Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cover for Fate's Fortunate Mistake!!

Here is the cover for my second release through Silver Publishing, also the second in the Twists of Fate series. Reese Dante out did herself with this cover. It is totally like what I had envisioned in my mind.

Whenever I have to fill out cover art paperwork I just dread it. In my head I know what I want but it's hard to describe it. That's where Reese comes in and works her magic and I'm very happy with the end result.

On a side note, I have no clue when this book will be released. I have yet to even do edits on it, but the cover was to awesome to not share.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Silver Publishing introduces a VIP Loyalty Program


I got this information this week and I must say its pretty exciting. Silver is starting a program that rewards the customer for purchasing books directly from the Silver Publishing website. I've got nothing but nice things to say about this publishing company. They are always looking for ways to improve and offer the greatest deals for the readers/customers. And if you're anything like me being able to get a discount, receive free books, and buy a book before it even freaking comes out is beyond fabulous.

So without further ado here is all the info for the new program!!!

Silver Publishing introduces a VIP Loyalty Program to select customers starting in 2012. As a show of appreciation for your commitment to purchase directly from Silver, we are now offering a three tier VIP program to customers. Membership into this program is by invitation only and is based exclusively on your purchasing dedication on the Silver website.

Platinum Members:
15% Discount on ALL purchases
On your birthday, Platinum members receive 5 free books.
Platinum members receive their pre-ordered books 36 hours before its official release date
100 Reward Points every December

Gold Members:
10% Discount on ALL purchases
On your birthday, Gold members receive 2 free books.
Members receive their pre-ordered books 12 hours before its official release date
50 Reward Points every December

Silver Members:
5% Discount on ALL purchases
On your birthday, Silver members receive 1 free book.
Members receive their pre-ordered books 6 hours before its official release date
25 Reward Points every December

Additional perks to all tiers:
Special Contest for members only throughout the year
Exclusive discount coupons throughout the year


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday Briefs: Out of His League Part 4

Big news on the flash front, we are now known as Wednesday Briefs. How hot is that picture? Fellow author Victoria's hubby made this badge for us. Many thanks!! 

We have a different name but still same great authors and stories. There are also some new authors to the mix and I for one can’t wait to read what they got for us this week. I’m continuing my baseball themed story Out of His League, I got a thing for baseball players what can I say. They look so cute all sweaty in their tight nylon pants. I better stop now or I’ll go on forever.

The prompts this week are:

If I'd known you were coming, I'd have.... (Fill in the blank)

Or the alternate prompts are:

tree, highway, understanding
all we are is dust in the wind
do something involving time travel

As always I’ll leave the links to the other Briefers at the end.
Happy reading!!!

Out of His League Part 4

Lance arrived at Kip’s apartment with five minutes to spare. He walked up the stairs and sat with his back against Kip’s door and waited.

It was July in Missouri and the heat was unbearable. Perspiration drip down his back to land in the waist band of his cargo shorts. Before long his ass sweat would leave one hell of a wet mark on Kip’s doorstep if the man didn’t arrive soon.

Leaning his head back to rest on the door, Lance thought back to the shower he had taken with Kip earlier. He still couldn’t believe he let the star pitcher jack him off in the locker room showers where anyone could have walked in on them. But even with the possibility of being discovered, he wouldn’t have changed a thing. To be able to curl his fingers around Kips thick, solid length and stroked him until he came was a dream come true.

The wind blew and he closed his eyes and let he breeze fan his hair out of his face. Goose bumps broke out across his arms as the wind cooled the sweat matted hair on his forehead. Lance reached down and readjusted his dick to lay more comfortable in his shorts. The more he thought about a naked Kip the harder he got.

His cell phone vibrated dragging him out of his thoughts. He fished the phone out of his pants and hit the connect button.


“Hey, Lance, where you at?” Aaron asked but didn’t wait for a response. “Me and some of the guys are going to McNeil’s Pizza, you want to come with?”

If he didn’t say yes Aaron would twenty question him to death until he cracked and he wasn’t for sure if Kip wanted anyone to know about him being gay or that they were together, kind of.

“I’m going to pass.” Lance racked his brain for a believable excuse. “I got a killer headache and I’m heading to the pharmacy right now for some aspirin.”

“That’s cool but if you start to feel better come on down.”

Lance agreed and disconnected the line. He didn’t want to lie to his best friend but he had to take whatever was going on between him and Kip slow. If he rushed things to fast Kip might call it quits before anything got started. 

Distracted by his dismal thoughts of losing Kip before he ever had him, he didn’t notice that the man stood at the top of the stairs staring at him. Lance cleared his throat and climbed to his feet.

