A Forever Home

Out of the Ashes (MM)A Forever Home Book 1- 
Out of the Ashes


Being the victim of a high school bully has left a bitter taste for his hometown in Joe Bowman's mouth. But after a bad breakup, Joe decides moving back home is his only option. He’s not there a day before his past comes crashing into him. He learns his best friend is now dating his high school tormentor, and runs into the one man he thought was always out of his reach. Little does Joe know Jackson McGhee's been harboring secrets of his own.

After the death of his mother, Jackson returns to Kearney, Missouri, to try and regain that sense of familiarity he had in his youth. Taking a job with the local fire department brings him face-to-face with the one person he can never have. Joe lives in the open while Jackson hides in the shadows. When push comes to shove, Jackson needs to decide if living a lie is worth losing the love of his life.

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Safe in His Arms (MM)A Forever Home Book 2-  
Safe In His Arms


A chance encounter six months ago has changed Elliot Nolan’s life forever. It was only supposed to be one night of great sex, nothing more, but once Officer Sam Lancaster steps back into his life, Elliott doesn’t know what to do. He’s suffered abuse from a man who claimed to love him before and allowing someone so close again is a fear Elliot’s not sure he can ever overcome.

All Sam wants to do is fall in love and settle down. Is that so much to ask for? Apparently when it comes to Elliot it is. Sam tries to be just friends with Elliot but that is proving to be a lot easier said than done.

People come in and out of your life for a reason and Elliot is starting to see that maybe Sam’s worth the risk. A lifetime alone is a safe option but living without Sam is something Elliot isn’t sure he can do.

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All I Want (MM)
A Forever Home Book 3- All I Want 


Randy Cooper is suffering from a broken heart. After losing his wife, Randy isn’t sure he’ll ever love again. Little does he know his chance at a new beginning has been standing right in front of him all along.

Falling in love with his best friend isn’t something Zane Bennett planned. But the heart wants what it wants and no matter how hard he tries to walk away, Zane can’t abandon his friend. Randy’s world has been turned upside down with the loss of his wife and becoming a single father. Zane is the only stable thing Randy has, but with each passing day Zane’s heart is in jeopardy of breaking to the point of no repair. Wanting something he can’t have is killing him.

Randy didn’t think his heart would ever heal enough to love again, but it has and he wants Zane for better or worse. He just prays it’s not too late for a second chance.

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