip as he did. Kip’s mouth hung open begging for more of Lance hot moist tongue.

Lance held his gaze as he slowly worked his way down his body. Kip’s stomach quivered as Lance dropped kissing here and there down his torso. Once Lance was eye level with Kip’s dick he ran his tongue of the head, dipping his tongue into the slit tasting Kip’s pre-cum. Then without warning, Lance engulfed his entire shaft down to the root.

“Sweet Jesus!” Kip couldn’t hold back his scream. He never expected to ever see this side of Lance. And he could honestly say he loved it.

Lance licked and teased the engorged cock making Kip squirm with every hard suck. He started to fidget and bit the inside of his cheek hard. The orgasm pooling in his balls was minutes, if not seconds, away from detonating.

“Lance, stop,” Kip moaned as he gently pulled at Lance’s hair. “If you don’t stop I’m going to come.”

“That’s kind of the point.” Lance stood up and took another step closer to him until their chest touched. A mischievous glint shined in his eyes.

“I know but I want you to be inside me when I come.” Kip rested his hands on Lance’s ass jerking him closer.

“I want that too.”

Kip turned off the water and they got out of the shower. After drying off he led Lance to his bedroom. He didn’t bother with the light. Kip just walked to his dresser grabbed the lube and a condom. He turned to see Lance relaxing back on his elbows as he sat on the bed. Lance caught him staring and curled a finger beckoning him to come to the bed.

He couldn’t help it, Kip followed the command. “Someone is feeling extra sure of himself now.” Kip teased.

“You bring it out in me.” Once Kip reached the bed Lance tugged him down and covered Kip’s body with his own. “I’ve wanted you since the first time I saw you walk out onto the field.” Lance’s face became serious. “I don’t usually do things like this.”

“Like what?” Kip asked as he soaked up the heat coming from his lover’s body.

“Random hook ups. If we do this it’s going to mean something to me.” Lance ran his fingers down the side of his face and Kip closed his eyes at the tender touch.

“What do you want from me?”

“I want you, Kip. I want you for more than a quick fuck.”

If he could have jumped up and down Kip would have. “That’s good because I want you too and not just for tonight.”

Lance smiled down at him them captured his lips in a hard kiss. Their tongues moved in an erotic little dance as they rolled around on the bed. Kip felt around on the bed until he found the supplies he had dropped there. He brought his hand up when he found his prize.

Lance sat up and rolled the condom down his length. Kip watched his every movement in eager anticipation for what was to come. Letting his legs fall to the side he opened up for his lover. Lance crawled forward until the head of his cock kissed Kip’s pucker. With a nod of his head Lance pushed forward. Kip’s back arched up off the mattress at the slight burn. Lance paused once he was seated deep within Kip’s ass.

“God you feel so good. So tight,” Lance said breathlessly. He started to work his shaft in and out of Kip’s body in a quick pace.

Kip couldn’t speak. All he could do was enjoy the ride. Lance dug his fingers into Kip’s hips as he thrust faster and harder. Kip pushed back to meet Lance’s rhythm. All too soon he felt his balls tighten as his cum shot out his body.

“Kip!” Lance screamed as he filled the condom.


Out of His League Part 8


Lance could hear Aaron calling his name but couldn’t take his eyes off Kip. The man was in the bullpen behind right field practicing with the others. He loved watching his guy throw a ball.

“Hey!” Aaron shouted.

Lance let out a grunt when a soft heavy object hit him in the back. He turned around, looked down and saw Aaron’s glove siting in the dirt. “What the hell man?”

“I’ve been saying your name for like five minutes but you’re too far gone in la-la land to even fucking notice.”

“I have no clue what you’re talking about,” Lance said as he turned back around to watch Kip.

“Oh my god.” Aaron gasped. “Love is in the air.”

A goofy smiled spread across Lance’s face. He couldn’t deny it. He was in love with Kip. Hell he’d been in love with the man since he first laid eyes on him. And after the weekend they’d shared it  clarified that fact.

