Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Love for Candy

Trick or treating with the kids this year was fun. The weather held so that means we weren’t rained on. Always a plus. We actually stayed in our own neighborhood this year and trick or treated to our fellow neighbors. I must say as I looked through my kids candy they really cleaned up. The location of where you trick or treat definitely shows in the candy the kids bring home.

We live in a newer housing addition with a tab bit larger homes. My hubby always hated taking the kids around our hood because of all the walking and hills. Well I love to run and walk so this year we hung around the Hills of River Meadows where we live, I no classy name for a neighborhood. I feel so debonair just saying it. LOL!!!

By talking about where we live, I hope I don’t come off as a snob, because I’m not, but I am a candy snob. I like to think other people are just as picky about their candy as I am. I'm a fan of M&M's, Snickers, Milky Way (regular or dark), and the list goes on. However, I must say my all time favorite candy bar is Bar None and wouldn’t you know it they don’t make those any more. So depressing. To think my kids will never know that particular chocolaty goodness.

The pic is of my youngest son and me. He was so proud of his dinosaur costume.

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