Friday, April 20, 2012

Set Me On Fire Release and Giveaway!

I was in the hospital yesterday so I'm trying to play catch and get ahead all at once. Or I'm at least trying too!!

Tomorrow, Saturday April 21, is the release day for Set Me On Fire. The story revolves around to firefighters, Kelly Lynch and Nate Anderson, and the struggles they have to overcome to be together. Whenever two people begin a relationship a lot of compromise and understanding needs to take place. But if both parties aren't willing to do that, well then you have the perfect drama/conflict for a story.

I love doing giveaways so in honor of Set Me On Fire's release there's going to be one.
All you have to do is leave a comment with valid email address or if you don't feel comfortable leaving an email address feel free to email me directly. The contest will run from today Friday April 20 until Monday April 23. I'll randomly select a winner on Tuesday morning April 24. The book will be in PDF format.

I'm also visiting some other authors blogs hosting giveaways as well so you may also enter there if you wish.

Julie Lynn Hayes
Gale Stanley

Kelly Lynch wanted to become a firefighter to help people, but with his accident prone nature his boss, Nate Anderson, thinks he’s an utter fool. Kelly never planned to fall for Nate but now that he has, he realizes loving is easy; understanding and compromise are hard.

Nate has been attracted to Kelly since his first day at the station house. Watching the younger man day in and day out is frustrating. Kelly’s latest stunt almost got him killed and Nate fears losing the man of his dreams.

Will Nate’s demanding ways cause the embers of their love to die out? Or will Kelly prove he has what it takes to be with Nate, at work and in the bedroom?


  1. Please throw my name into the hat! Firefighters *shudders in a good way*...

    eripike at gmail dot com

  2. I love firemen!

  3. Love the blurbs and I'm sure I'll enjoy the new book!

  4. I can't WAIT to read this!!

    On another were in the hospital?!?

    1. Yes, but I'm okay. I just suffer from really bad acid reflex. Can really put a damper on your day. :-)

    2. well I'm glad you're okay!

  5. I would LOVE to win this! Thanks for the giveaway. Sorry you had a hospital visit, they always seem to keep you there forever.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com