Saturday, March 31, 2012

Release Day & Giveaway!!!

Big day for me, first off Fate's Fortunate Mistake is released today. Super happy!! Then going to a friends baby shower. Not really my thing but she is my friend so I gotta go. Then tonight I'm running in a 5K and my husband is joining me. This is really exciting because it will be his first. So very proud of him. All in all I have a very busy day ahead of me.

I posted a blog yesterday in regards to Fate's Fortunate Mistake and a giveaway. To anyone interested in winning a copy just leave a comment and email address so I can reach you if you win.

Hope everyone has an excellent weekend!

AJ Jarrett


Serena thought falling for a gay man was tragic until she accidently dies. Saved by an angel and sent back to live as a man, Seth now has to decide if this new chance at happiness outweighs the simplicity of his old life.

Serena has treated herself to a much needed vacation cruise. While on board she meets the man of her dreams. What was supposed to be the beginnings of love are dashed away when she learns the sweet, young Rylee is gay.

When an attempt to drown her sorrows goes awry, she wakes up to her brother’s annoying guardian angel, Ross, who informs her she has gone missing, and in order to keep her alive, her soul was placed into the first available body.

Serena, now Seth, is adapting to her new life as a man. But all that changes when he runs into Rylee again. A chance at love has Seth rethinking his life and how he chooses to live it. Time is running out and a choice must be made. One question remains: is Seth willing to gamble on love?

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