Saturday, June 25, 2011

New York Passes Same Sex Marriage!!!

After spending the night out with some friends I come home and check the news feed to find out same sex marriage passes in New York. I think that is just fucking fabulous. In my opinion no one should have to fight for the simple right to marry who they want. Just because I'm straight don't make me any more special than anyone else and the simple act of getting married should be allowed for all no matter the circumstances.

I no not every one shares my views and that is fine. Living in America gives us the right to have any opinion we so choose. When it comes to love, people in general shouldn't be so judgemental. Its like certain people aren't happy unless their fighting or putting others down and that just isn't right or fair. Love is free to give and free to have and if people no matter their situation want to get married more power to them.

I will have been married for ten years come the twenty-fourth of July and I cant imagine if someone said I couldn't marry him. He's my best friend and supports me no matter what. In the end were all just people wanting to live the best life we can and we all deserve the right to live it as we choose. 

Way to go New York I'm proud of you!

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