Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fate's Second Chance is Released This Week!!

My first book, Fate’s Second Chance, gets released this week through Silver Publishing. I must say this all seems so surreal. To think I set my mind to something and stuck with it to the very end, or in this case the beginning, to get my book published. It’s a freaking miracle and it happened faster than I had anticipated.

I'm not one of those people who knew all their life they wanted to write. I knew I loved to read but that was it. My love for reading helped me escape from the craziness of my life. Never once did I ever imagine this; book being released on Thursday and two more that have been accepted for future release. I must say I’ve gone above and beyond my expectations. I guess the moral is you’re never too old to dream BIG!!!

On to other things in my crazy life, Halloween is tomorrow and I have four kids who are so excited it makes me sick. I keep thinking of all the candy I will eventually throw away. Such a waste but for a few hours my kids will feel bigger than life prancing out in their costumes. For a parent so worth it.

My hubby helped the kids carve pumpkins since I had to work today and I’ve been under the weather lately. I just got to say they are the ugliest pumpkins I have ever seen. He actually let our ten and seven year olds carve, with a knife, their own pumpkins. The one my oldest son did is messed up looking but oddly enough it kind of fits his personality. LOL!

Below is the link to Silver Publishing for Fate’s Second Chance. Out November 3!

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