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My Review of The Delaneys at Home

I've been absent from my blog for far too long. Writing and my kids summer vacation is taking up all my free time. But I must say I'm sporting a nice golden tan and I'm working on my next two books. So all in all busy but having fun too!

Before I started to write books I wrote reviews for the Long and Short Review Website. Don't ask me what my flower name was because I'll never tell! I never gave a bad review because, I, unlike some people, always saw the good in every book. Granted I didn't fall in love with every book I read but I'm a believer in just because I didn't like it, doesn’t mean the next person won't love it. Everyone is different and have different taste. Bashing a book someone worked hard on isn't my style. As a book reviewer you need to look at the book objectively and be fair and honest with what you have to say. For the most part I think I did that.

With as much as I read I thought it only fitting to review some of these works of reading art. I love to read probably more than I love chocolate and that is saying a lot right there. Something I've learned as a writer is how important book reviews are. People like to get opinions on the product before they buy it, so reviews and ratings go a long way. I'm guilty of reading a book then forgetting to go back and review it. We all get busy but if we can set aside a bit of time for these authors they will more than appreciate it.

med DelaneysAtHome
The Delaneys At Home
by Anne Brooke
5 Stars

The latest book I've read is The Delaneys at Home. It’s the fifth book in the Delaneys series and I for one absolutely love this series.  They're short stories that are fast passed reads that leave me wanting more. The characters are well thought out and have both likeable and not so likable character traits to them.

In this installment Liam has moved in with Johnny and Mark Delaney. The twins may look alike but have completely different personalities. The one thing they more than agree on is their love for Liam, the lover they share between them. Liam is that quirky easy to like character who you want to see good things happen too. Johnny is the more laid back twin and gives his affection without hesitation. He shows mercy when his brother might not. Now Mark he's that character I'm always debating if I like him or not and the same thing went for this book as well. He’s a very direct man who allows no room for error. He demands respect. But as I follow this series I realized it’s what helped make up the dynamic between the threesome. Mark is the leader where Liam and Johnny are the followers. Their unconventional relationship works for them and sets my senses reeling with every flip of the page, or in my case, every click of the mouse.

Liam has kept a secret from the twins and the Delaneys feel like it’s their responsibility to make Liam see the error of his ways. His punishment was definitely interesting and quite inventive. Every book pushes Liam’s boundaries but in a good way.

The chemistry between these three men leaps off the pages. The love scenes are deliciously written with no detail left out. But more than that is the love and respect they feel toward one another that keeps me coming back for more. With short stories it’s an achievement to write an engrossing storyline that will capture your attention and Mrs. Brooke has covered all her bases with her latest addition.

If you’re a reader looking for a different kind of love story with a pinch of angst, than the Delaneys series is one for you. I recommend reading all the books in the series. The timeline between each book is only a matter of days. I think maybe in one there is a leap in months but all pretty current. It’s a group of books that captured my attention and leaves me on pins and needles until the next one is released.

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