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Today's Guest: Jayne Kingston

Today's guest is Jayne Kingston. She's promoting Luck of the Draw. This is a tour long giveaway. Enter for your chance to win a $25 gift card to Ellora's Cave and a "key party" beaded key chain.
Tour runs from October 15, 2013- October 25, 2013.

Mischievous Matchmaker Book 3
Turnabout is fair play. Or maybe karma is a bitch is more fitting.
Wanting to repay the favor she did for them, Petra’s friends throw her a key party to help her move on from a months-old heartbreak. While she is not interested in falling in love again, getting her stunted sex life back on track doesn’t sound like a bad idea.
Except someone sabotages the key drawing before she gets her turn. Instead of spending the night with the ultra-hot doc her friends intended to “accidentally” set her up with, she winds up drawing her good friend Alex’s keys instead.
A night with Alex is coveted among players. Petra quickly finds out the reality of Alex far exceeds his legendary reputation. The moment they kiss they discover a chemistry so combustible it’s positively nuclear. Instantly engulfed in a red-hot haze of passion, neither of them sees it coming when Petra’s ex returns, repentant and threatening to ruin their newfound happiness.
Luck of the Draw
Mischievous Matchmaker Book 3
Jayne Kingston
What on earth had just happened?
How many times had she had her arms around her friend Alex that way over the past couple of months? Over their entire friendship, for that matter. How many times had he held her while she’d cried, or just plain needed to be held since Jude left? How many times had they fallen asleep in her bed on nights when she hadn’t wanted to be alone, him spooning her with his big body, his arms wrapped around her? Had he been looking at her that way the whole time and she hadn’t been paying attention?
Petra glanced over her shoulder at Alex as Bree continued to lead her away from him. Nope. She hadn’t been imagining that look on his face. And she wasn’t imagining the way that look made her pussy hot and achy and unbelievably wet.
Alex, she thought. How strange.
“You’re not paying attention,” Bree said, giving Petra a little shake.
Petra dragged her eyes away from Alex. “Sorry. What were you saying?”
Bree narrowed her eyes. “What the hell is going on between you two?”
“That’s what I want to know,” she stage whispered, as though he could hear them from across the room, above the loud music and boisterous conversation.
“Seriously, Pete, is there something happening between you and Alex that you’re not telling me about?”
Petra rolled her eyes. “When have I ever kept anything from you and Rachel?”
Bree gave her a droll look. “Would you like a list?”
Okay, she was admittedly the least forthcoming of the three of them. By a lot.
“If something was going on between Alex and I you would have heard about it.”
Bree crossed her arms and continued to look skeptical. “You sure about that?”
Petra mimicked her pose and gave her the same look in return.
“I don’t know what’s going on over here, but the two of you need to knock it off,” Rachel said, looking between them as she joined them in the dining room. “What do you say we get this show on the road? People are getting antsy.”
That was fine with Petra. She was getting pretty antsy herself. Maybe a night with her old crush Michel was what she needed. She could blow off some steam and get her longstanding curiosity about him out of her system in the process. She’d convinced herself she could get past the fact that she’d felt nothing when Michel had kissed her a few minutes earlier. She’d done it before. Only…
Alex had just messed that up for her, hadn’t he?
In that moment she’d just spent in his arms she’d seen the things he wanted to do to her in his bright-blue eyes, and damn if it didn’t look as if he wanted to ravish her.

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Ellora’s Cave:

When Jayne Kingston was growing up she spent many hours daydreaming about a time when she could flee the too-small town in Ohio where she grew up and run laughing for the sunny West Coast. Of course she stuck around and raised her family in that small town instead, and doesn’t regret it for a moment. Now she spends her days dreaming about the delicious fun two people can have while falling in love.
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Today's Guest: Wendy Jay

Wendy Jay is my guest today and she is promoting Another Man's Treasure and Undiscovered Treasure. This is a tour long giveaway: 1 set of both ebooks and 5 sets of rack cards. 
Tour runs from October 14, 2013- October 28, 2013.


