Sunday, August 26, 2012

What I'm Reading This Week and Update

In between writing I read. A lot! I love to write but reading is a close second. For me reading is a good escape from getting caught up in my own head. I typically reward myself with a book or two after I submit a story or finish with edits on a story. Like a tell my kiddos, "mama needs a break". LOL!!

The books I've just finished reading are K.A. Mitchell's But My Boyfriend Is and Daisy Harris's Pride and Politics. Both were excellent reads and I'd recommend them to anyone. Both are part of series but you don't necessary need to read the books prior to follow along with the story lines but I would. Such intriguing stories with characters that just grip you in a choke hold. Both authors write characters that are flawed but lovable. And I for one was rooting for them to get their happy ever after. If anyone is looking for books to add to their to be read pile, these are a hit. Anything by these two are a sure fire win!!!

k a mitchell's but my boyfriend is

Buy Links:  Samhain ~ Amazon

Pride and Politics (MM)

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Now that I've had my dose of me time, I'm back to writing. Currently I'm working on two stories. Book four of the Warriors of the Light series it's Lachlan's story. Him and his mate Garrett have some issues they need to work out. I need to get a few more characters stories told before I can get to Trevor and Quinn's. Then I'm working on a new series but I don't want to give away to many details until its done. I will say this, it involves a woman and two men. The combinations in a pairing like that are endless.

Well I better get back to it. If anyone wants to leave book recommendations for me in the comments feel free.

Oh, and before I forget Logan's Rattler, book three in the Warriors of the Light series, gets released on Wednesday August 29. Right now its offered at a 15% discount until September 5 through BookStrand.

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All Logan Erickson ever wanted in life was stability and a place to call home. He thought he found that until he finds himself with the psychic ability to listen in on other people’s innermost thoughts. After hearing the dark desires of his current boyfriend, Logan takes off traipsing through the woods, abandoning all hope of ever finding true love, when he stumbles upon a man that will change his very existence.

Finn Palmer has every reason to dislike witches after being turned into a rattlesnake shifter without any knowledge of the paranormal world until meeting the Warriors of the Light. Finn, like most, has waited patiently to find his mate, and now that he’s found Logan he has no intentions of ever letting him go even if Logan is part witch.

An unforeseen enemy is after Logan’s body to host another’s soul. Will Finn be able to prevent this evil plot, or will Logan be lost to him forever?                                   

Hope everyone has a excellent week and happy reading!!!


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