Sunday, November 13, 2011

My New Favorite Show

I don’t watch a lot of television but the shows I do watch I absolutely just love and a loyal watcher of those shows every week. Currently my favorite show is abc's Once Upon a Time. I love the whole idea of fairy tale characters being held captive in a small town unbeknownst to them. The little boy Henry is the only one aware of everything that has happened and he seeks out his birth mother to help him save his town. Too sweet. I find it funny that Henry's adoptive mom is the evil witch. The actress who plays the evil queen is owning that part. She's very attractive but her actions and personality make you hate her. Bravo to her I really believe her part.
This is one show I hope that doesn’t get canceled. However I wonder how they will be able to carry this show into further seasons. I hope us viewers get the chance to see!

On my writing front, I just sent out a submission to a different publisher. Every time I send one out my stomach sits in knots until I hear something back. Extremely frustrating. My only concern with this latest submission is that it is a paranormal story. Vampires, shifters of all kinds, and witches. The main difference in my story is that it’s due to witches why there are vampires and shifters in the world. Hell have no fury like a scorned witch. It’s different but is it enough to catch people’s attention? I find it entertaining but that's just me, of course I’m a little partial since I wrote it. It’s a story that can be carried on into a series with several different aspects of the paranormal world told. I hope it gets accepted and I get the chance to bring that alternative world to life. 

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