Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Useless Bitching We As People Do That Gets Us Nowhere

I just recently started writing and I have three books schedule to be released through Silver Publishing. I’m new to all the ins and outs of writing, I like learning from other authors out there, and it never seems to amaze me how some people just complain about things they just cannot change. I totally get that. Ask my husband he’d tell you I’m the biggest offender of bitching when there isn’t a damn thing I can do to change the outcome. Were people its just what we do.
Okay, I’ve gotten off track here. I read an interesting blog by an author who went on about how some fans annoy them. I’m not saying anything bad about this author since I’m a huge fan of their work but come on ranting in an email or blog might just seem a bit over the top. Ultimately, you as the author have to put up with the stupid questions, hate mail, and just the all-out absurdity of people in general. It sucks but in the end, you as the author are the one laughing all the way to the bank. Someone hates your work, so what? They bought it and obviously enjoyed it enough to compliment you or send you hate mail, but either way what you wrote stayed with them. And more often than not, that same crazy fan will buy more of your work. Crazy? I know but it’s just the way people are. I've read some interesting reviews where the reviewer hated the book yet kept reading that authors work. That reader couldn't of hated it that much.
I can be quoted enough around my house and amongst my friends as to say, I hate people. Not all people but a good portion. I have to say there are some real crazies out there and I choose not to be sucked into their drama. I can understand a person’s frustration about being hounded by people asking the most ridiculous questions. I've got four kids that ask stupid shit all the time I can relate. But then you’re the one who gets the email and that being said can say fuck it I’m not acknowledging that with a response. Because there is just some over the top people who just don’t have a clue about anything and think others are here on earth to just serve their every need. LOL! Hence why I can’t stand most people.
Authors are not in the public eye as much as actors but the same rule applies, just because you have a fan base doesn’t me you have to give all yourself to the fans. It’s unreasonable to expect a person to please everyone. We would like to but at the end of the day, we all have our own lives and families to take care of. You want to acknowledge and respond to your fans but sometimes you just have to let things go and just not let the insane things they say or want get to you. If you do, you’ll be angry all the time. This is a reason I stopped talking to the majority of my family. You can’t please everyone; you just have to please yourself. I think that’s a line in a song. I’m shrugging because I can’t remember!
The books I’ve written might not be a major or hell even a minor success but if one person buys my work and enjoys it I will have felt like I’ve succeeded in something I didn’t think possible. I’ve heard a ton of stories about authors waiting years to be published or never being published at all and that scares me. I just starting writing this past January and three of the five manuscripts I’ve submitted have been accepted. From what I gather, I’m fortunate in that. And I hope I can remember if someone emails me complaining about what I wrote about that I can keep a cool head and see it for what it’s worth. Feeding into others lunacy is no good for anyone. To keep your peace of mind you have to focus on your work. Because let’s face it for every person out there that hates you, there is one that loves you.

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