Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday Flash: Out of His League #3

The weekly Wednesday flash is going to go by a new name, but the name still hasn't been decided on just yet. Even with a different name it is still the same great stories. I'm continuing my Out of His League story this week and at the end will be links to check out the other authors participating in this week's flash.

This week's prompts come to us courtesy of West Thornhill:

“Damn, it’s cold.” or “Whoever said winter was wonderful was off their fucking rocker.”

As alternative prompts, you may use:
moonstone, goggles, retort
"If you don't like it, change it"
write a story that features a new schoolteacher or schoolmarm or professor - just someone involved in education

Hope everyone enjoys. Happy reading!

Out of His League Part 3

Kip couldn’t hide his disgust at seeing his once upon a time lover. He had no doubt that Peter had stood there and watched him and Lance, invading their special moment.

“Peter it’s not moving on, it’s called living my life.” Kip shrugged. “I’m a young single guy I’m allowed to hook up with whomever I choose.”

“Oh come on Kipper, don’t be like that. I know you miss me,” Peter said as he took a step closer to Kip.

“No I don’t, you asshole,” Kip snapped as he knocked Peter’s hands away. He hated that nickname. To hear Peter use it brought back to many bad memories.

He turned around, grabbed his back pack and headed for the double doors. Just the sight of seeing his lying cheating ex turned his stomach. To think he turned down a scholarship to a college with a division one baseball team to be with Coach Asshole.

“So you think that boy can make you feel the way I did?” Peter chuckled. “Baby, you’re going to miss my touch,” Peter said as he moved closer. “I know you miss the sex we shared. He’ll never make you come the way I did, never.”

Kip narrowed his eyes at Peter. The man thought way to much of his fucking abilities. He did enjoy the sex they shared. It was sex after all but after learning Peter was engaged to a woman, the sex stopped being fun. To be someone’s dirty little secret kind of sucked any fun out of it.

“You’re right; he won’t make me feel the things you did.” Kip smiled. “He’ll make me feel loads better because he won’t be ashamed of me and lie to me.” Kip was taking a gamble on that since he didn’t know if Lance was out or not but anything was better than being used.

Peter lunged forward and grabbed his arm as Kip started out of the locker room. Kip stumbled back. He wasn’t expecting Peter to touch him. As he fell backwards, Peter pulled his back against his chest. He wrapped his big arms around Kip’s chest hugging him tight against him.

“I didn’t mean to lie to you,” Peter whispered low into his ear. “Baby it’s just difficult. Just give me some time. I know we can work this out and get through this.”

Peter started to kiss the outer shell of his ear. Kip bristled at the touch. A few months ago he would have caved under the onslaught of attention from his older lover. He would have begged Peter to fuck him, to make him come. But now the only thing he felt was loathing.

“Get off me.” Kip pulled out of Peter’s embrace. “You no Peter, why don’t you go home to your fiancé. Maybe she’ll believe your lies.”

“Your young, you can’t possible understand what I’m going through,” Peter growled at him.

Kip rolled his eyes as he started to turn away. He didn’t need to hear any more excuses. Their relationship was over and he owed nothing to Peter.

“Baby, stop. I’m sorry okay.” Peter went to grab onto his arm again. At Kip’s raised eyebrow he raised his hands up in surrender. “I just wish my life were different.”

"If you don't like it, change it," Kip said. Without a backward glance he left the room. As he walked down the long hallway he thought about all he gave up to be with Peter and it was all for nothing.

He met Peter almost two years ago when he came to offer Kip an athletic scholarship to Clausen State. Kip had plenty of offers from other schools but it was Peter who made the offer he couldn’t refuse. He hated himself for letting his youthful attraction dictate where he attended college. The only thing good that came out of coming to Clausen was meeting the adorably shy shortstop.

Kip reached the parking lot and got into his car. The sun was beating down hard and the temperature was so high a person could fry an egg on the sidewalk.

He turned over the engine and flipped on the AC. The warm air became cool within seconds. Kip closed his eyes and relaxed back against his seat. A smiled tugged at his lips as he thought back to the first time he saw Lance.

When Kip arrived on campus he had met the whole team but there was only one guy who stood out amongst the rest, Lance Kinsley. He was older than Kip by one year but painfully shy. That attracted Kip to him instantly but he was still with Peter so he brushed those feelings aside. Because unlike Peter, Kip wasn’t a cheater or a liar.

Kip hated knowing he wasted so much precious time with Peter when he now knew that Lance had feelings for him. Well, that was all in the past now. He was free to be with who he wanted and he wanted Lance.

He smacked his hand on the dashboard like a judge making a ruling. Whatever it takes he would make Lance his for more than just a one-time tumble in bed. There was something between them, he felt it deep inside. He just prayed Lance felt the same.

Gripping the gear shift tight in his hand, Kip put the car into drive. He had a date with his blond haired angel and he didn’t want to be late.


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  1. I am playing catch up this evening so had not read this part before now. How is it that it has no comments? It totally deserves at least one saying Yay Kip for making the right choice in telling the slimeball where to go and picking sweet Lance instead.

    1. Thank you! I'm a newbie to writing and all that jazz, so I'm still trying to find an audience. But I'm glad you enjoyed it!