Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday Brief: Out of His League Part 7

Hello Wednesday Briefers! This is my first flash fiction in good lord I don’t know how long. LOL! I’ve been busy with edits, kids, and just life in general. But I’m back this week because Kip and Lance needed some attention. J

Since I’ve been horrible with not keeping up with my Wednesday Brief here’s a quick recap.

Lance and Kip play college baseball and have been attracted to each other from day one. But due to Kip dating someone else and Lance’s terrible case of the nerves, they never acted on their feelings. They shared a steamy shower together witch lead to their first date. Out of His League part 6 left off with Lance and Kip sharing a kiss then heading back to Kip’s apartment at Lance’s best friend’s encouragement. That should bring everyone up to date. So I hope you enjoy!

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Happy reading!

This week's prompt:....  Take your hands off him!

Alternative prompts

I cry when I hear that music because....


Use a gravestone, a popsicle and a pair of feathered slippers.


There was just something about... that made me want to hide under a blanket


What do you want from me?

Out of His League Part 7

“I was worried you wouldn’t come join me.” Kip’s smiled deepened. His gaze dropped to eat up every inch of Lance’s naked body and his dick began to harden.

Lance chuckled as he pushed Kip out of the way to step under the water. Kip couldn’t tear his eyes from Lance’s body. He seen him before in the locker room shower but knowing now was it, that they were going to seal the deal and have sex made this a whole new ball game.

He wanted to kiss those sweet lips then ride Lance’s body until he was screaming his name to the heavens. Lance was one of those guys Kip could see himself falling in love with. A real kind of love not what he thought he shared with Peter. Lance was kind and caring. All the things he ever wanted in a man.

“Kip, baby?” Lance circled his arms around Kip’s waist and held him close. “Why are you so quiet? That’s usually my thing.” He shrugged as a grin spread across his lips.

Kip tried to swallow around the lump in his throat. To finally see Lance be confident and make the first move was more than he could have expected. Standing up on his toes he brushed his lips against Lance’s. Soft and gentle at first then realizing he needed more to cool the burning fire in his gut, he fisted his fingers in Lance’s silky blond hair and pulled him down, capturing his lips in a bruising kiss.

He could feel a moment’s hesitation in Lance before he unleashed the sexual being residing in his body. Lance turned around pushing Kip up against the cool tile wall. He gasped for breath. Lance took the opportunity to take what Kip was so willing to give. Their tongues dueled in a wet sloppy kiss. Both so eager for what was to come.

The feel of Lance’s hard cock rubbing against his own caused a muffled cry to seep past his lips. Lance slowly pulled back nipping at Kip’s bottom lip as he did. Kip’s mouth hung open begging for more of Lance hot moist tongue.

Lance held his gaze as he slowly worked his way down his body. Kip’s stomach quivered as Lance dropped kissing here and there down his torso. Once Lance was eye level with Kip’s dick he ran his tongue of the head, dipping his tongue into the slit tasting Kip’s pre-cum. Then without warning, Lance engulfed his entire shaft down to the root.

“Sweet Jesus!” Kip couldn’t hold back his scream. He never expected to ever see this side of Lance. And he could honestly say he loved it.

Lance licked and teased the engorged cock making Kip squirm with every hard suck. He started to fidget and bit the inside of his cheek hard. The orgasm pooling in his balls was minutes, if not seconds, away from detonating.

“Lance, stop,” Kip moaned as he gently pulled at Lance’s hair. “If you don’t stop I’m going to come.”

“That’s kind of the point.” Lance stood up and took another step closer to him until their chest touched. A mischievous glint shined in his eyes.

“I know but I want you to be inside me when I come.” Kip rested his hands on Lance’s ass jerking him closer.

“I want that too.”

Kip turned off the water and they got out of the shower. After drying off he led Lance to his bedroom. He didn’t bother with the light. Kip just walked to his dresser grabbed the lube and a condom. He turned to see Lance relaxing back on his elbows as he sat on the bed. Lance caught him staring and curled a finger beckoning him to come to the bed.

He couldn’t help it, Kip followed the command. “Someone is feeling extra sure of himself now.” Kip teased.

“You bring it out in me.” Once Kip reached the bed Lance tugged him down and covered Kip’s body with his own. “I’ve wanted you since the first time I saw you walk out onto the field.” Lance’s face became serious. “I don’t usually do things like this.”

“Like what?” Kip asked as he soaked up the heat coming from his lover’s body.

“Random hook ups. If we do this it’s going to mean something to me.” Lance ran his fingers down the side of his face and Kip closed his eyes at the tender touch.

“What do you want from me?”

“I want you, Kip. I want you for more than a quick fuck.”

If he could have jumped up and down Kip would have. “That’s good because I want you too and not just for tonight.”

Lance smiled down at him them captured his lips in a hard kiss. Their tongues moved in an erotic little dance as they rolled around on the bed. Kip felt around on the bed until he found the supplies he had dropped there. He brought his hand up when he found his prize.

Lance sat up and rolled the condom down his length. Kip watched his every movement in eager anticipation for what was to come. Letting his legs fall to the side he opened up for his lover. Lance crawled forward until the head of his cock kissed Kip’s pucker. With a nod of his head Lance pushed forward. Kip’s back arched up off the mattress at the slight burn. Lance paused once he was seated deep within Kip’s ass.

“God you feel so good. So tight,” Lance said breathlessly. He started to work his shaft in and out of Kip’s body in a quick pace.

Kip couldn’t speak. All he could do was enjoy the ride. Lance dug his fingers into Kip’s hips as he thrust faster and harder. Kip pushed back to meet Lance’s rhythm. All too soon he felt his balls tighten as his cum shot out his body.

“Kip!” Lance screamed as he filled the condom. 

To be continued…

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  1. I do love a good game of hardball. Looking forward to the rest of this story, AJ :-)

  2. Very nice. Glad they got together!