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Silver Flash: Out of His League #2

It’s Wednesday again and that means another Silver Flash is upon us. I continued my story from last week Out of His League. Don’t forget to check out the other Flasher. I’ll have their links posted at the end. There’s nothing better than an entertaining free read so hop over and check out their stories.

Reese Dante joins us once again as our Guest Prompt Diva, with this:  That came out of nowhere.

For alternative prompts, Julie has chosen:

springtime for Hitler or

use these three words: camp, Venice, ostrich or

incorporate a crossdresser into your story in some way

Happy Reading!!!

Out of His League Part 2

“Don’t stop on my account,” Kip said as he stepped into the shower stall forcing Lance to take a step back.

“Wh-what are you doing in here?” Lance asked as his eyes darted from side to side.

Kip’s brow lifted and his mouth twisted into a smile. His shoulder ached from throwing pitch after pitch but he wasn’t about to let this opportunity pass him by. To finally have Lance Kinsley within reach was a special treat he wouldn’t deny himself.

Lance’s wholesome boy next door good looks and his naive innocent nature strung Kip to imaginable heights. His golden hair when hit just right by the sunlight appeared to have a halo surrounding it. An angel sent from heaven to drive him completely insane with desire.

“I think it’s rather obvious what I’m doing in here.” Kip looked Lance’s body over from head to toe. He licked his lips as drops of water ran down Lance’s chest. “But the more interesting question is what are you doing in here?”

“I was showering until I was interrupted by you.”

Lance straightened his back standing to his full height. When he did his hands fell away from around his package. Kip damn nearly swallowed his tongue as he got another glimpse of Lance’s gorgeous cock. Bubbles clung to the thatch of hair surrounding the semi erect shaft highlighting the reddened length and flared head.

Kip couldn’t take it. The sight of Lance standing naked in front of him proved to be too much. He stepped forward and bumped chest with Lance. A small squeak left Lance’s mouth and Kip’s smile deepened. He pulled Lance’s hips tight against his own grinding their cocks alongside one another.

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” Lance said as his fingers dug into Kips biceps as he held on.

Kip could respect Lance’s hesitation since they were in a locker room where anyone could walk in and catch them at any moment. But he had already waited too long to find out if the blond cutie with the bright blue eyes tasted as sweet as he looked.

“Yes we should,” Kip growled. He dropped his head forward and inhaled the spicy soap that covered Lance’s body. Kip nipped the soft skin causing Lance to moan.

Without a second thought Kip covered Lance’s mouth with his own. Lance didn’t even try to pretend he didn’t want it and opened wide for Kip’s long hard deep kiss. A slight tremble ran throughout Lance’s body causing Kip to hold him tighter.  

“Please.” Lance gasped.

Kip grinned as he kissed along Lance’s jaw line. He loved how quickly Lance responded to his touch. The man just came minutes before but his shaft filled with blood until the soft skin pulled tight over his thick erection.

He walked Lance backwards until he hit the hard tile wall. Kip shifted his stance so he could grip his and Lance’s dicks in a firm hold to stroke along their lengths. The water eased his movements and he gently started to rock his hips into Lance’s.

The sounds Lance made lit his soul on fire. It was like a crackle of electricity across his skin shocking him with every noise the other man made. Kip worked both their shafts up and down, twisting his wrist on the up stroke smearing the moisture oozing from the slits at the top. He moaned at the rough handling of his own pole. The need to come had his toes curling. Never had a hand job felt so intoxicating. Especially one given by himself.

“I’m going to come.”

Kips breath hitched as he felt the first jet of cum shoot from Lance’s cock. His balls tightened to his body and he painted Lance’s abs with his cream. Lance dropped a hand to Kip’s waist pulling him closer as he rode out his orgasm. Kip loved seeing the normally calm man come undone in his arms. His sweet and pure angel looked thoroughly debauched from their love making.

Love? That came out of nowhere, Kip thought to himself.

As the warm water cascaded over their bodies their combined breathing evened out. Kip leaned back far enough to cup the side of Lance’s face. He stared into Lance’s eyes and saw no regret. His lips curled into an evil grin as he took Lance’s lips once again. The man surrendered without a fight. Lance Kinsley wanted him just as bad. No way could he fake that reaction.

Kip rested his forehead against Lance’s. He wanted more and by the feel of Lance racing pulse so did he.

“Come back to my apartment with me?” Kip whispered.

Lance’s eyes sprung open and he stared at Kip. It felt like a lifetime, not mere seconds before he spoke again. “Okay.”

Kip smiled as he watched Lance’s cheeks blush a bright red. He couldn’t resist helping Lance finish washing up then helped towel him dry. They dressed in silence.

“Here’s my address. Meet me there in twenty minutes. Okay?” Kip held out a piece of paper with his address written on it.

“Okay, see you in twenty.” Lance smiled as he took the paper. He hesitantly  moved forward and brushed his lips across Kip’s. Kip drew him close and deepened the kiss. With one last nip to Lance’s full bottom lip he pulled back. 

“See you in a few.”

Lance smiled over his shoulder before exiting the room. Kip didn’t know if he could wait twenty minutes until he saw his angel again.

“I see you’ve moved on.”

The sound of that familiar voice caused the hairs on his neck to stand on end. Great. Just what he didn’t need right now. Kip turned to stare at his ex, whom also happened to be the assistant coach of the Gray Wolves.


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