Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Blogging Dilemma

I've come to the conclusion I'm the worst blogger ever. If I'm not forgetting to blog something, I'm not out gaining followers. But it all works out in the end without a ton of followers I have no one to disappoint so there you go.

Anyway off to what I've been pondering lately. I just read a  really good book, Who Better Than Canyon by DC Juris. Very entertaining read not riddled with sex scenes. Now I for one do love the sex scenes and many if possible, but it impresses me when an author can right a gripping love story without all that filler. This story had a few kisses between the leads but that was it. My point is the book was really good and I enjoyed it immensely.

Now the site I reviewed the book for had it in the erotic section. So naturally I asked if it should be put in the romance sections since their wasn't one single sex scene. I was told no because all GLBT books are put in the erotic section. Not a big deal and I totally respect how they place their books to be reviewed. It boils down to that some readers are still offended by gay couplings. I don't get it because a love story is a love story be it two women, two men, or a man and a woman.

Its funny that in this day and age people still have to walk on egg shells as to not offend anyone. Sex is sex and everyone is having one form of it, or at least I hope so. I looked up the definition of erotica and basically means to arouse sexual desire. Now I have read some books no matter what genre or pairing that are just a love story that didn't arouse any sexual thoughts in my mind.

All this is just my opinion and doesn't reflect anything on the web site I review for. I absolutely love the site and through them I get to read books by authors I wouldn't have been introduce to otherwise. I love to read and now I can write down what I thought of a certain book. Its fun but a struggle at times. Sometimes my creativity isn't always up to par and that just really sucks. To be a writer you need to keep those creative juices flowing sometimes easier said than done.

On my writing news I just submitted the second installment for the Twist of Fate series, Fate's Fortunate Mistake. Just waiting to hear back on that. I also submitted a Christmas story called The Christmas Elf. Its a short story only about eight thousand words. And I just have to say writing a short story is a lot harder to write than a thirty-five thousand piece of work, at least for me.

I'm constantly reading, writing, and spending time with my family. So in others words busy, busy, busy. But me being me I wouldn't have it any other way.

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  1. HI there! I just randomly stumbled upon this post during a Google search for reviews (long story... LOL) and just wanted to drop a note to say I'm so glad you liked my story, and yes - I've seen this happen a lot at different places, GLBTQ being put under "erotica" no matter what the heat level. I guess it's cause GLBTQ romance is considered "risque," maybe? I'm not sure. But like you, it's puzzling to me.