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Wednesday Briefs: Out of His League Part 11

Its Wednesday and that means another installment of the Wednesday Briefs. I'm carrying on with my Out of His League story. As always I'll post my fellow briefers links, so be sure to check them out.

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Out of His League Part 11

Lance looked from Kip back to Coach Wilkerson. A smile spread across his face. “Yes. Yes I do. ” He entwined his fingers with Kip’s.

“You’re young. You have no clue what you want or what the real life is like.” Coach shook his head in disgust. “No fucking clue.”

“Come on Lance.” Kip tugged his hand to get him walking. “Don’t waste your breath.”

Lance started to follow Kip than stopped and turned back toward Coach Wilkerson. “You know what? Just because your life didn’t turn out as planned doesn’t mean ours won’t.” He squared his shoulders bracing himself as Coach took a step toward him.

“You think it’s easy to be gay in this profession? Do you really think Kipper here will be able to make it to the majors with his gay lover sitting beside him?” Coach Wilkerson barked out a laugh. “If you think that’s a possibility you’re both delusional.”

“See that’s where your thinking is fucked.” Lance jerked in surprise at Kip’s sharp words. “Yes, I love playing baseball but I’d give it all up in a heartbeat for Lance.” Kip pointed a finger at Coach Wilkerson’s chest. “I love him more than anything. More than being a starting pitcher with a five million dollar contract.” Kip shrugged his shoulders. “I can always find another job but not another Lance Kinsley.”

If they weren’t standing in the middle of the hallway and in front of Kips ex-lover, Lance would have kissed Kip full on the mouth. But they were and he didn’t want to cause more of a scene. Lance in a way felt bad for Coach Wilkerson. The man threw Kip away like he was nothing all from fear of what he thought the world would think of him. What a sad life to live. If Lance felt anything it was pity for the older man.

Not wanting to rub salt in an open wound, Lance grabbed Kip’s hand and started walking away from the man that owned Kip’s past. Because out that locker room door held the future, their future and there was no need to look back.

Lance glanced over his shoulder to the man who had been his coach for the past year and half. “Good luck, Coach. I really hope one day you find the kind of love that makes you want to change who you are.” He turned his smile toward Kip. “Come on baby, let’s go.”

Kip smiled wildly at him. "I'd follow you anywhere.”

Bending down he brushed his lips across Kip’s and walked out the double doors not looking back.


Ten Years Later

“Daddy, daddy.”

Lance looked down at his smiling daughter’s face as he reached his hands out to steady her before she fell out of her chair.

“Tatum, calm down.” He couldn’t help but laugh at her excitement. She always got this ways on games days. “If you don’t calm down no dipping dots at the seventh inning stretch.”

The threat of not getting her frosty treat always did the trick. Tatum sat with her legs crossed and pinched her lips tight. Lance leaned over and kissed her on top of her head. She beamed a smile up at him as she pressed out her lips for a kiss. Obliging his little princess’s request he gave her a quick peck then handed her a juice box.

Looking out across the expense of finely kept green grass, Lance thought back to his college days. There were times he missed it but he was a different person now than he was then. His life was great and he wouldn’t have changed a thing. He was married with a bright eyed little girl who ruled his world. Not being able to play baseball didn’t affect him in the least.

Lance graduated college and took a job as physical education teacher. Teaching young minds fulfilled him in ways that baseball never could. After the high school baseball coach retired, Lance took on the position. It only took three years for his team to take the state title. It had been one of happiest days of his life.

“Daddy, look.”

Small hands tugging at his shirt shook him from his memories. Just them the announcer came over head introducing the home team. Lance stood up and gathered Tatum in his arms.

“Daddy!” Tatum screamed as she waved her hands franticly toward the field.

“The starting pitcher, Kip Edgerton.” The roar of the crowd rang out and Tatum clapped along with them.

Lance kissed his little girl on the cheek and smile. “Yes there’s daddy.”

He watched as Kip took the mound and turned to look in their direction like he always did and mouthed the words I love you and finger waved to their daughter.

It hadn’t been an easy road to get to where they were today but in the end the only thing that mattered was that they were together. There was always those how took pleasure in poking fun at his and Kip’s life style but it was getting better. The team was like a family and they all accepted him and Kip being together. The players’ wives even gave them a baby shower when they adopted Tatum. Life was good.

With Kip still staring in their direction Lance mouthed those three little words back. Kip nodded and blew a kiss to their little girl. She was their pride and joy.

“Daddy loves us.” She giggled as she rearranged her ball cap on her head.

“Yes he does.” It always took his breath away watching the man he loved play the game that brought them together. “And we love him.”

The End

Hope everyone enjoyed Out of His League. It was a lot of fun to write. There's always room for these characters to grow I'll just have to wait and see if they do anymore talking to me. :-) 

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  1. Gosh, I love happy endings! :D Sorry to see this one end, because I love baseball stories.

    1. I've got another baseball story I'm wanting to start. Its baseball season so its only fair to keep up the theme. :-)

  2. What a beautiful ending, AJ! I loved it! Great story!

  3. What a sweet ending. I love this story.