Sunday morning he woke up with Kip draped across his body like a quilt. Kip put off so much heat Lance had a fine layer of sweat covering his body. But it didn’t matter. He could have been sweating buckets and he still wouldn’t have woken his lover. A part of him still thought it was all a dream. Kip Edgerton was going places and he, well he was just an average ball player living out his boy hood fantasy. Lance never really cared it he went pro but Kip would eventually get noticed and odds were he’d leave Clausen State far behind him and with it Lance.

His smiled faded just a pinch as he turned back to his best friend. “Stop being so dramatic. We spent one weekend together that doesn’t constitute a relationship.” Lance spoke like it didn’t bother him but he was dying to know if Kip felt the same way. That what they had was real. Kip said he cared about Lance but did the shine fade when he drove off Sunday night?

“Oh really?” Aaron crossed his arms across his chest as he stared just beyond Lance left shoulder. “Then why is Kip over there eyeballing you like you’re a tasty treat.”

Lance spun around to see Kip in the bullpen leaning against the gate looking back at him. He grinned and waved to Kip.

“Dude, you’ve spent the entire practice checking out your boyfriend. Your lucky Coach Allen didn’t make you run laps or some shit.” Aaron started to laugh. “I thought for sure he was going to have your ass when that ground ball when right between your legs. Shit, Kip even laughed at you.”


The sound of the assistant coach to the Gray Wolves caught his attention. He turned around to see Coach Wilkerson walking his way. Lance looked over to Aaron, who only shrugged as the man approached. Coach Wilkerson never addressed him before, so he was a little taken by surprise. He typically spent the majority of his time working with the outfielders. And since Lance played short stop he had no clue what Wilkerson wanted.

“Kinsley if you got time why don’t you come over and help me out,” Coach Wilkerson said to him. “I’m running some drills with Robbie and Kevin and I need someone to catch the balls as they throw them in. You cool with that?”

“Sure, I guess I can help you.” Lance glanced over to Aaron. “I’ll catch you later.”

He said goodbye to his friend and followed Coach Wilkerson out toward left field. Robbie and Kevin were already out there waiting for them. Kevin was a center fielder where Robbie was a left fielder. They were only sophomores but had a lot of potential no wonder Wilkerson was working with them so much.

“Kevin, Robbie!” Coach Wilkerson hollered out to them. “Lance is going to help me out for a little bit.” Wilkerson walked up to the machine that threw the balls into the air and swiveled it around to make sure it was ready to go. Wherever he would potion the machine a ball would pop out and the two outfielders would have to chase it down. Lance still didn’t know why Coach Wilkerson wanted him.

The first ball popped out of the machine and sailed out toward Robbie. He ran up to it, caught it then threw the ball to Lance. They went on for another ten minutes before Wilkerson spoke to him.

“So I see you’ve gotten cozy with Kip.”

Lance’s mouth dropped open as he looked at his coach. How did he know?

Just then the ball Kevin had thrown smacked against his arm. He cursed under his breath as he rubbed the sore spot. “What are you talking about?” His voice sounded shaky to his own ears.

“Oh come on Lance, I’m not blind.” He waved to the fielders and told them to run four laps then to hit the showers. Lance stood frozen to his spot. Once Wilkerson had the guys off doing other things he turned to Lance. “So have you fucked him yet?”

Lance started to choke. The spit he has swallowed went down the wrong pipe at Wilkerson’s harsh words.

“I take that as a yes.” Wilkerson eyed him from head to toe causing him to squirm from the weight of the stare. “I’m a little surprised Kipper chose to replace me with you.” He barked out a laugh. “He’ll get bored and come back  to me. He always does. So if I were you I wouldn’t get too attached.”

Lance slowly turned and looked toward the bullpen. Kip stood there glaring back but not at him. No, at Coach Wilkerson. Slowly turning back around he looked at Wilkerson and the satisfied smile on his face said all he needed to no.

He dropped the ball at Coach Wilkerson’s feet and took off toward the locker room. He needed time to digest what he just learned.


Out of His League Part 9

He watched as Lance walked off the field without even a backwards glance. Kip turned his glare to Peter. The man looked pleased with himself with a huge shit eating grin plastered across his face.

What did he say to Lance?

