Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Proud Moment

I know this is my blog for my writing but today I'm taking a moment to share how proud I am of my husband. He ran his first 5K this past weekend and completed it under forty minutes. I'm over the moon proud of him. He knows how I like to run and wanted to participate in a race with me. Of course I was completely floored at first, because he hates to run for any reason, but I agreed it would be a good thing for him to try.

He's been training for the past couple of months. Not only for this race but because as the years have crept up on my hubby so have the pounds. His motivation might have been running in a 5K but ultimately he's trying to incorporate exercise into his life along with a healthy diet. I'm all for this. For one we have four kids together and I want to grow old with my best friend and being healthy raises the odds for this to happen.

But the main thing that makes me the proudest is that he didn't let anything discourage him from doing this race. My husband is a big guy and it would be easy for him to just give up or talk himself out of it, but he didn’t. He held strong and has made a lot of changes in his everyday life for the better.

Us with our good friend
I guess my point is you never know unless you try and don’t let other people’s doubts make decision for you. It's like me and my writing. I took a chance submitting my first story and it got rejected but a couple of months later the next one was accepted and the rest is history. Of course as any writer will tell you, you have to put up with negative reviews and people just not liking your work. But on the flip side there will be people who get your work and love it and that right there makes is all worth it in the end. So keep trying and never give up. That is the best advice I'd give to anyone. 

Me & My Hubby
See I did incorporate a little something involving my writing. LOL!

Hope everyone has an amazing week and happy reading!


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