Monday, February 25, 2013

Please Welcome Cara Carnes

Please welcome Cara Carnes. She is here promoting her current release Weekend Menage which is available now at Ellora's Cave. There is also a giveaway to go along with her tour for a $50 gift card for either Amazon, Barnes & Noble or All Romance E-books.  Contest runs through 2/6/13-3/28/13.


One night of controlled passion is all she allows.

Rebecca Ann Majors fled the temptation of a ménage once, but now the two sexy men starring in her wildest fantasy are back and demanding her complete surrender for the weekend. Emboldened by lust, she succumbs to her desire and learns ecstasy has a price.

They demand everything she has and more.

Joe Davenport and Dillan Morrisey were used to handling any situation—including the sexy siren who’d sashayed out of their lives two years ago. This time she’ll quench their lust even if it means they have to share her.

When Sunday morning dawns the three must decide if one weekend was enough to sate the passion they shared.

Excerpt-Rated R

“I love how sexy your hard nipples look in this nightie,” Joe whispered. “I can’t wait to take one into my mouth and clench it between my teeth until you beg me to stop.”

Her knees buckled, pushing the finger buried in her a little deeper. She thrust forward, into Dillan’s hand. The two men groaned at her acquiescence. Pleasure streamed from the slow rhythm Dillan set with his digit. Joe cupped her breasts and squeezed. Gratitude consumed her that the men remained silent, allowing her to slip into the spiraling ecstasy traveling her body. Focus gravitated toward Dillan’s ministrations when he added a second finger to the rhythmic pace, drilling her toward an orgasm.

Joe pinched her nipples, then ran his hands down her sides to her thighs. She shivered at the touch and wished the material weren’t separating them. Even though it was thin, it felt thick and heavy on her sensitized skin.

Then he lifted her. She gasped in shock, her eyes opening. Dillan grinned when her thighs were pulled wider apart and she was left dangling in Joe’s strong embrace. Deft fingers fucked, then rubbed her clit—drawing every stroke out with deliberate attentiveness.

Rebecca clung to each burst of pleasure, but Dillan pulled her from the edge each time she came close. “Please.”

The momentum ceased. Piercing blue so dark it’d become black captured her attention. She sighed against Dillan’s mouth when he leaned in and captured her lower lip. He suckled long enough to create a second inferno of need deep within her.

“I’m going to explode.”

Joe chuckled. “That’s the point.”

Dillan lifted her from Joe’s embrace and carried her into the bedroom. She settled into the comforter and looked up at the two men. Her skin heated under their perusal, but neither made a move to remove the thin negligee. Unsure what to do, she closed her eyes and drew her hands above her head.

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Author Bio

Born in small-town Texas, Cara Carnes was a princess, a pirate, fashion model, actress, rock star and Jon Bon Jovi’s wife all before the age of 13. In reality, her fascination for enthralling worlds took seed somewhere amidst a somewhat dull day job and a wonderful life filled with family and friends. When she’s not cemented to her chair, Cara loves travelling, photography and reading.

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  1. Yum, Cara! Thanks for the peek at this latest installment :D

  2. Thanks for the peek at this latest installment