Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday Briefs: Out of His League Part 5

It’s Wednesday Brief time again. I’m continuing with Out of His League. There is  a lot of author’s participating this week. Lots of good, free reading! At the end of my story will be the links to my fellow briefers. Be sure to check them all out.

Here are the prompts for February 1, 2012:
Use food in an erotic manner or
Use: Sims, emu and gratuity  or
"I got records on my fingers and I just can't stop"  or
use some sort of dance

Enjoy and happy reading!!!

Out of His League Part 5

Kip could see the hesitation and uncertainty in Lance’s eyes and didn’t want to push him too far too soon. Offering to go hang out with his friends seemed like the best alternative. Maybe if Lance was in familiar surroundings, he would relax a tab bit more.

“I’ll drive,” Kip offered.

Lance looked at him than back to his own car. “I can follow you, so if its late you don’t have to drive me back here. ”

Kip sidled up close to Lance. “It’s kind of why I want to drive, so that you have to come back here.”

Lance’s eyes rounded and his mouth dropped open. The man look so sweet an innocent. Oh the fun he would have dirtying up the halo that hung around Lance’s head.

“Get in gorgeous,” Kip said as he opened the door for Lance.

The drive to the restaurant was filled with small talk. Mostly Kip asking Lance questions. Lance wasn’t very forthcoming with any personal information. Kip could tell he made Lance nervous but he couldn’t figure out why? After what took place between them in the locker room shower he didn’t feel like he was stepping over the line by saying they had become more than just fellow teammates.

When they reached the pizza place, Kip parked his car and hesitated for just a moment. He wanted to ask Lance why he was being to stand offish but didn’t want to create a scene especially if he was reading the whole situation wrong.

Getting out of the car he walked closely behind Lance. He so desperately wanted to slide his hand into his but held back. Kip wasn’t quite sure if Lance’s friends were exactly  open to public displays of affections between two men.

As they neared the table in the back he noticed Aaron, the centerfield for the Gray Wolves. The other guys sitting with him Kip didn’t recognize.

“Hey Aaron, how’s it going, man?” Kip reached across the table to shack the man’s hand.  Aaron gave him a quizzical look but shook his hand.

“Kip, I wasn’t expecting you.” Aaron grinned over to where Lance had taken a seat at the booth. “Are you two on a date?”

Kip opened his mouth to respond but Lance, a quick pull trigger, shouted no. He glared over at Lance who had dropped his head and fidgeted with a napkin in his lap.

Turning back to Aaron, he gave a huge smile as he nudged Lance in the arm to scoot over. “Yes, actually we are. Our first.”

Lance’s head jerked his direction as Aaron chuckled.

“Well I’m glad to hear that. Hopefully the first of many.” Aaron teased. “Kip this is my boyfriend, Clay.” Aaron proceeded to introduce him to all the guys sitting around the table. He wasn’t aware Aaron was gay but it was good to know he and Lance weren’t the only ones on the team.

As it turns out the other men attended Clausen State. These group of friends were the guys who new Lance the best. They had a good time ribbing him on who he never brought Kip around before now. Kip laughed along with the guys but by the bright crimson that covered Lance’s cheeks, the man was embarrassed.

Once the waitress left with their order, the guys got up to go play games in the arcade in the back of the restaurant. When they were out of view he turned to see Lance staring at him.
“Why did you say this was a date?” Lance asked.

Kip sighed dramatically. “Because for me this is. What’s going on? Are you embarrassed to be seen with me?” Kip didn’t think that was the case but he couldn’t get a read on what Lance was feeling. The man ran hot and cold.

“God no.” Lance shifted in his seat to stare at him. “I just don’t want to assume anything.” He shrugged. “I don’t want to get my hopes up is all.”

 “Just for your information I don’t make a habit of jerking off my teammates.” He flashed a grin at Lance. “I like you Lance. Can’t you see that?”

Kip reacted before Lance could respond. He picked up a bread stick and dipped it in the marinara sauce. Maybe he could seduced a reaction out of Lance, pulling him out of his shell like he did in the showers earlier. Bringing the piece of bread to his lips, he licked at the tip. Then he circled his tongue around the blunt end, moaning as he did. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Lance watching.

Closing his eyes he pushed the fluffing stick of bread pass his lips, moving the length in and out ever so slowly. He sucked the sauce off the breadstick then pulled it from his mouth. Lance’s gaze on him felt like a hand around his dick causing his shaft to become painfully swollen.

As he turn to face Lance, the man grabbed him by the chin and captured his mouth in hard kiss, pushing his tongue pass his lips without hesitation. Kip groaned into the kiss. He never expected to see this forceful side of Lance, but he liked it.

Kip brought his hand up to entwine his fingers through Lance’s soft blond hair. He scrapped his fingernail against his scalp erupting a loud moan from Lance.  The  vibrations went straight to Kips dick making it twitch in the tight confines of his shorts. He had to have Lance inside him now.

The sound of a throat clearing had them jumping apart. Standing before them was Aaron and his boyfriend Clay. Both wore ear to ear grins. “Maybe you two should take your pizza to go.” Aaron suggested.

“I think you’re right.” Lance reply never taking his eyes off Kip.

Raw need roared within Kip’s body. He couldn’t hide his happiness as he stood from the table. Finally Lance was on board with their budding relationship.



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