Tuesday, May 17, 2011

People and Their F**king Opinion

I'm suffering from a major headache, so when I don't feel well I tend to bitch, a lot. My left eye is killing me and its a little swollen. No clue why but it freaking hurts. The pain is radiating from the left side of my face to the other side. Frustrating as hell. The weather is nice but so freaking bright I don't want to sit outside. There is no sunglasses strong enough to block out the sun today. I really think my head might explode.

Anyway here's my bitch for the day. I was dropping child number 3 off at preschool today and I parked my car and walked to the door with number 3 & 4 children in tow. Of course my youngest doesn't want to hold my hand so I just hang on to his shirt. We pass some old lady who feels the need to tell me I should hold his hand because there are big trucks driving through the parking lot and he might get run over. Seriously!! I just wanted to say, "Do I look like a fucking idiot lady?" But feeling nice today I just mumbled all the way to the class room. I'm pretty certain some of the parents heard my opinion which consisted of plenty of F's words.

I mean seriously I wouldn't let my kids run across the road into the middle of  traffic. Just because I'm not hovering over them every second doesn't mean I'm not close behind them. I have four kids I've come to learn they wont break when they fall and they wont get sick from dropping their chip on the floor than picking it up to eat it. 5 second rule is fine by me. I am pretty hard on my kids because I would die if anything ever happen to them, but I also no I have to let them be kids. It cracks me up when they do something and think I wont find out. I always have an eye on them and of course they are always willing to tell on one another.  Funny kids.

Back to my complaint. I totally get wanting to give people advise when I see them doing shit that I don't agree with but I don't. I only need to worry about myself and how  I raise my kids so their not complete fuck ups in the world.

Any who back to writing. Trying to finish the follow up to Fate's Second Chance. But I have to say with this headache I don't no how much I will get done. And I'm still waiting to hear back on my first submission Going Home. Waiting is a pain.

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