As soon as his pitching coach dismissed them for the day he took off across the field toward Peter. He had to know what the man said. Lance looked completely dejected when he headed toward the locker room and by the look Peter was sporting, the man seemed just a little too happy at the hurt and sadness coming off of Lance.

“What the fuck did you say to Lance?” There was no beating around the bush. Kip wanted answers.

When Peter turned to him a grin lit up the older man's face. “Kipper, how was your practice, baby?”

His blood pressure sky rocketed at the older man’s pet name for him. The man had balls or he was oblivious ignorant to the situation unfolding at the moment.

“Stop calling me that,” Kip growled low as the rest of the players existed the field. “What did you say to him?”

“Everything okay here gentlemen?” Coach Anderson asked as he came upon Kip and Peter. His eyes darted between the two men and Kip had to wonder if the other coach picked up on the hostility wafting off him.

“All is good Vic.” Peter laid his hand on Kip’s shoulder and gave a gently squeeze. It took all Kip had not knock it off. “Just chatting with Kip.”

“Well okay then. Kip that was some excellent pitching today. Take care of that shoulder; you’re our starting pitcher for opening day.”

“Yes sir.” Kip smiled but it was forced. Being able to start a game was pretty big news for any player but at the moment he cared more about Lance and what he was feeling then his baseball career.

As Coach Anderson walked away Kip seized the opportunity to push Peter’s hand off his shoulder. Peter turned pouty eyes to him, like that would work on him. Maybe a few months ago but not now. Not when Kip knew without a doubt that he was just a piece of ass to Peter and what they shared meant nothing to the older man.

“I’ll ask you one more time, what did you say to Lance?” Kip did his best to rein in his control and he was losing the battle with his emotions. He never wanted to pummel someone as much as he wanted to Peter at that very second.

“I told him the truth,” Peter said as he crossed his large arms over his chest.

“And what’s that?”

Peter took a step toward him. “That whatever is between the two of you will pass and that you will come back to me.”

Peter's smile made Kip’s skin crawl. A shudder ran across his back. How could I have ever been attracted to such slime ball?

“First off, we are over. Hasn’t that sunk in to your thick head yet?” Kip fisted his hands in his hair in frustration, knocking his ball cap to the ground. “My god you’re fucking engaged to a woman. Anything I ever felt for you is over. I’ve grown up and I know what it’s like to have someone how cares about me for more than just my ass.”

“Kip.” Peter shook his head as he started to laugh. “I hear what you’re saying but don’t you remember all the times we were together? How I made you come so hard you couldn’t move a single muscle.” Peter took a step forward invading Kip’s personal space then lifted his finger to turn Kip to look at him. “He can never make you feel like I did.”

Kip jerked away from Peter’s touch. “That’s where you’re wrong. He already has.” He flashed a big grin to Peter before he turned to walk away.

A hard grip on his bicep stilled his movement. “This little thing between you and Lance won’t last and you’ll come back to me. You two are too different,” Peter whispered low in his ear.

Kip pulled free of Peter’s hold. “Haven’t your heard?” He asked over his shoulder. “Opposites attract.”

He didn’t wait for a response from Peter. No matter what the other man had to say it was for nothing. Kip wanted Lance and he would move heaven and earth to keep him. He just had to pray Peter hadn’t messed up any chance he had.

As he walked into the locker room he noticed it was empting out. A lot of the players had already showered, changed and were leaving for the day. He navigated his way to Lance’s locker. To his surprise Lance was still there, staring down at the floor. It broke Kip’s heart to know he had a part in that. He should have told Lance about Peter but he didn’t. He didn’t want Lance to judge him for his past actions and his poor choice in boyfriends.

Taking a deep breath he sat down next to Lance. “We need to talk.”


Out of His League Part 10

“I know we do,” Lance said as he kept his gaze on the floor. After what coach Wilkerson just told him he was afraid what else Kip wanted to discuss. He wasn’t naïve to think Kip didn’t have lovers in his past but Coach Wilkerson? That was hard for him to swallow. The man had a fucking finance.

