Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday Briefs: Out of His League Part 4

Big news on the flash front, we are now known as Wednesday Briefs. How hot is that picture? Fellow author Victoria's hubby made this badge for us. Many thanks!! 

We have a different name but still same great authors and stories. There are also some new authors to the mix and I for one can’t wait to read what they got for us this week. I’m continuing my baseball themed story Out of His League, I got a thing for baseball players what can I say. They look so cute all sweaty in their tight nylon pants. I better stop now or I’ll go on forever.

The prompts this week are:

If I'd known you were coming, I'd have.... (Fill in the blank)

Or the alternate prompts are:

tree, highway, understanding
all we are is dust in the wind
do something involving time travel

As always I’ll leave the links to the other Briefers at the end.
Happy reading!!!

Out of His League Part 4

Lance arrived at Kip’s apartment with five minutes to spare. He walked up the stairs and sat with his back against Kip’s door and waited.

It was July in Missouri and the heat was unbearable. Perspiration drip down his back to land in the waist band of his cargo shorts. Before long his ass sweat would leave one hell of a wet mark on Kip’s doorstep if the man didn’t arrive soon.

Leaning his head back to rest on the door, Lance thought back to the shower he had taken with Kip earlier. He still couldn’t believe he let the star pitcher jack him off in the locker room showers where anyone could have walked in on them. But even with the possibility of being discovered, he wouldn’t have changed a thing. To be able to curl his fingers around Kips thick, solid length and stroked him until he came was a dream come true.

The wind blew and he closed his eyes and let he breeze fan his hair out of his face. Goose bumps broke out across his arms as the wind cooled the sweat matted hair on his forehead. Lance reached down and readjusted his dick to lay more comfortable in his shorts. The more he thought about a naked Kip the harder he got.

His cell phone vibrated dragging him out of his thoughts. He fished the phone out of his pants and hit the connect button.


“Hey, Lance, where you at?” Aaron asked but didn’t wait for a response. “Me and some of the guys are going to McNeil’s Pizza, you want to come with?”

If he didn’t say yes Aaron would twenty question him to death until he cracked and he wasn’t for sure if Kip wanted anyone to know about him being gay or that they were together, kind of.

“I’m going to pass.” Lance racked his brain for a believable excuse. “I got a killer headache and I’m heading to the pharmacy right now for some aspirin.”

“That’s cool but if you start to feel better come on down.”

Lance agreed and disconnected the line. He didn’t want to lie to his best friend but he had to take whatever was going on between him and Kip slow. If he rushed things to fast Kip might call it quits before anything got started. 

Distracted by his dismal thoughts of losing Kip before he ever had him, he didn’t notice that the man stood at the top of the stairs staring at him. Lance cleared his throat and climbed to his feet.

“Shit, I didn’t even hear you coming.” Lance dusted off the back of his shorts and pulled the wet material away from his skin.

“Who was that?” Kip nudged his chin in the direction of Lance’s pocket that held his phone.

“Oh nobody, just some friends going out for pizza wanting to know if I wanted to come.”

“Did you want to?” Kip asked with a raised eyebrow disappointment clear in his tone.

“God no!” Lance shouted.

Kip started to laugh as he walked toward his front door. As he passed Lance, Kip brushed his lips against his. A small gasped seeped past his lips. Every time Kip touched him it was as if an electrical current ran through his body jolting his nervous system threatening to make him a puddle of goo at Kip’s feet.

Lance stood behind Kip as he unlocked the front door. Once opened Kip ushered him inside and Lance’s eyes darted around the small apartment. Typical single guy living for a college student. It was clean but there was clothes strung around the room as if the first thing Kip did when he got home was strip all his clothes off letting them lay where they fell.

He jumped in surprise when he felt Kip step up behind him and wrap his arms around his waist. Kip rested his head on Lance’s shoulder rubbing his stubble check against the side of Lance’s face.

“Easy there big guy.” Kip kissed the tender skin behind his ear in an attempt to calm him down but all it did was cause his dick to swell. “If I'd known you were coming, I'd have picked up.”

Lance turned his head to the side to look at Kip. His lips curled up at the corners and Lance started to laugh.

“Well if you knew then you must be a mind reader.” Lance’s eye dropped to Kip’s mouth and his tongue snaked out to wet his lips. “Because never in a million years would I have thought you were interested in me.”

Kip omitted a sigh and his moist breath fanned across Lance’s face. He breathed in deep wanting to commit Kip’s scent to memory just in case their time together tonight was just a onetime thing.

“Why wouldn’t I want you? Your fucking gorgeous and kind,” Kip whispered the last part as he turned Lance in his arms and walked him backwards to the couch.

When the back of Lance’s knees hit the edge he plopped down on his ass and Kip followed him down and straddled his lap. He cried out as Kip grinded his erection against the hard cock in his shorts. He tensed up from the action. He was torn, he wanted to throw Kip to the ground and fuck him like a wild animal, but he also wanted to take things slow. Lance wanted to get to know Kip on a more personal level before they threw sex into the equation.

Kip noticed his hesitation and leaned back and sat on Lance’s thighs. He steady Lance for a moment before he spoke. “Hey, why don’t you and I go out with your friends? Might be fun just to hang out with one another before, you know, we go any further.”

Lance couldn’t believe his ears. Kip had read his mind. Maybe the man of his dreams was looking for more than just one night too.



  1. Sweet. The ass cheek sweat was a bit Eeew but realistic. I don't like characters who are so perfect they don't sweat. It certainly seems as if these two are going to be getting along fine. It was beautifully erotic without being overtly sexual. I liked it

  2. I am now caught up and looking forward to more again. I can't wait to see what Lance's friends say when he shows up with Kip. Should definitely be interesting.

  3. Sweet! I like Kip. Will we hear more from these 2?

    1. That's the plan! I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for stopping by!

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