Jude Delaney…A dark haired Adonis with a slightly kinky side. He fell in love with a red haired beauty in high school, only to have her torn from him and sent away. Miranda, his first love…his only love.
Ross Guthrie…A tall, sexy man who carries a gun. Jude’s best friend from college. More brother than friend. Ross now works for the FBI and his assignment sends him to Jude’s hometown…to protect Miranda.
Miranda Jones…A sassy red-head. She takes charge of her life and runs from her abusive ex-boyfriend, Hank Castile. Leaving California behind, Miranda moves back home…and right into Jude’s loving arms.
Two best friends…Both determined to protect this woman at all costs. Will Jude and Ross have what it takes to save Miranda from Hank Castile…the man who abused her and now wants her dead?


It had been a long time since Miranda lived in this white picket fence, one horse town.  Willow, a sleepy little town located in the Shenandoah Mountains of Virginia, where Miranda called home as a child, held many memories of her adolescence…and a ghost or two.  After her parents died in a car accident when she was 15, she was raised by her brother David.  Miranda felt completely lost without her parents.  David did the best her could, but no one could replace them. 

They were the epicenter of her life.

Shortly after her 18th birthday, she moved to the west coast. Los Angeles, to be exact…The City of Angels.  Lights, excitement and a new career awaited her and she wanted it all.  LA held a real estate job she loved, a night life she craved.  Even so, she was compelled to come back after all that happened in LA.

Driving into town, she started to daydream, and immediately Hank flooded her brain.  Miranda shook her head trying to remove him from her memories, but dammit he followed her everywhere! Hank always said she would never shake him, but for fuck’s sake she sure as hell was going to try.

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Undiscovered Treasure is book 2...the sequel to Another Man's Treasure. Jude fights against the odds to protect his one and only love, Miranda. His best friend Ross is there to help and finds his heart in a turmoil over the beautiful Francine. Journey with them through the good and bad times. Is luck on their side for happiness?

*This book is a continuing story and not a stand alone. Adult themes and language.

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From the corner of his eye Hank noticed something odd with his office door.   The padlock was there, but the lock wasn’t engaged.  Hank touched the lock and it fell open.  Fuck, I didn’t lock it this morning?   He walked into his office and flipped on the light.  At first glance, everything looked in place.  He walked over to his desk and there was a note.

Hank...By the time you read this I will be long gone and you will be nothing more than a bad memory.  You have given me your last order and hit me for the last time.  You are an abusive son of a bitch and I am glad to be rid   of you.  PS…Before I left LA, I dropped a bunch of paperwork at the police station…good luck with that, you fuckin’ prick!

“You little bitch!  I will kill you when I get my hands on you!”  Hank shouted at the top of his lungs.  A single thought streaked through his mind like a bolt of lightning. 

THE TAPES?  He opened the desk drawer and the key was gone.  Hank turned slowly towards the wall with all the file cabinets…one lock popped with the key still in it.  Hank walked over to it and pulled the drawer open…empty!  The tapes were gone.  Hank dialed Miranda’s cell phone number.

“You’ll never get free from me, Miranda. You’ll never be able to shake me.”


I live in Northern NH, in my hometown. I have enjoyed reading and writing since I was a young child and wrote poetry since I can remember. Through my school years, I took every opportunity to take a literature or creative writing class.  I worked in finance for 28+ years until Feb. 2012 when the company downsized and I lost my job.  The opportunity to pursue a lifelong dream of writing a novel came about when a Facebook friend encouraged me to try after reading a couple blurbs I spit out upon being asked some advice!  I took my vivid imagination, my gift of words which I attribute to God, and wrote my first novel Another Man's Treasure.  Admittedly, I fell in love with my own characters and continued their story with my second novel Undiscovered Treasure.

I write romance/erotica and at some point in the future want to try my hand at paranormal and adventure/action.  My biggest inspiration is my sister Jennifer.  She has stood behind me all the way and given me so much emotional support.  Along with her, I have some amazing friends who I refer to as "my cheerleaders".  They keep me motivated along my writing adventure.  When I am not writing, I have to admit I am an electronic junkie.  If it has a push button, I either have it or want it!

