Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Virtual Book Tour

I started a virtual book tour and I just got to say that doing that over the Christmas holiday was a complete fail on my part. Between kids, family, illness and Christmas I haven't been doing a good job promoting this thing. This is an extremely busy time of the year for me which I'm sure is the same for most people but its better late than never. 

CBLS Promotions has put together I virtual book tour for me for Fate's Second Chance. I'm giving a copy away at each stop for one lucky winner. All you have to do is leave a comment and a name is drawn at random. 

Feel free to visit any or all the stops. Some of the blog host have reviews or I've done a guest post. And let me just say the guest blog post were hard to do. I've been battling this head cold and my thoughts are all over the place. 

Below is a list of tour dates. Stop by if you can!

Tour Schedule:
12/21: An Open Book (Giveaway)
12/22: Sash Secret's (Promo)
12/23: House Millar (Review/Interview)
12/24: Words of Wisdom from the Scarf Princess (Giveaway/Guest Post)
12/26: Fictional Candy (Giveaway)
12/27: Reviews by Molly (Giveaway)
12/29: From the TBR Pile (Review/Guest Post)
12/30: Dawn's Reading Nook (Review/Guest Post)
12/31: Practical Frugality (Giveaway/Guest Post)
1/1: Release Notes (Review)
1/3: Mommies Point of View (Giveaway/Review)

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