Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Silver Flash Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday! Its Silver Flash time again. It’s a few days before Christmas and I wanted to do a Christmas themed story and I couldn’t do that with my Out of his League story, beings as its summer time in that story. So I took the characters from the very first story I ever wrote and had them celebrate the holiday. It’s a short story I wrote last January called the Luck of the Irish. The story was published at the Long and Short Reviews Whipped Cream free read website.  Feel free to click on the cover on the left and it will take you to the page the story is located on. No pressure only if you want. By no means do your need to read that story to follow along with this one.

This prompt will be our last before Christmas, and this week's Prompt Diva, Pender Mackie, has given us:
He/she didn't like secrets.
"Smells like pine needles in here."
Here are the alternate prompts:
Union suit, balance, Hari Krishna   or
red balls  or
Tis the season to be (fill in the blank)

As always I will leave the links to the other Silver Flashers this week at the bottom. Lots of good reading!

A Lucky Christmas

Patrick had gotten over to Ben’s house three hours before he was due to come home. His friend Ryan said he was over doing it, but the need to make their first Christmas together outweighed practicality.

It was Christmas Eve and he had one hell of time trying to find a tree the day before Christmas. All that were left were either to small, tons of gaps between the branches, or had been painted a god awful color. A man actual tried to sell him a red tree. Said it went great with his red hair. He had rolled his eye at the comment.

Like I haven’t heard that one before.

Finally he found the perfect tree. The right height and full, well at least full on one side. He planned on shoving the thing in the corner to make up for its one minor defect.

He decorated the tree with Ben’s favorite color in mind. Red balls adorn the tree and white twinkling lights wrapped from the base to the top where a glowing star sat.

He found an ornament that mark their first Christmas together. Patrick smiled as he fingered the silver plated ornament. He hoped it was one of many to come.

When they met back in March, Patrick thought it was just going to end up being a one night stand. Never in a million years did he picture himself dating one of the sexiest firefighters he had ever seen. But even without Ben’s good looks he was a great guy; sensitive and above all else caring. His heart was so big Patrick wasn’t sure how it fit into his chest. He’d give the shirt off his back to help someone and donate his last dollar to any cause he believed him. The man was a giver not a taker and that right there made him more attractive than any man Patrick had ever met.

With the tree finished, Patrick went to change. Time was running out and Ben would be home soon. Patrick’s plan was to be positioned under the tree when Ben walked through the door. In an attempt to seduce his boyfriend and cover up the fact that he went and got a tree without him.

As he walked out of the bedroom he grabbed a blanket to lie under the tree so he wasn’t lying on the rough carpet.

Patrick positioned himself on his side facing the door and waited. He still had an hour before Ben got home. He started to fidget with the hem of the red silk boxer shorts he wore. He hoped the bright red didn’t make him look even whiter than he already was. The cures of being fair skinned.

He pulled the Santa hat off his head and rolled over on to his stomach. All the adrenaline in his body started to drain away and he found himself yawning so wide his jaw popped.

“Just a few minutes,” Patrick said on a yawn. “I’m going to rest my eyes just for a few minutes.”


Ben walked through his front door and was met by flashing lights. He took a step back to make sure he was in the right apartment. Number three forty-seven. It was his apartment.

“Patrick,” Ben said to himself. He shook his head as he pushed through the door.

They hadn’t had time to go get a tree and of course his boyfriend would have been too excited to wait for him. The sprite of a man had more energy that at times Ben couldn’t keep up. So it was no surprise that he now stood looking at a tree with brightly colored red balls and way to many white lights covering the huge tree.

How the hell did he get it up the stairs?

As he walked further into the room he caught sight of Patrick curled into a ball at the bottom of the tree. He smiled to himself because getting Patrick truly was the best gift ever. Ben never would have thought a chance meeting in a bar would bring him the love of his life.

Ben knelt down next to his lover and gently ran a finger down his check. Patrick sighed and nuzzled into the touch like a satisfied cat. God he loved him.

He quietly removed his gloves and coat. Ben laid down on his side facing Patrick. With his head propped up on his hand and he stared at Patrick. Every so often the lights would flash lightening up his sweet face.

Ben rested his hand on Patrick’s hip. Patrick moaned and opened his eyes. The sight of the bright grassy green eyes melted Ben’s heart every time he saw them.

“Oh shit!” Patrick said as he sat up. “I wanted to surprise you and I fell asleep.” He rubbed his hand down his face. “I can never do anything right.”

Ben chuckled. “Sweetie, I would have to disagree with you.” Ben pointed up the tree. “I’m very surprised. How many guys have a partner that would sneak into their apartment and decorate for Christmas?” He winked at Patrick.

A smile broke out across Patrick’s face. “I guess you’re right.”

“I am.” Ben pulled Patrick down to lay across his chest. “Now that you’re awake I’m ready to open my present.”

 “I forgot your present at my apartment.” Patrick smacked a hand across his face.

“No you didn’t.” Ben pulled at the waist of Patrick’s silky boxers. “You’re the only present I want.”

He knew he said the right thing when Patrick grinned down at him. He fell forward and covered Ben’s mouth with his own. Ben took control of the kiss. He wanted to show Patrick that he truly was the greatest gift of all and Ben hoped his gift proved the point. A key to his apart with a note asking the little red head to move in.

I hope everyone enjoyed my PG flash this week. Thanks for stopping by and I wish you all a safe and happy holiday!!!