Monday, March 30, 2015

Release Updates!

I really can’t believe I haven’t posted a blog since SEPTEMBER! That's like forever ago.

I've been keeping myself busy. Between writing and family there’s little time for anything else. And now that we're coming upon summer I'm going to be super busy with all my kids’ stuff. The joys of parenthood. I love them but they keep my husband and me running around like chickens with our heads cut off and never going in the same direction.

On to writing news! I have three books coming out within the next 5 weeks. Here's the list:

Book 20 Nehalem Pack, A Wolf's Atonement April 2 (Paranormal)
This will be Tenny and Jordan’s book. These characters were introduced in book 19, The Teacher and His Wolf. Tenny is Knox's younger brother who ran away from home only to end up becoming a prostitute. That right there is why this title is under the Love Edge category. I will say this I do not make a lot of references to his past work as a hooker. This story focuses more on that fact that Tenny abandoned his family not what he did once he was away from them. There are parts that made my own damn eyes tear up.  

A WolfBlurb:
Tenny Farrell has made his fair share of mistakes in his young life. Regret has become a good friend of his and now that he’s in Silver Creek, he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make amends for his past sins, but his family isn’t making it easy on him.

The last thing Tenny needs is one more complication to deal with, but that’s exactly what he gets when he meet Jordan Campbell. The man is everything Tenny’s ever wanted, but not knowing how Jordan will react to who he is, Tenny lies. He just needs a little time to figure everything out.

The truth always has a way of coming out and Tenny’s world comes crashing down around him when all the half-truths he’s told are exposed. Nothing is ever as it seems, and Tenny is discovering some things in life are worth fighting for. He just has to pray it’s enough to grant him forgiveness.

Book 12 The Warriors of the Light, Julian's Forever April 18 (Paranormal)
This is Julian's and Daniel’s book. Julian is Damon’s half-brother and was introduced in book 11, Damon's Determined Wolf. Daniel is a human who is searching for the person responsible for murdering his best friend. Daniel is going through some of his own personal issues but I don’t want to give too much away!

Julian's ForeverBlurb:
Daniel Young is battling terminal cancer and using what time he has left to find answers to who killed his best friend no matter what danger it puts him in. With nothing left to live for what does Daniel have to lose?

Julian Salva joined the Warriors of the Light to help put a stop to the evil trying to take over the world and to find his nephew. Never in a million years did he expect to meet a fearless human on his latest mission. The man infuriates Julian with his lack of caution and inability to follow an order. For reasons unknown to Julian he’s falling for the human, if only Daniel was his mate.

Nothing is ever as it seems but there’s no time to find out all the answers. With Daniel’s life hanging in the balance Julian will risk everything for a man he barely knows.  Julian prays that this time, time is on his side.  

Book 2 A Forever Home, Safe in HIs Arms May 2 (Contemporary)
This series gets neglected a lot but I really love the characters within this series and I also have a lot of plans for this series. Safe in His Arms is E and Sam's story. A lot of tension and frustration is in this story. Which I did on purpose. What’s a good love story without a little struggle and give and take??

A chance encounter six months ago has changed Elliot Nolan’s life forever. It was only supposed to be one night of great sex, nothing more but once Officer Sam Lancaster steps back into his life, Elliott doesn’t know what to do. He’s suffered abuse from a man who claimed to love him before and allowing someone so close again is a fear Elliot’s not sure he can ever overcome.

All Sam wants to do is fall in love and settle down. Is that so much to ask for? Apparently when it comes to Elliot it is. Sam tries to be just friends with Elliot but that is proving to be a lot easier said than done.

People come in and out of your life for a reason and Elliot is starting to see that maybe Sam’s worth the risk. A lifetime alone is a safe option but living without Sam is something Elliot isn’t sure he can do.

I just finished Nehalem Pack 21. I'm still working on a title for that one! I will admit I did something a little different in this story and I hope the readers will enjoy it.

Hope everyone has an excellent week and happy reading!!!

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