Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Big Blisse Kiss Sunday Snog

This is my first time ever joining in on the Sunday Snog and I picked a great day to start out. Victoria Blisse has put together a list of authors who are participating in The Big Blisse Kiss and those authors are giving away a prize it you leave a comment on their blog. So you get some sexy little excerpts or even some free short reads to sink your teeth into and a chance at winning a prize. A win-win if you ask me!

I'm posting an excerpt from Fate's Second Chance. And if you leave a comment you will be entered into random drawing to when your very own copy. The contest will go until Tuesday and I'll pick a winner first thing Wednesday morning. So please leave an email address so I can send the eBook to you. (PDF Format)

If you click on the gorgeous picture above, or  CLICK here,  it will take you to the list of other participating authors. Be sure to check back to the list through out the day as more authors might join in on the Sunday fun!

Marie thought dying was the worst thing to happen to her, until informed she's always been a man's soul trapped in a woman's body. As Marc, he's got one shot to set things right--by finding love with his best friend and soul mate--with only a month to do it.

Marie Carter has never felt comfortable in her own body, and it took dying to find out why. Ross, her unlikely guardian angel, informs her that mistakes were made and he needs her help to save her fate, Ross's wings, and her best friend's heart.

Six month's after Marie's death, Marc arrives with one month to heal Sabrina's—his sister's—suffering, and win his soulmate, Shawn. If he fails, Sabrina will never know peace, Ross will be kicked out of heaven, and the love of his life will die from a broken heart. Will that be enough time to heal the wounds a lifetime in the wrong body has caused?


Lost in my own thoughts, I almost didn't feel the
light touch on my arm. I turned to look into Shawn's
concerned face.

"Are you okay, Marc? If you're not sure about this,
we don't have to do anything you don't want to."

I took a step closer to Shawn. I was standing on the
top step and him on the bottom one, so our eyes were level
with one another. I put the palm of my hand against his
cheek. I felt a day's worth of stubble and chills ran down
my spine at the contact with the spiky facial hair.

"Oh no, I want to. I was just thinking about how
sudden this is. I don't want to be just another notch on your
bed post." This was true. I wanted more than just one night
with Shawn. Ross said we were destined to be together but
what if Shawn didn't feel the full weight of that inner pull
to each other?

Shawn took a step up to where he towered over me.
"First off, nothing is ever a guarantee in life. Second, after
spending the past few hours talking to you, I would hope at
least you would want to go out on a date with me."

"Really?" I whispered.

"Really." He bent down and kissed the tip of my
nose. "But if you want to go slow, we can. Good things
come to those who wait."

Shawn walked the rest of the way up the steps. He
ushered me inside and shut the door behind him. I turned to
face him and in the moonlit foyer, Shawn had never looked
sexier. His golden hair glowed in the dim light and the hard
edges of his face stood out making him look like a Greek

"Why wait?"

I shoved Shawn against the door and pulled his face
down to mine. When our lips touched, a deep sigh passed
my parted lips. Shawn wrapped his arms around my waist
and held me against his chest.

As his hands roamed, I let my tongue explore the
inner depths of his mouth. With a little poking and
prodding, he opened wide to let me in. I slid my tongue
over his and coaxed it to play with mine. He tasted of beer
and a distinctive flavor that was all his own.

The wet slurping sounds of our kissing caused my
cock to ache painfully. I was hard as stone and these tight
jeans sure as hell weren't helping the cause. The need to
come had me grinding my groin against Shawn's muscular

I want you inside me.

"Are you sure?" Shawn asked between kisses.

My head jerked back as I realized I'd said the words
aloud for all to hear. I held Shawn's gaze. "I'm sure if you're

A small grin was my only warning before Shawn
used his hands to pull up on my ass cheeks. I quickly
wrapped my legs around his hips as he carried me down the
hallway to his room.

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  1. You did pick a good day to join in, welcome and thanks for joining in with the Big Blisse Kiss!

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