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Kick Start Your Heart Romance10/28- Mon

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Today's Guest: Anya Richards

 Today's guest is Anya Richards. She is here promoting Awaken. To enter in the scavenger hunt drawing answer the question following the excerpt. Prize is 1 full set of ebooks from this tour. Good luck!

An angry fairy queen trapped his body. A woman’s love could imprison his heart.

Prince Ryllio once lived so charmed a life, even he began to believe nothing bad could touch him. Then a moment’s indiscretion brought Queen Mab’s wrath raining down, encasing him in stone.

Hundreds of years later, he is losing hope that anyone will find him, much less counter the spell. Until a beautiful young woman wanders into his hidden glade to privately discover the pleasures of her own body. Her sensual innocence reignites his acute longing for freedom.

Lured into the old forest by an irresistible impulse, Myrina finds intimate communion with Ryllio’s imprisoned spirit. His whispered guidance weaves an erotic spell, rousing her to undreamed heights of ecstasy.

The intertwining of their minds comes at a devastating price. As each encounter intensifies, Myrina falls in love with a man she can never touch. And Ryllio realizes he must give up the last vestiges of his humanity—or condemn her to a life devoid of a flesh-and-blood lover…

Excerpt One:

“What have we here?” The cold haughty voice shocked the Prince out of his lust-haze, and his eyes flew open see the Faery Queen standing before him, sparks of anger gleaming in her sky-blue gaze. “A Peeping Tom—entertaining himself by skulking behind trees and spying on the unwary.”

“Shall I strike him blind or dead, my love, for daring to watch us?”

The king’s voice came from behind him, and a shiver of dread climbed the Prince’s spine. How stupid to have courted mortal danger by not doing what was right and leaving them to their play.

The years of knightly training awoke inside, and the Prince reached for his dagger, tried to sidestep away, hoping to gain a more strategic position.

He could not move.

No matter how he strained and struggled, his body refused to so much as twitch.

“No,” replied the queen in that icy voice. “He likes to watch, to see what others are doing, so I say let him be a silent witness.” Her voice fell to a low croon, and she moved forward to grasp the Prince’s cock in her hand. The touch burned with arousing heat, making him instantly erect again. Under her power, he sank slowly to his knees, until he rested back on his heels. “Let him stay here for a hundred years, unable to move.”

Immediately there was a strange tickling sensation and the prince realised his body, starting at the feet, was becoming cold, immobile—like stone. Up rushed the spell through bone and muscle and sinew, until the only part he could feel was his cock, still held in the Faery Queen’s hand. Inside he fought, trying still to break free, but the Fey punishment was intractable.

“One hundred years is not enough,” was the King’s response, which the Prince hardly heard through the cacophony of anger and fear inundating his head. “I say let him stay here for eternity.”

The Queen’s fingers tickled over the prince’s cock one last time, and she laughed, “As you wish, my love. He will make a fine adornment to this, our enchanted glade. A Peeping Tom wrought in marble.” She withdrew her hand and his erect flesh slowly turned to stone, until it matched the rest of his body.

Excerpt One Question: 
How long does the Faery Queen suggest that the Prince’s punishment should be?

Fantasy/fairytale inspired erotic romance


After living a checkered past, and despite an avowed disinterest in domesticity, multi-published erotic romance author Anya Richards settled in Ontario, Canada, with husband, kids, an adorable pup and a cat that plots world domination, one food bowl at a time. Her slightly darker alter-ego, Anya Delvay, emerges occasionally to write erotica.

Interested in all things historical and hysterical, Anya describes herself as intensely curious, (although the word ‘nosy’ has been bandied about) and a life-long people-watcher. Using what she’s discovered about people, places and various weird and wonderful things, Anya has written contemporary, historical and paranormal/fantasy romance novels, novellas and short stories for Samhain Publishing, Ellora’s Cave, Cleis Press and Spice Briefs.

To find out more, please drop by Anya’s website at, follow her on Twitter or like her on Facebook.

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