Sunday, May 1, 2011

And It Begins!!!

I got word yesterday that a publishing company is wanting to publish my book, or shall I say ebook. Of course anything can happen and they not publish it, but I did sign a contract for it. I'm really excited but dude it just added to my work load. All the cover art and blurbs sheets you need to fill out is a lot. This is something I've been wanting but it was so surreal when I got the email saying they liked it and want to publish it. Que me squealing like a little girl. I damn near fell running up the stairs to tell my hubby.

So now I'm working on pre-edits before I send it back to the editors. Which is always fun, being sarcastic there. I don't no about anyone else but after writing your story then having to reread it several times, kinda makes you go crossed eyed. But I do have to say this story is, to me very funny. I explained it to my sister as a romantic comedy. So hopefully others will like it.

Still waiting to hear back on my first submission. That one I already sent off the full manuscript, so who knows. I was completely thrown for a loop when this second story was accepted. Needless to say I'm thrilled.

So now its time to get back to it so I can get that manuscript sent back to the editor.  That still sounds so weird to say. But I like it!

P.S. - I so need to steal hubby's laptop. His is way cooler than mine.

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