Thursday, July 26, 2012

Book Cover for Logan's Rattler

There's nothing better than checking your email and seeing that you have cover art in there. I received the book cover or Logan's Rattler today. It's book three in the Warriors of the light series. This book centers around Finn, a rattlesnake shifter, and Logan a human that isn't as human as he thought.

Here is an unedited blurb for this book. Enjoy!

All Logan ever wanted in life was stability and a place to call home. He thought he found that until he finds himself with the psychic ability to listen in on other people’s inner most thoughts. After hearing the dark desires of his current boyfriend, Logan takes off traipsing through the woods abandoning all hope of every finding true love, when he stumbles upon a man that will change his very existence.

Finn has every reason to dislike witches after being turned into a rattlesnake shifter without any knowledge of the paranormal world until meeting the Warriors of the Light. Finn, like most, has waited patiently to find his mate and now that he’s found Logan he has no intentions of ever letting him go even if Logan is part witch.

An unforeseen enemy is after Logan’s body to host another’s soul. Will Finn be able to prevent this evil plot or will Logan be lost to him forever?

I'm going through edits on this little gem right now. Still looking to release in September at Siren-Bookstrand. I'll post more info as it comes in. 

Thanks for stopping by and happy reading!



  1. looks intresting. will have to pick up a copy when it comes out

  2. Thanks! Sent in first round of edits this past Friday. I'm excited for it's release. :-)


  3. cool--i am always looking for new stuff to read :)