“I’m not going to lie, Lance.” Kip leaned forward to rest his elbows on his knees. Lance could see the shame he felt in his posture. “And I won’t use the excuse that I’m young and just made a stupid mistake. I knew full well what I was getting myself into and who I was doing it with. I’m just embarrassed Peter ambushed you out there on the field.”

Lance flinched at the use of Coach Wilkerson’s first name coming out of Kip’s mouth. It was just another reminder of how close the two men had been. Jealousy was never pretty but damn it Lance didn’t want to picture the two being intimate.

“Kip, you don’t have to explain anything to me. I get it.”  Lance combed his fingers through his hair. “But I have to ask is it over between you two? Or is what he said true? Am I just someone for you to play with while you pass the time?”

“God no!” Kip went to his knees in front of him and grabbed Lance’s hands. “What I had with him was nothing like what I have with you.” Kip shook his head. “In the short time we’ve been together I no without a doubt I want you and only you for as long as you will have me.” Kip lifted Lance’s hand to his mouth and kissed the top of his knuckles. “I’m falling in love with you Lance,” Kip said softly.

It was as if someone threw a bucket of ice water on Lance’s head. He’d never had another person beside his parents say they loved him before.

After the initial shock wore off, Lance wrapped his hand around the back of Kip’s neck and pulled him forward. Lance smashed his lips to Kip’s and kissed him with such force he could taste blood from where his teeth bit into Kip’s soft lips.

Kip fisted his hands in Lance’s hair and Lance moaned into the kiss. The urgency to have full body contact Kip had Lance pushing his man to the floor and straddling his hips. The Timber Wolves locker room wasn’t the ideal place for them to make love but he would take what he could get and if that meant only kissing then so be it.

The need for air had Lance pulling away from the death grip Kip had on his hair. He could feel the man’s fingernails against his scalp as he tried to hold Lance in place. He smiled against Kip’s lips and chuckled at his man’s reserve to not let go. Kip raised his hips trying to follow Lances retreat.

“Baby, I think we should take this elsewhere.” Lance detached Kips hands from his hair as he sat up.

Kip sighed his displeasure. “I know but this feels so good and a little naughty.” Lance laughed when Kip winked at him. “Well Mr. Edgerton what do we have here?” Kip palmed the throbbing length behind Lance’s zipper. “Are you glad to see me or is that a very large snake in your pocket?”

Lance chuckled at Kip’s attempts of seduction. “Well you’ll find out soon enough if you play your cards right.” Lance teased. “But seriously I want some privacy when I make love to the man I love,” Lance said the words softly; afraid to say them to loud in case Kip changed his mind and didn’t want him.

“Love?” Kip asked shock clear in his tone. “You love me?”

“I do. I’ve loved you since the first time I saw you. I just took it for granted you were out of my league and I could never get a man like you.” Lance confessed.

“You’re crazy, Lance. You’re the sweetest person I’ve ever met. I’m the one who isn’t good enough for you but I’m going to spend the rest of our lives proving I can be the kind of man you’d be proud of.”

His heart leapt into his throat at Kip’s words. The rest of their lives was a long time, god willing, for them to be together and Lance couldn’t have been happier.

“How about we call it a draw and just say were great for each other and get on with our relationship with no looking back. I lives together start now.” It felt right for Lance to say that. All their past mistakes and bad choice were just that in the past and they didn’t need it to plague their future.

“I’m totally okay with that,” Kip said with a smile. “I love you Lance.”

“I love you to babe. Now let’s get the hell out of here and go celebrate.” Lance stood up and reached out a hand to help Kip up.

“That is code for sex, right?” Kip teased, a twinkle in his eyes.

“Fuck yeah!”

They quickly showered and got changed. Lance held  the door open for Kip to walk out before him. As they entered the hallway Coach Wilkerson stood leaning against the opposite wall.

“So you two think this will last?” Coach asked.


Out of His League Part 11

Lance looked from Kip back to Coach Wilkerson. A smile spread across his face. “Yes. Yes I do. ” He entwined his fingers with Kip’s.

“You’re young. You have no clue what you want or what the real life is like.” Coach shook his head in disgust. “No fucking clue.”