“Shit, I didn’t even hear you coming.” Lance dusted off the back of his shorts and pulled the wet material away from his skin.

“Who was that?” Kip nudged his chin in the direction of Lance’s pocket that held his phone.

“Oh nobody, just some friends going out for pizza wanting to know if I wanted to come.”

“Did you want to?” Kip asked with a raised eyebrow disappointment clear in his tone.

“God no!” Lance shouted.

Kip started to laugh as he walked toward his front door. As he passed Lance, Kip brushed his lips against his. A small gasped seeped past his lips. Every time Kip touched him it was as if an electrical current ran through his body jolting his nervous system threatening to make him a puddle of goo at Kip’s feet.

Lance stood behind Kip as he unlocked the front door. Once opened Kip ushered him inside and Lance’s eyes darted around the small apartment. Typical single guy living for a college student. It was clean but there was clothes strung around the room as if the first thing Kip did when he got home was strip all his clothes off letting them lay where they fell.

He jumped in surprise when he felt Kip step up behind him and wrap his arms around his waist. Kip rested his head on Lance’s shoulder rubbing his stubble check against the side of Lance’s face.

“Easy there big guy.” Kip kissed the tender skin behind his ear in an attempt to calm him down but all it did was cause his dick to swell. “If I'd known you were coming, I'd have picked up.”

Lance turned his head to the side to look at Kip. His lips curled up at the corners and Lance started to laugh.

“Well if you knew then you must be a mind reader.” Lance’s eye dropped to Kip’s mouth and his tongue snaked out to wet his lips. “Because never in a million years would I have thought you were interested in me.”

Kip omitted a sigh and his moist breath fanned across Lance’s face. He breathed in deep wanting to commit Kip’s scent to memory just in case their time together tonight was just a onetime thing.

“Why wouldn’t I want you? Your fucking gorgeous and kind,” Kip whispered the last part as he turned Lance in his arms and walked him backwards to the couch.

When the back of Lance’s knees hit the edge he plopped down on his ass and Kip followed him down and straddled his lap. He cried out as Kip grinded his erection against the hard cock in his shorts. He tensed up from the action. He was torn, he wanted to throw Kip to the ground and fuck him like a wild animal, but he also wanted to take things slow. Lance wanted to get to know Kip on a more personal level before they threw sex into the equation.

Kip noticed his hesitation and leaned back and sat on Lance’s thighs. He steady Lance for a moment before he spoke. “Hey, why don’t you and I go out with your friends? Might be fun just to hang out with one another before, you know, we go any further.”

Lance couldn’t believe his ears. Kip had read his mind. Maybe the man of his dreams was looking for more than just one night too.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm a Guest at Gabrielle Evans Blog Today!

As the title states, I'm a guest over at Gabrielle Evans Blog today. She was kind enough to include me on her blog, very nice author and amazing writer. I got a thing for the Midnight Mating series. Love it!!

I'm giving away a copy of Fate's Second Chance plus a $10 gift card to Amazon. I'll be glad when another one of my books come out so I can stop pimping this one so much, LOL! Just kidding. I know I'm biased but I really love the whole idea behind the story. To be able to have a second chance at anything is pretty spectacular.

All you have to do is leave a comment to be entered into the drawing. Also if you visit Gabrielle's blog everyday for the month of January and leave a comment at every guest post, you will be entered into a drawing for a Kindle Fire. How awesome is that?

I'll post the link to Gabrielle's blog at the bottom of post. Just click on her name and it'll take you to her site.

Gabrielle Evans

Hope everyone is having a great day and definintely stop by if you can! 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday Flash: Out of His League #3

The weekly Wednesday flash is going to go by a new name, but the name still hasn't been decided on just yet. Even with a different name it is still the same great stories. I'm continuing my Out of His League story this week and at the end will be links to check out the other authors participating in this week's flash.

This week's prompts come to us courtesy of West Thornhill:

“Damn, it’s cold.” or “Whoever said winter was wonderful was off their fucking rocker.”

As alternative prompts, you may use:
moonstone, goggles, retort
"If you don't like it, change it"
write a story that features a new schoolteacher or schoolmarm or professor - just someone involved in education

Hope everyone enjoys. Happy reading!

Out of His League Part 3

Kip couldn’t hide his disgust at seeing his once upon a time lover. He had no doubt that Peter had stood there and watched him and Lance, invading their special moment.

“Peter it’s not moving on, it’s called living my life.” Kip shrugged. “I’m a young single guy I’m allowed to hook up with whomever I choose.”

