Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday Brief: Out of His League Part 9

Well it's Wednesday again and that means its brief time, aka flash fiction. I'm continuing my baseball themed story. At the end I'll post the link to my fellow authors participating this week. Be sure to stop by and show them some love!

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend and happy reading!

This week our prompts were provided to us by Scarlett Knight.

Prompt 1: Write a scene/story set on a plane, a cruise ship, or a train

Prompt 2: Use "macaroni," "diva," and "cape"

Prompt 3: Write a scene/story and include a bird in some way

I offer you these alternate prompts:

"Opposites attract"


An interesting use of an electric chair


Scarf, cucumber, and a coffee table

Out of His League Part 9

He watched as Lance walked off the field without even a backwards glance. Kip turned his glare to Peter. The man looked pleased with himself with a huge shit eating grin plastered across his face.

What did he say to Lance?

As soon as his pitching coach dismissed them for the day he took off across the field toward Peter. He had to know what the man said. Lance looked completely dejected when he headed toward the locker room and by the look Peter was sporting, the man seemed just a little too happy at the hurt and sadness coming off of Lance.

“What the fuck did you say to Lance?” There was no beating around the bush. Kip wanted answers.

When Peter turned to him a grin lit up the older man's face. “Kipper, how was your practice, baby?”

His blood pressure sky rocketed at the older man’s pet name for him. The man had balls or he was oblivious ignorant to the situation unfolding at the moment.

“Stop calling me that,” Kip growled low as the rest of the players existed the field. “What did you say to him?”

“Everything okay here gentlemen?” Coach Anderson asked as he came upon Kip and Peter. His eyes darted between the two men and Kip had to wonder if the other coach picked up on the hostility wafting off him.

“All is good Vic.” Peter laid his hand on Kip’s shoulder and gave a gently squeeze. It took all Kip had not knock it off. “Just chatting with Kip.”

“Well okay then. Kip that was some excellent pitching today. Take care of that shoulder; you’re our starting pitcher for opening day.”

“Yes sir.” Kip smiled but it was forced. Being able to start a game was pretty big news for any player but at the moment he cared more about Lance and what he was feeling then his baseball career.

As Coach Anderson walked away Kip seized the opportunity to push Peter’s hand off his shoulder. Peter turned pouty eyes to him, like that would work on him. Maybe a few months ago but not now. Not when Kip knew without a doubt that he was just a piece of ass to Peter and what they shared meant nothing to the older man.

“I’ll ask you one more time, what did you say to Lance?” Kip did his best to rein in his control and he was losing the battle with his emotions. He never wanted to pummel someone as much as he wanted to Peter at that very second.

“I told him the truth,” Peter said as he crossed his large arms over his chest.

“And what’s that?”

Peter took a step toward him. “That whatever is between the two of you will pass and that you will come back to me.”

Peter's smile made Kip’s skin crawl. A shudder ran across his back. How could I have ever been attracted to such slime ball?

“First off, we are over. Hasn’t that sunk in to your thick head yet?” Kip fisted his hands in his hair in frustration, knocking his ball cap to the ground. “My god you’re fucking engaged to a woman. Anything I ever felt for you is over. I’ve grown up and I know what it’s like to have someone how cares about me for more than just my ass.”

“Kip.” Peter shook his head as he started to laugh. “I hear what you’re saying but don’t you remember all the times we were together? How I made you come so hard you couldn’t move a single muscle.” Peter took a step forward invading Kip’s personal space then lifted his finger to turn Kip to look at him. “He can never make you feel like I did.”

Kip jerked away from Peter’s touch. “That’s where you’re wrong. He already has.” He flashed a big grin to Peter before he turned to walk away.

A hard grip on his bicep stilled his movement. “This little thing between you and Lance won’t last and you’ll come back to me. You two are too different,” Peter whispered low in his ear.

Kip pulled free of Peter’s hold. “Haven’t your heard?” He asked over his shoulder. “Opposites attract.”

He didn’t wait for a response from Peter. No matter what the other man had to say it was for nothing. Kip wanted Lance and he would move heaven and earth to keep him. He just had to pray Peter hadn’t messed up any chance he had.

As he walked into the locker room he noticed it was empting out. A lot of the players had already showered, changed and were leaving for the day. He navigated his way to Lance’s locker. To his surprise Lance was still there, staring down at the floor. It broke Kip’s heart to know he had a part in that. He should have told Lance about Peter but he didn’t. He didn’t want Lance to judge him for his past actions and his poor choice in boyfriends.

Taking a deep breath he sat down next to Lance. “We need to talk.”

To be continued

Nephylim     m/m
Ashlynn Monroe     m/f
MC Houle     m/m


  1. I really like this story, and these two guys. Very sweet and very heartbreaking. Great use of the prompt too!

  2. talk about a cliffhanger. Tut tut you :) (pot kettle black ;) ) I really enjoyed that chapter and I have to wonder the same thing that Kip did... what the hell did he see in that slime ball. Ah well, no accounting for taste.

    I hope that Lance will understand that whatever Peter the prat says isn't coming frm Kip and doesn't pose a threat. I'm sure their relationship is strong enough to enable him to do that.

    1. LOL! There always has to be a little drama, right? By the way Rune and Luke's story is getting so good. And you left us hanging again.:-(
      Until next week!!