Friday, July 20, 2012

Out of the Ashes

Got great news this week, Siren accepted Out of the Ashes. It's actually the first story I ever wrote back in January of 2011. The story was rejected by one publisher and I was disheartened but after going back and rereading it I had to agree with that assessment, it needed some work. Even with saying that I knew there was a great story there I just needed to peel back some layers and give it time to develop.

Now with five other books and four short stories part of anthologies under my belt, Out of the Ashes voice finally came to me. It's a contemporary M/M erotic romance, revolving around a firefighter and a writer. I put together two of my favorite things, writing and my love for firefighters. And let’s be fair, who doesn’t love firefighters???
So after countless tweaking and rethinking this story I finally finished it. It's such a relief. There’s nothing worse than having a story you know has potential but know time to devote to it. But I can finally say it’s done. With a new title, same changes to the characters occupations, but the same love story.

The whole general concept for this story is one of my favorites. Joe Bowman is a man who left his home town after graduation to get away from the assholes who teased him in high school. After a bad break up he comes back home to discover the one man he's always felt a strong attraction to has moved back to Kearney Missouri as well. Jackson McGhee is still in the closet, afraid to let others now his secret. He's not ashamed of being gay just fears the backlash that could arise because of it. Of course I had to add a little good natured drama to go along with the heartbreaking story line. Jackson just so happens to be the best friend of the man who teased Joe mercilessly during high school. But time changes people and a whole lot of changes happen for these characters and things get revealed. I cant wait to give out more details!!!

Out of the Ashes will be part of a series called A Forever Home. It's funny I have a good portion of the second in this series already written. I love these characters and I'm happy Siren has given them a home. Out of the Ashes is set to release in October. As edits come in I'll post blurbs and excerpts.

Hope everyone has an excellent weekend and happy reading!


Okay, Dennis Leary is one of my all time favorite comedians/actors. Rescue Me was one of  those shows I just had to watch. He might not be a real firefighter but he played a good one on TV. Love, love, love him, so of course I had to add a pic of him.

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