Saturday, March 10, 2012

Releases for March

I've been so busy it isn’t even funny. I'm extremely grateful but damn I've been stressing my ass off. But enough of me whining, because let’s face it I could go on forever. LOL!

I have two books set to release this month. Authors who have several books coming out a month, I have no clue how they do it. Edits on top of edits about drove me completely insane. But I must say everyday I'm still shocked to be a published author. All this craziness is very exciting to me and totally worth every gray hair I’m getting.  My husband lets me bitch and moan on his shoulder and that helps. He's a great guy!

The first book coming out this month is Miles's Awakening. It will be the first in my paranormal series Warriors of the Light I'm writing for Siren. I absolutely love Siren Publishing. I buy most of my books from the Book Strand website and they have a ton of authors that have books out that I consider my must reads.

I find it funny how many books that have come out with the word awakening in it. I couldn’t have changed the title though. I started writing this book last year, around February then I shelved it to write Fate's Second Chance. But I kept going back to it because I knew something was there I just had to tweak it some. Long and behold here it is.

There are so many paranormal books out there but they’re all different in some way. Mine is the combining of all shifters and vampires of the world. And the cause of them is in part due to witches. A lot going on in this series but I think it’s fun and high energy. And at times emotional.

Miles's Awakening is set to release March 15. And I just got to say that I love the cover. A personal accomplishment for me is that I finally have a Siren cover. They publish some of my favorite authors, so some very good company to keep.

Second book I have coming out this month is Fate's Fortunate Mistake. It’s the second in the Twists of Fate series releasing through Silver Publishing. This story revolves around Marc's sister Serena and her journey to find her one true love. And it wouldn’t be any fun if I didn’t throw in some obstacles along the way.

Release date for this one is March 31. I'm working on another round of edits so hopefully this date will not change.

Well edits call, so happy reading to all!

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  1. Dear Angie...I, too, am on the cusp of my first pub (MF Storm Maker), with 4 to follow every two weeks for 7 weeks. I know the trepidation, the trembling, the sleeplessness, the verge-of-madness feeling that can never be duplicated. Sincere best on your writing. (It looks like you write some MM; I am now working on book II of a historical MM, loving every bit of it. Was I a man in another life?)

    I will look up your writing on the Strand website and see what I want to start with. Again, very best wishes for a smashing success with Miles.

    Slán, Erin O'Quinn