Thursday, March 17, 2011

That Went Over Well

The short story I wrote got posted to the Long and Short of It website today, I was really excited.  I had some shocked family and friends, but they were all real supportive.  My choice of topic to write about is a little hard for some to understand, but at least I didn't get any hate mail, or at least not yet.

For me, getting a short story posted on that website was a pretty big deal.  It said not just my husband and sister liked it.  Now granted I don't think The Luck of the Irish is the best thing I've ever read, but when writing a story with a word limit you cant really develop the characters the way you want to.  That being said for my first writing project to be put on a website for others to read was a big deal to me.  It gives me hope.

Right now I'm working on a longer story that I would classify as a sweet and funny love story.  I'm big fan of the contemporary genre, so I write more towards that angle.  I'm actually working on three writing projects right now.  The question is still there will I ever get published?  I don't know, I hope, but even if i don't writing is a good outlet for me. 

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