“Come on Lance.” Kip tugged his hand to get him walking. “Don’t waste your breath.”

Lance started to follow Kip than stopped and turned back toward Coach Wilkerson. “You know what? Just because your life didn’t turn out as planned doesn’t mean ours won’t.” He squared his shoulders bracing himself as Coach took a step toward him.

“You think it’s easy to be gay in this profession? Do you really think Kipper here will be able to make it to the majors with his gay lover sitting beside him?” Coach Wilkerson barked out a laugh. “If you think that’s a possibility you’re both delusional.”

“See that’s where your thinking is fucked.” Lance jerked in surprise at Kip’s sharp words. “Yes, I love playing baseball but I’d give it all up in a heartbeat for Lance.” Kip pointed a finger at Coach Wilkerson’s chest. “I love him more than anything. More than being a starting pitcher with a five million dollar contract.” Kip shrugged his shoulders. “I can always find another job but not another Lance Kinsley.”

If they weren’t standing in the middle of the hallway and in front of Kips ex-lover, Lance would have kissed Kip full on the mouth. But they were and he didn’t want to cause more of a scene. Lance in a way felt bad for Coach Wilkerson. The man threw Kip away like he was nothing all from fear of what he thought the world would think of him. What a sad life to live. If Lance felt anything it was pity for the older man.

Not wanting to rub salt in an open wound, Lance grabbed Kip’s hand and started walking away from the man that owned Kip’s past. Because out that locker room door held the future, their future and there was no need to look back.

Lance glanced over his shoulder to the man who had been his coach for the past year and half. “Good luck, Coach. I really hope one day you find the kind of love that makes you want to change who you are.” He turned his smile toward Kip. “Come on baby, let’s go.”

Kip smiled wildly at him. "I'd follow you anywhere.”

Bending down he brushed his lips across Kip’s and walked out the double doors not looking back.


Ten Years Later

“Daddy, daddy.”

Lance looked down at his smiling daughter’s face as he reached his hands out to steady her before she fell out of her chair.

“Tatum, calm down.” He couldn’t help but laugh at her excitement. She always got this ways on games days. “If you don’t calm down no dipping dots at the seventh inning stretch.”

The threat of not getting her frosty treat always did the trick. Tatum sat with her legs crossed and pinched her lips tight. Lance leaned over and kissed her on top of her head. She beamed a smile up at him as she pressed out her lips for a kiss. Obliging his little princess’s request he gave her a quick peck then handed her a juice box.

Looking out across the expense of finely kept green grass, Lance thought back to his college days. There were times he missed it but he was a different person now than he was then. His life was great and he wouldn’t have changed a thing. He was married with a bright eyed little girl who ruled his world. Not being able to play baseball didn’t affect him in the least.

Lance graduated college and took a job as physical education teacher. Teaching young minds fulfilled him in ways that baseball never could. After the high school baseball coach retired, Lance took on the position. It only took three years for his team to take the state title. It had been one of happiest days of his life.

“Daddy, look.”

Small hands tugging at his shirt shook him from his memories. Just them the announcer came over head introducing the home team. Lance stood up and gathered Tatum in his arms.

“Daddy!” Tatum screamed as she waved her hands franticly toward the field.

“The starting pitcher, Kip Edgerton.” The roar of the crowd rang out and Tatum clapped along with them.

Lance kissed his little girl on the cheek and smile. “Yes there’s daddy.”

He watched as Kip took the mound and turned to look in their direction like he always did and mouthed the words I love you and finger waved to their daughter.

It hadn’t been an easy road to get to where they were today but in the end the only thing that mattered was that they were together. There was always those how took pleasure in poking fun at his and Kip’s life style but it was getting better. The team was like a family and they all accepted him and Kip being together. The players’ wives even gave them a baby shower when they adopted Tatum. Life was good.

With Kip still staring in their direction Lance mouthed those three little words back. Kip nodded and blew a kiss to their little girl. She was their pride and joy.

“Daddy loves us.” She giggled as she rearranged her ball cap on her head.

“Yes he does.” It always took his breath away watching the man he loved play the game that brought them together. “And we love him.”

The End

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