“Oh come on Kipper, don’t be like that. I know you miss me,” Peter said as he took a step closer to Kip.

“No I don’t, you asshole,” Kip snapped as he knocked Peter’s hands away. He hated that nickname. To hear Peter use it brought back to many bad memories.

He turned around, grabbed his back pack and headed for the double doors. Just the sight of seeing his lying cheating ex turned his stomach. To think he turned down a scholarship to a college with a division one baseball team to be with Coach Asshole.

“So you think that boy can make you feel the way I did?” Peter chuckled. “Baby, you’re going to miss my touch,” Peter said as he moved closer. “I know you miss the sex we shared. He’ll never make you come the way I did, never.”

Kip narrowed his eyes at Peter. The man thought way to much of his fucking abilities. He did enjoy the sex they shared. It was sex after all but after learning Peter was engaged to a woman, the sex stopped being fun. To be someone’s dirty little secret kind of sucked any fun out of it.

“You’re right; he won’t make me feel the things you did.” Kip smiled. “He’ll make me feel loads better because he won’t be ashamed of me and lie to me.” Kip was taking a gamble on that since he didn’t know if Lance was out or not but anything was better than being used.

Peter lunged forward and grabbed his arm as Kip started out of the locker room. Kip stumbled back. He wasn’t expecting Peter to touch him. As he fell backwards, Peter pulled his back against his chest. He wrapped his big arms around Kip’s chest hugging him tight against him.

“I didn’t mean to lie to you,” Peter whispered low into his ear. “Baby it’s just difficult. Just give me some time. I know we can work this out and get through this.”

Peter started to kiss the outer shell of his ear. Kip bristled at the touch. A few months ago he would have caved under the onslaught of attention from his older lover. He would have begged Peter to fuck him, to make him come. But now the only thing he felt was loathing.

“Get off me.” Kip pulled out of Peter’s embrace. “You no Peter, why don’t you go home to your fiancĂ©. Maybe she’ll believe your lies.”

“Your young, you can’t possible understand what I’m going through,” Peter growled at him.

Kip rolled his eyes as he started to turn away. He didn’t need to hear any more excuses. Their relationship was over and he owed nothing to Peter.

“Baby, stop. I’m sorry okay.” Peter went to grab onto his arm again. At Kip’s raised eyebrow he raised his hands up in surrender. “I just wish my life were different.”

"If you don't like it, change it," Kip said. Without a backward glance he left the room. As he walked down the long hallway he thought about all he gave up to be with Peter and it was all for nothing.

He met Peter almost two years ago when he came to offer Kip an athletic scholarship to Clausen State. Kip had plenty of offers from other schools but it was Peter who made the offer he couldn’t refuse. He hated himself for letting his youthful attraction dictate where he attended college. The only thing good that came out of coming to Clausen was meeting the adorably shy shortstop.

Kip reached the parking lot and got into his car. The sun was beating down hard and the temperature was so high a person could fry an egg on the sidewalk.

He turned over the engine and flipped on the AC. The warm air became cool within seconds. Kip closed his eyes and relaxed back against his seat. A smiled tugged at his lips as he thought back to the first time he saw Lance.

When Kip arrived on campus he had met the whole team but there was only one guy who stood out amongst the rest, Lance Kinsley. He was older than Kip by one year but painfully shy. That attracted Kip to him instantly but he was still with Peter so he brushed those feelings aside. Because unlike Peter, Kip wasn’t a cheater or a liar.

Kip hated knowing he wasted so much precious time with Peter when he now knew that Lance had feelings for him. Well, that was all in the past now. He was free to be with who he wanted and he wanted Lance.

He smacked his hand on the dashboard like a judge making a ruling. Whatever it takes he would make Lance his for more than just a one-time tumble in bed. There was something between them, he felt it deep inside. He just prayed Lance felt the same.

Gripping the gear shift tight in his hand, Kip put the car into drive. He had a date with his blond haired angel and he didn’t want to be late.


Be sure to stop by these other authors sites. Good reading all around!

Monday, January 2, 2012

I've Been Interviewed!!!

The title says it all, I've been interviewed over at the Long and Short Reviews Erotic Romance website. It was fun and I really enjoyed answering the questions. Every writer is different and to get an insight to their point of view is intriguing. So if you have time, stop by and check out my interview. I'd deeply appreciate it. I talk about what I think makes good erotic fiction and who some of my favorite authors are.

The website has gone through a complete make over, very impressive. I personally love the darker colors. As I like to say, shiny and new! So if you haven't stop in over there recently, you should just to check out the new site. Definitely worth it!