Sunday, November 27, 2011

Titles and Character Names

People often laugh at me when I say I'm not very creative. Which is funny since I write. What I’m not creative about is character names and book titles. I found it frustrating. Before I write a story I sit down and come up with character names and descriptions. The part that takes the longest is coming up with the characters names. I usually Google baby names and read through lists of names until one jumps out at me. But the name has to fit the character I thought up in my head, so this can really be time consuming. To me the name has to be believable to the character and the story. It all has to jive together.
Now when it comes to a title that makes me sweat. It has to be catchy yet pertain to the story. One of the first things readers notice is the flipping title so it needs to be able to stick with them. A good cover is also helpful. Writing a story is like building the perfect house. You have to lay a sturdy foundation; plot, characters, conflict, and resolve. Then build up from those main supporting beams. All of these factors are why it takes me awhile to write a story. In my mind the story has to be something I enjoy and find believable because if I don’t believe in it how do I expect the readers too? As the writer you have to take the readers on a journey through the world you created and at the end you hope they enjoyed the ride. If not they give you a shitty review.
The current story I just submitted, still waiting to hear back on, I had to change a main characters name. I had to do this because I another more well-known author just had a book come out with the exact same title I had for my book. Made me laugh at first but then I was like, OH SHIT! I had to think of name that fit this character that I had been calling by another name for months. Had I been thinking clearly I would have changed the title as well. So if this publishing house takes it I most definitely will have to change the title.
All writers have their own method on how they come up with character names, title, and story ideas.  You have to do what works best for you. And for me I have to feel like I know my characters, so I bring them to life, only in my own mind, but nevertheless to life. I always worry when I tell my husband the characters keep talking in my head and won’t shut up, that he thinks I might be going crazy. He usually just nods at me and smiles. I love that he gets me.
Well I’m off to watch my favorite show Once Upon a Time. I just love this show and it doesn’t hurt that it has a gorgeous cast. One of my favs is the sheriff. He’s just so handsome and has a sexy accent. What’s not to love? The man sure can take a photograph too!

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